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Let’s start episode wid a smile

The story starts by showing uv where he IS getting ready In order to bring his chotu bhai frm airport as he is returning after some years. Nextly another mansion is shown where two girls are there who are none other then mahi n twinkle. Mahi cone to wake up twinkle but instead twinkle teases mahi by uv’s name as dey both are in relationship. Uv reached airport to receive his chotu bhai who is none other then kunj. Now both these boys and girls have some family moment .

At night time a boy is driving a car n he is none other den kunj suddenly a girl comes infront of his car n became uncounsious . Kunj comes out of car n goes to girl n thinks even n my had not even touched her den y is she uncounsious n takes her to hosipatal. At hosipatal he talks to twinkle n asks her to come soon. Later he even informs uv.

After sometime twinkle comes to hosipatal n misunderstand dat kunj has done accident n both fights like anything by this doctor got disturbed n he asks dem to be quiet. Twinkle gies to see mahi while she was uncounsious. There again twinj fights n it was stopped by mahi (she got counsious ). Twinkle says dat her accident is happened bcoz of dat kunj but mahi says no den twinkle asks wt happened n by listening dis mahi have tears in her eyes.

Next it was shown that yuhi r fighting wid eo n says dey both r breakuping n mahi runs frm der n uv was all shattered n dey bith got breakup bcoz mahi misunderstood uv( by seeing some fake photos in which he is close to shanaya). After mahi leaves shanaya comes der n confronts dat she had only made some fake photos of her n uv. Someone claps from behind n dat is mahi n she says she (mahi)trusts uv more den dat fake photos. Twinj also joins her . Flashback is shown in which uv comes to hosipatal in search of kunj n sees mahi der n asks about accident. Mahi says shanaya called her n showed dsome pics of uv n shanaya in which der r close by seeing dem I cant tolerate any more n I ran frm der n suddenly came infront of a car n became uncounsious. Twinkle says we should do something about shanaya. Uv introduces kunj to mahi. Kunj says a plan which is muted . End of flashback. All d while shanaya was in shock.

Mahi explains shanaya dat she had only attraction towards uv. Shanaya agrees wid mahi n feels so guilty n asks forgiveness frm dem. All forgives her n dey all exams frnds n shanaya left frm der. Kunj secretly admired twinkle. Later kunj excused himself for a phone call. Twinkle thinks to ask apology frm kunj. She goes to kunj n says sry . First kunn does drama later accepts her apology n dey both gave eo sadu sarna n siyappa queen names. After dey went to yuhi who r hugging eo n pulled der legs.

A leap of 2 months is shown. Everything was awesome n yuhis love is increasing day by day on other hand twinj friendship is also going on well. One fine day leela asks mahi to meet a boy fr marriage but mahi refuuses. After lots of insisting she agrres only to meet him. She without any intrest goes to coffee shop to meet him n was shocked to see him as he is none other den uv. Dey both were shocked n uv says he also came here to meet a girl. Later twinj comes der n by dis yuhi gets to know dey r going to marry der love n twinj pulls der legs n dey both says yes fr marriage.

Next day dey went fr shopping. Kunn makes a plan by which twihi also accompanied dem. In shopping mall twinkle says she is hungry so dat yuhi can spend some Time alone but kunj doesn’t gets it but twinkle handles situation. Yuhi went fr shopping n twinj went to have lunch n had some talks .

Next engagement day all got ready n went to taneja mansion. Kunn teased uv a LOT . Later mahi came n dey both sat on chairs dat present on stage. Kunj was walking n he bumps wid a girl n she is twinkle n in background bol do na zara song plays all while kunn was admiring twinkle n can’t take his eyes fem her. Later when uv was about to put ring someone shout stop n dey r viren n jeevika elder brother of yunj. All gets happy by seeing dem. Larer engagement got complete wid all rituals.

After sangeet kunj was continuously thinking about twinkle n he is not getting sleep. He was frustrated n Jr is getting flashes of twinkle. Later he decides to call her n he calls her . While call dey both challenges eo n says dey will win sangeet n kunj says whoever will win sangeet should ask everyone fr picnic twinkle agrees. Next day at mehendi both twinj again fights dat who will wins in sangeet. At dat time leela comes der n asks twinkle to bring mahi dress frm designer n asks kunj to accompany her. Dey both went to shopping mall n twinj meets chinki who is twinkle friend. While returning at parking area cherry proposes twinkle but twinkle rejects. Cherry asks y den chinki says she has a bf n he is kunj both twinj were shocked but agrees. Cherry says sry n left frm der while chinki exlains cherry is not a good guy so she said lie.

After reaching taneja mansion twinkle feels guilty fr whatever happened in mall n she feels restless so she calls kunj n says sry. Kunj says no n says he can understand her n by mistake hw was about to say I love but stop in middle n handles d situation in order to divert topic he asks her about challenge of sangeet n dey both argues fr sometime. Later he realizeshe love twinkle . Next sangeet takes place all givess der best at dance n bebe announces both boys n girl r won. Later haldi takes place after marriage n mahi biday had done .

Next day kunj teases badly uv also viren. N all brother have fun . Later uv n viren hits to kniw kunj loves twinkle n his brothers r happy fr him. Uv drops mahi at taneja mansion where twinkle teases mahi n later uv came n took mahi wid her.

