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Episode -7

– Episode -7
Recap-2 months leap n leela asks mahi to meet a boy but she ignores later leela orders her. So she tells dis to twinkle but she doesnt pays any deed towards her n lefts in her . So without letting any option she goes to abc coffee shop to meet dat boy n to her surprise yuvi also der at same shop n she meets uv n tells him everything n uv also says her mother have sent him to meet a girlto der surprise twinj comes der n says u both r going to get married later yuhi gets dat derparents have choosen der lovers only n twinj to tease yuhi larer dey went home n said s to marriage

Next day mrng
L-mahi u go wid twinkle fr shopping as after two days we have fixed ur engagement
Mahi is so happy from inside she wants to jump but she hides
M-ok mom but only me
L-no putter twinkle will also accompany u
M-ok mom
L-where is twinkle?
T-I’m here mom says twinkle while climbing stairs
L-twinkle help di in shopping fr her engagement
T-engagement asks twinkle in surprise
L-s I have forgot u to say dat we have fixed ur di engagement after two days
T-woowww ma dats great news finally mahi di will get marry n I’ll be happy
M-u will be happy after I’ll leave dis house
T-s di
Mahi makes haww face
M-twinkle u wait
Mahi runs behind twinkle in hall

all r at breakfast table having der bf
M-uv u should do shopping fr engagement n also bring ring
U-Haa uv we have fixed ur engagement after two days
Uv was super happy n kunj also after all his brother is getting married to his love
Uv-really after two days
K-bhai control ur feelings yr only engagement not wedding
All smiles at him while as uv gives death glare to kunj
B-oy kunj don’t tease my uv
Kunj makes pout where as uv smiles bright
Uv- under his breathe kash mahi will also comes with me fr shopping
Kunj listens dis as he sat beside uv n smiles
K-murmurs if u want I can help u
K-but wt fr me
Uv-I’ll also helps u at ur wedding
K-really omg u r doing great help to me says kunj scarstically
K-btw u will also wt remember dat great kunj have helped u
Uv -kunj
K-bebe I think u should also ask mahi bhabhi to accompany us as dey both r getting engaged right so dey will select der choice wt say bebe
B-not bad kunj great idea I’ll call leelaji
Bebe calls leela n says dis n leela agrees fr it
B – ok leelaji have agreed soon twihi will reach xyz shopping mall
Uv smiles brightly
Uv-thankyou kunj
Kunj raises his collar

here both sisters r still having fun while leela comes to dem
L-mahi n twinkle yunj will also join u in shopping
Mahi heart is dancing like anything after listening dis
L-I think u both won’t have any problem no
T-wt r u saying hwwould be der any problem in fact it will be good n see di is so happy
M-who said I’m happy
T-den u r not happy wid dis marriage
M-ofcourse I’m happy
T-butt just now u said u r not
M-twinkle stop pulling my legs
L-ok stop fighting n go fr shopping I think yunj have also started fr xyz mall
Later twihi gets ready n leaves fr xyz shopping mall
twihi reaches der while yunj have already reached der
Yuhi shares eyelock while twinj moves der hand in order to say hi to eo
Twihi goes near yunj
T-hii kunj hi jiju
K-hi siyappa queen
T-sadu sarna don’t call me dat
M-ok stop fighting let’s go d shopping
T-someone is so deseparate fr marriage
Mahi hits twinkle playfully
N dey enters shopping section yunj goes to boys side where as twihi at girls side after dey r done wid shopping dey goes to select ring in same mall
T-di I’m feeling hungry u n jiju select ring I’ll have smethng
M-but u will go alone
T-who said I’m alone I’ll go with kunj he said he is also feeling hungry
K-when did I ouch
Twinkle stamp on kunj foot
Uv-wt happened kunj
K-nthng I’m fine u both go n select ring
Yuhi nods n left
K-oy siyappa queen when I said I’m hungry
T-sadu sarna u r such a buddu
K- wt I’m not buddu
T-s u r I have said lie to dem bcoz we can give dem some privacy as dey won’t feel comfortable in front of us to talk freely
T-s afterall u don’t have any brain so I should only do dis all n.a.
K-woww twinkle u r genius
T-I know
K- I thought dat u have developed crush on me so u want to spend some time wid me
Twinkle gives wt d hellwala look
T-don’t think much kunj sarna crush on u never n ever
T-s nw let’s go n have smethng
K-u said u r not hungry
T-but nw I’m feeling hungry n also wt u will do here all alone we will have smethng until dey decide der rings
By saying dis twinkle drags kunj to food section
Dey goes der n orders food
K-u have any boyfrnd
Twinkle looks surprised at him n nods her head in no
T-n u
K-nt yet
T-y so
K-don’t know
Der food arrives n dey both eats while having some random talks later yuhi also joins dem after der shopping n after eating dey bid bye to eo n left for der respective houses

PRECAP -engagement n mehendi function of yuhi n masti of twinj

So it’s end of episode I hope u liked it
N comments r decreasing if u don’t like den plsss do tell me I’ll stop it
But plsss do comment whether positive or negative
Loads of love
Love u all
Keep smiling ☺?

