Accidental Love Part 3

So guys I am uploading the next part of accidental love
So the screen opens where doctor is coming and telling that ur son is all right nothing to worry but he needs little rest u can go see him
So dadi went inside and abhi slowly opened his eyes
Dadid how cmn u r here.oh that black dress girl told where is she
D:she was here only she got a call so she went outside meanwhile Purab came along with Bulbull
Abhi tum teekhai na
Ha mei teekhoh but kaun hei es ladki
Abhi she and her sister only saved us .ya that black wala dress girl where is she b: .digot an important call so she went to speak
I guess thanks alone is not enough

P:ur right abhi if they weren’t there then we would have died that time
D:ha beta thanks a lot these days even their own blood r not bothered but u people who don’t have related have saved my kids thank u a lot
D:pls don’t tell like that it’s just a small presence of mind
K but pls forgive us asually in the admission form we wrote that we r Urr wives at that time we didn’t know what to do so only we wrote like that
It’s kk where is ur sister
Is she talking with her boyfriend
B:asually di doesn’t believe in luv in fact she hates u and ur songs but strange that she helped us
A:what she hates me first time I am hearing that a girl hates me definitely she should be different
Here pragya was keep on thinking about her job suddenly she felt a hand touching her shoulder
It was Purab
P:tum how cmn ur here r u alright
Pu:ha mei teekhai hai but tum teeknahi hohave
P:what?I mean I am good only u see if am fine
Pu:ur fine physically but mentally not
P:she could not understand what is happening
What r you saying
Pu:common ms pragya don’t hide ur eyes itself is telling that ur in some problem
I heard everything
P:listen pls don’t interfear
Pu:what?don’t interfear means today if u have lost the job means it’s because of us so definitely we will get a new job front u
P:pls don’t interfear it’s my personal work so u may pls ignore
Pu:wow great ignore so before few hours when2 people were struggling ydid u alone cmn and help while others were standing like a statue

Y did u tell that u r my friends wife and u hate him the most.answer me u can’t know u know what you people have something called heart that you use helped
Tears started flowing through her cheeks
No use of crying u know when I saw u I feel that I am talking to a sister I don’t know how u consider me but I consider using as my sissy
So it’s up to u .but until u accept our deal me and my friend will come and torture u we will be behind us wherever you go we will be behind said Purab with funny faces
P:ha k teekhai mei apko deal accepted karega but promise karo u should not tell about my job matter to my sister
By the way how is ur friend
Has he is good cmn he is eagerly waiting fr u
So In the room
Abhi was continuously talking with Bulbull
He was enjoying her antics she was telling about her fights and bonding with her sister
Abhi felt in his mind wish I could have a sister like u
B:what r u thinking
A:always u will be happy
B: y is it so
A:no the way u speak it’s like a small girl speaking
I wish I had a sister like u
B:don’t worry here afterwards I will think u as my bhai teekhai hai aP kush hai
A:ha bahot kush
So in next meeting definitely abhi and pragya will meet

Precap:abhi:u have to accept my offer
Unknown:no I can’t

So who is that unknown pers
on so u have to wait fr that

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    superb sonika…really your both ffs are amazing..with new ideas and turns

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  11. Balasonika

    Thank you all fr dropping ur comments sure I will make abhi and pragya to meet and don’t worry I will not separate them in both ff

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