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Episode -6
Recap-twinj n yuhi brings out shanayas truth n shanaya realizes her mistake twinkle to ask apology from kunj n dey have some nokjhoks n later twinj teases yuhi

Episode -6
In dis way yuhi n twinj r happy yuhi r happy in der relationship where as twinj have became frnds indeed wid der cute fights
2 month’s leap

It’s another beautiful day with a ray of New happiness n fun let’s see whether dis will also bring happiness in all lifes
Today asusual our two beautiful girls (twihi)have started der daay wid joy
Twihi r having der some random talks in der room when twinkle phone rings n she excuses herself n goes out n at dat time leela comes der n talks wid mahi
L-mahi wt r u dng n where is twinkle
M-mom just we r talking n twinkle got a call n she went out to attend call
L-acha i wanna tell u onethng which is very important
M-s maa tell me anything serious
L-s beta it’s about ur life
Mahi nods her head
L-I n ur dad have choosen a boy fr u I want u to meet dat boy
Mahi was completely shocked

M-but maa I don’t want to do marriage
L-I know beta but it’s ur age n after urs I should also do twinkle marriage n.a.
M-maau wants to make twinkle marry den do it but not me I’m not going to marry
L-who said u to marry him just go n meet him dear
M-but maa
L-no buts n ifs go n meet him at abc coffee shop at evng got it
By sayingdis she lefts
Mahi was all shattered n don’t know wt to do
Mahi thinks y should I go n meet him when I’m already in love wid uv wait I’ll call him n inform him

Mahi calls uv but he doesn’t lifts call
Mahi thinks way wrong wid dis uv y doesn’t he lifting his call if I’ll meet him I’ll just kill wt does he thinks about himself when ever der is important matter I want to talk to him he doesn’tlifts call stupid kahi ka
Mahi sees twinkle coming inside

M-twinkle see maa has seen a boy fr me n she is telling dat I should meet him
T-acha di
M-wt acha u know n.a. I love uv a lot den wt should I do
T-di juat relax go n meet boy n say u don’t like him dats it simple btw di i have someimportant work I’ll talk to u later

N she goes frm der
M-woww babaji wt kind of sister u have gave she is not paying any deed towards me I’m saying her dat I should meet a boy but she is so calm n she I should reject him if I reject also wt reason I should say to mom n dad babaji save me give me any idea to reject him wt should I do

Mahi comes her wearing a Chudidhar on insistence of her mother which is in light green one
M-oh no in angry I didn’t ask ma about boys name where should I search him uff
Mahi phone rings n it flashes maa
M-hello mom
L-putter he is on 11 th table
M-ok ma byee

Mahi goes to table 11 where a boy is facing his back
M-excuse me
D boy turns back n mahi is shocked to see him
Uv-mahi u here
M-ha vo mom have seen a boy fr me n she has send me here to meet him
Uv-wt even Same happened wid me i have also came here to meet a girl
Uv-ha ma have called me n said I should meet a girl n when I said no she gave me promise
T-hi di

K-hi bhai
Uv n m- twinkle n kunj u here
T-mom have send me n said to ask whether u like boy or not
K-same here bhai
U n m-no I don’t like him/her
T-wt r u saying di u won’t like uv jiju
K-s bhai u won’t like mahi bhabhi
Uvn m- when I said dat
K-u both r only saying dat n.a.

Uv-means d girl whom mom has decided is mahi
Kunj nods while mahi was still confused
T-di u won’t like jiju
M-who said dat wait wait u want to mom has choosen uv fr Me
Twinkle nods

M-but how n hw u both know about dis
Twinkle n kunj smiles
at mrng when twinkle got d call she have seen d name n went near balcony to lift call
T-hello kunj bolo
K-u know wt mom n dad have decided to make bhai married
T-wt hw can dis happen n hw does dey make jiju some other else n hw can jiju leave my di he loves her a lot n.a. dis is wrong we should do smethng (she says in a go )
K-twinkle hw can u speak dis much at once ha n btw we r not stopping marriage
T-wt how can u say dis
K- arre meri maa my mom have choosen mahi bhabhi for bhai dis is d great news so we cannot stop der marriage
T-in happy wt really but hwu know dis
K-when I was passing by Dr room I have heard dey r speaking
T-it’s great news
K-s twinkle we will won’t tell dis to dem n we will give dema surprisewt say
T- Ya kunj great idea

K-after all whose idea
T-fine Don praise urself ok I’ll talk to u later byee
Twinkle hangs d phone n she has a smile on her face

K-in dis way we made a plan
T-so dat u both don’t get to know about it I know however di will not listen boys name
K-I made sure dat frm office u directly reach coffee shop
T-but kunjI think dey bothdon’t want to marry eo
K-I think so
M-when we said dat

T-at mrng u only said n.a. u don’t want to marry dat boy
K-ha bhai just chill if u don’t marry den we will say no to mom hai n.a. twinkle
T-yeah kunj
Yuhi-no we r ready
Twinj smiles but hides it frm yuhi
T-it’s ok di if u don’t want no problem
K-ha bhai
Uv- arre mere bhai I’m ready fr marriage
M-even me Twinkle
T-ok di
K-ok bhai n dey gives hi fi to eo
T&k-ouch di/bhai chodo
S guys mahi is pulling twinkle ear where as uv k unjs
Uv-u both r pulling our legs ha
T&k-sry chodo
Dey left after dey have some chatting abt marriage n all n left fr home n said sto marriage
Episode ends

Precap- some shopping n premarriage rituals n twinj n yuhi moments

So end of episode
Hw was it do u like it
Plsss do comment whether positive or negative but do comment
N if u want any plsss givesuggestions

Love u all
Keep smiling

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Ramya,
    It’s cute. I enjoyed. I was sure it would be Yuvi only. Twinj’s plan was nice. Nice. Post soon.
    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much dear
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  2. Sameera

    Amazing Ramya loved it
    Sooooo cute ?????

    1. Ramya

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  3. Purvi128

    Amazing Ramya … Sorry for short comment

    1. Ramya

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  4. SidMin

    Aww Loved it cute episode 🙂
    Love you 🙂

    1. Ramya

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  5. Ur writing r just amazing ramya…this epi was just awesome… it…what a plan….suparbbb…. Ur going good…keep writing and smiling….
    Love u so much…. Muaah..

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou priya fr dis lovely comment
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  6. Anam_sidhant

    It was awesome Ramya!
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  7. Presha

    Hey ramya its just fabulous

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  8. Chiku

    Hey ramya
    Woaaah!! Its soo cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Lovely. Loved it. . So cute
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    1. Ramya

      THankyou chiku
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  9. SidMin23

    Good waiting for next episode

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  10. Aanya_pandey

    It ws a really cute episode yrr.. yuhi??

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aanya love u keep smiling

  11. Adya

    Hey di…
    Woow the episode was sooo cute…
    I love it.. I love it soo much..
    Try to post soon…
    Love you !

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou adya
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  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

    1. Ramya

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  13. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow this was so cute and adorable.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤

    1. Ramya

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  14. Baby

    Ohhh loved it
    Hahaa pullinv ears n leg hahaahaa
    I mean love dit tooo cute
    Twinj r always lovely
    Love u lods

    1. Ramya

      THankyou baby love u keep smiling

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