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  1. Presha

    Hey ramya its awesome dear nd I m sorry I ended my ss so quickly but I promise I will be giving some shots in between but I will be regular from march

    1. Ramya

      It’s ok presha I’ll wait fr u n thankyou all d best
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Sameera

    Awwwww such a cute epi yaad hayee kunj loved him sooo much hahahahaha ???do cont soon Ramya

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sameera
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  3. Aamna_2690

    Ramya dear!!
    The episode was so cute n a total fun….. loved TWINJ talks….. n the precap has increased my excitement….. plz post soon…. will be waiting….
    Loads of love ????
    Keep smiling

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aamna
      Love u keep smiling

  4. hey ramya awsm epi post nxt soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou adeeba
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  5. Cute episode ramya I loved it and plz point the next asap

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sushmitha
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  6. Chiku

    It’s awesome ❤️❤️❤️Lovely. Loved it.
    Its just amazing
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou chiku
      Love u keep smiling

  7. Paavu

    Srry srrysrry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry mujhe maaf karego na?? I know nahi karegi maine apni loveluest queen ke ff oe comment jo nahi kia pls frgive me pkssssssssssssssssssssss I beg u see I m crying cos I m guilty I was so much bzee dekh main apna ff bhi nahi likh pa rahi srry srry maafi?????

    1. Ramya

      Ishu tum pagal tho nahi hui n.a.
      Aur ye sry sry kya laga rakha hai
      I know my suspense queen will be busy isiliye usme comment nahi kiyi hogi I can understand it very well n I think u don’t consider me as my frnd isiliye itna sry bol rahi ho n I swearI’ll kill u if u will cry
      I cant my suspense queen while crying dat to fr no reason got it
      Love u keep smiling

      1. Paavu

        Ty so much mujhe maaf karne ke liye tum such mein loveliest queen ho I love uuuuuu u too keep smiling

    2. Ramya

      ☺☺☺ per tum itna senti kyu ho gayi tumhare batane per mai samaj jati n.a. even I can understand ur situation
      Love u keep smiling

  8. Simiyy

    Hey Ramya
    It was really good
    can’t wait for the next next one
    post soon
    loads of love

    1. Ramya

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  9. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Ramya,
    That’s definitely superb. Good job. Post soon.

    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Ramya

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  10. Woww ramya.. what a epi.. Just twinj talk very much… And precep looks so much interesting…
    Ur going good so don’t think that we r not liking it instead we r love this ff soo much..
    And we’re not angry with u and ab tune dubara sorry bolana toh may tujhse baat nahi karungi.. remember that..he he dhamki hay. Got it..
    Now plz post ur next epi soon….
    Love you so much…muaah.

    1. Ramya

      THankyou priya
      N ha I’ll promiseI won’t say sry widout any reason n aapki dhamki komai sweekar kartihu n I’m happy u love it
      Loveu keep smiling

  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey Ramya, this was really awesome.. twinkle stamping kunj’s foot and taking him awat from yuhi was ??.. and then theit convo.. really loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidvee
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  12. SidMin23

    Nice and excited for precap episode

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  13. Adya

    Ramya di… Wooowwww yrr di.. woow..
    I love it sooo was soo funny..soo cute… I’m in love with it di..
    Plz post soon..Plsss
    Love you!

    1. Ramya

      Awww adya
      Thankyou so much love u tooo
      Keep smiling

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    Awesome 🙂
    I hope by spending time together Twinj fall in Love with each other soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidmin
      Well let’s see hw will dey fall fr eo
      N wt will come in brain even I don’t know
      Love u tooo
      Keep smiling

  15. Shalini15

    Hi Ramya my cutie n sweet sisso, how are you? sooooooooooooooo sorry yaar for not commenting on last few episodes…. sorry yaar I was really very busy so was not active on TU n now reading all ff to cover up… pls maaf kar do….

    Well episode was amazing n mindblowing…. loved when twinj were teasing yuhi on their respective homes…. loved twinj’s scene…. I hope they will fall in love bcz of their regullar meating… n precap seems interesting n full of masti… post next soon….

    Love you♥♥

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so sooo much di
      N plssss don’t be sry
      I’m happy dat u have commented
      Well let’s see twinj will fall fr eo in which way
      Love u keep smiling

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Haayee.. soo good!! Eoisode… Awesome

    1. Ramya

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    awesome amazing

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  18. Baby

    Ohhh god maza hi aagya
    Itna cuts hahaa stamp on kunjs foot
    Was best love dit buddhu kunj haha
    Love u lods very cute…..

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