Der was a reception of yuhi. It was decorated prettily. All were dressed perfectly n kunj was deseparately waiting fr twinkle while viren comes to him n assures him dat she will come soon. Later twinkle came n dey have some talks n der was a announcment fr couple dance. Kunj asks twinkle fr dance n she agrees bith went to dance floor n danced on zalima song . While dancing twinkle also feels something fr kunj. Later kunj reminds twinkle about deal n they both decides to ask der parents nexf day. Next day dey both asks fr picnic n der parents agrees n dey both called eo n informed about it.

Next day tanejas reached sarna mansion. All decided to go to near resort whichis near to city but bcoz of some reason all elders r not coming only twinj yuhi n virika r going. At picnic day kunj picked twinkle n dey started fr picnic . At journey all played antakshari . Later twinkle slept on Kunjs shoulder n he admires her lovingly.

All reached resort n freshen up n came down at dining hall n had der lunch. Twinkle asks what we will do n everyone says dey r tired except kunj. TWINJ teases yuhi n virika a LOT. Later dey both decides to go for sight seeing. While seeing dey both gets into a fight n dey both falls into a pool n drenched themselves completely.

TWINJ caughts cold n dey both blame eo fr der condition. Later jeevika goes to kunn room n asks him to drink turmeric milk n he drinks it with unwillingly he decides to see twinkle n he goes to her room where she is doing drama to escape frm dat turmeric milk. Later kunj somehow manage n makes her to drink milk. Twinkle thinks about Kunjs.

Next day all went to play some games. Twinkle was afraid ffrm inside n she shared wif kunj n kunj assured her everything will be fine . While playing whole rides twinkle Hold kunj hand n he did not resisted indacf he was happy. After a while a boy comes n hugs twinkle n mahi n by seeing dis yunj wrere JEOLOUS later got to know he is rahul n he is der cousin bro. All left fr ride where rahul asks whether she lost ws kunj she says no n asks y he is asking like dat. Rahul says he can see love in Kunjs eyes fr twinkle. Twinkle thinks about it . Later all left to their room n twinkle thinks about rahul words n comes to a conclusion dat she loves Kunj n dances on song
On uff song n also Imagine kunj wid her

Next day at mrng all r at dining area having Der breakfast. At dat time a waiter comes n says dem dat der is a party at evng so all r welcomed. N twinj yuhi n virika decided to go fr party. At eveng all comes to party n kunn meets his frnd alisha n forgets about twinkle. Twinkle gets angry n drinks alcohol n becomes semi counsious. Twinkle goes out of party on road der some boys teases twinkle but in Nick of time kunj comes n saves her. Twinkle in drunken state confesses her love n kunj was shocked later be also confessed. After some time kunj took twinkle to her room n made her sleep . Next mrng twinkle had severe head ache n kunj brings lemonade n asks her to drink n informs her dat dey r leaving.

They all reached amritsar n kunj dropped twinkle at taneja mansion. NEXTDAY mrng twinkle parents asks her to get ready as dey r going to sarna mansion. First twinkle rejects but later accepts. Twinkle wid her parents reached sarna mansion n kunj opened main door , he wished everyone but twinkle ignores him. After some family time manohar n rt announces about twinj marriage. All were shocked but later got happy. Kunj waas hell happy, at first twinkle was happy but she thinks kunj loves alisha n gets sad (she doesn’t knows dat she had confessed) all congratulates dem but twinkle was unhappy dis was noticed by kunj. Later twinkle excuses n left o taneja mansion. At evng rt n leela left fr taneja mansion n kunj dropped dem. Rt asks kunj o meet twinkle n leela goes to twinkle n shocked to see a note n calls rt n kinj. They both gies der n reaads a note in which IT was written as cherry as kidnapped Twinkle. Kunj wid help of chinki n his bros trapped twinkle location . After a while kunj accompanied by police reached n were was shocked to see scenario as twinkle was beating cherry badly n he was asking forgiveness. By seeing dis kunj feels proud of his lady love n says a dialogue “ur attitude can hurt me but mine can kill u” (my sohis insisted it n I love it n sohi urs otjer dialogue also I’m adding in dis ff and also inanother one) . He asks police to take him. Twinkle hugs kunj. After kunj took twinkle to taneja mansion n left fromthere. At night kunj comes to twinkle room wid d help of pipe n asks twinkle dat y she is ignoring her . She says nthng. After his lots of insisting she says dat she will say no to marriage n den he can marry alisha happily. Kunj was shocked n twinkle fakes a smile.

So here i have ended my ff so let’s see promo


Manohar -yeh engagement nahi ho sakta (dis engagement cannot happen )
All were shocked
Next scene
K-twinkle tum yeh kya keh rahi ho mai tumse pyaar karta hu allisha se nahi (twinkle wt r u saying I love u not alisha )
T-nahi kunj tumhe misunderstanding huyi hai tum mujhe nahhi alisha ko pyaar karte ho (no kunj u have misunderstood u love alisha not me)
Next scene
T-I’m so sry kunj I’m sry mai tumse bohat pyaar karti hu per mai yeh accept nahi kar sakti mai apni khushi ke liye kisi aur ke zindagi ko katam ahi kar sakti (I’m sry kunj I’m so sry I love u a LOT but I cant accept it I cant risk someones life for my happiness )

So do u all remember. I hope u all
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N lashiya dear I srsly not able to guess u I thonk u r chiku finger crossed if I’m wrong den plsss give me a link I’ll try dear

Love u guys
Keep smiling

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