Accidental Love Part 5

Kk since I am busy I cant give long updates so here goes the next part of accidental love
So the episode starts wuth bulbul telling abhi before he could impress first she should have an interest on u
A:but how
Kk let me think tomorrow sharp by 12 come to infinity mall
A:but y b:u want to marry my sis or not a:obviously what a question definitely b:then listen whatur salli tells
A:teek hai tum apka didi ka number dediye
B:kui kya karungungi tum meri didi ka number a:pooja karungi ,areh fr speaking
B:jiju fr one side love itself it is like this if it is double side then gone ,but have u forgotten first u have to be friends
A:ha mei janti hoh but lakein ek bar tum dediye mei promise mei kuchnai karungi
B:teek hai but don’t call her unnecessarily
A:ha ha I will see so she gave and both left
So here abhi got a call from tanu
Oh abhi y is this white devil calling me
A:ha bolo t:abhi tum teek hai (asually guys tanu doesn’t know about abhis accident ,she was in out of town)
Ha mei teek hai when did u come from delhi

Asually today morning only but I wasn’t able to tolerate that u met with an accident,I want to meet u immediately wher r u
A:in his mind no abhi don’t tell ur free tanu asually
A:what were r u asually he was in a bus stop so guys u remembered bulbuls and abhis meeting that time tanu saw him and she was following
A:y did u come t:how can I be without u
A:what t:I mean abhi ur my friend how come I be without taking care of u
Kk we will go to some nice restaurant no more excuses
A:abhi just 2 hrs after that this girl want irritate you
So when they reached the restaurant abhis heart beat stated to raise
Y I am feeling pragyas u r just over imagining
So both went and sat on a table and gave the order abhi was least interested t:abhi shall we dance
A:tanu leave me I am not interested but tanu forced so she put her hands on her shoulder and abhis hand was on her soon both started to dance and his eyes suddenly fell over a girl who was wearing a netted baby pink saree with long neck blouse and her blouse hardly covered her back it had a small stip with strings .she left her hair opened it was long and straight .so abhi was wondering who is this girl,suddenly when the girl turned abhi was shocked yes it was our pragya ,this was the first time he is seeing pragya wearing saree she was wearing it with single pleated saree so her small tiny belly was visible
A:my god abhi this girl is driving u crazy sure if this tanu wasn’t there no definitely I would have kidnapped and married not only me but a normal man also will think ,but y this girl is wearing thease type of dresss
T:abhiiiiiiiiiiiiii.he came out of thoughts she told iwill go to rest room and come
A:teek hai abhi this is the correct chance so u must first impress her how will I go
So he stood up and went towards her table
Pragya was shocked to see abhi

A:she looks more cute when iam nearing her her eyes r only the best suddenly he had a plan
P:ap kya hua tum teek hai ,have u come with ur friend
A:mei teek hu but I have a problem with u
P:me what did I do
A:asually that day u told that Iu r my wife
P:ya I told but I apologized and it was only fr that situation
A:do u think I am a normal man I am a big celebrity I am a rockstar
P:so what should I doa
A:since there are rumours spreading about u and me so fr one day
P:what don’t hink that I am that type of girl
A:chee chup u have to come and spend ur time with me fr somehrs
P:I will think and say
A:teek hai but how will I know
P:take down my number though he had pragyas number but still he wanted to hear from her
A:thanks just then he realized that her great salli had changed and given her number
Is this ur number
P:no my boyfriends
A:what r u having two mobile ,no only one
Pucca na eh number apki hey
P:ha cent percent kk bye u give a missed call I will save ur number
A:ha ha
Abhi (in his mind)so I must not trust bulbul if I had trusted and Clled her what would have happen oh no .so I am not going to hear anyones advise I know how to impress her

Hope u all are liking it .

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