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Episode -5
Recap-yuvi n mahi fight n shanaya entry . Shanaya to think dat yuhi have broken up n she confess dat she has only maked fake pics of her n uv but to her dis belief yuhi have not broken up in fact dey had done acting to bring shanaya truth n it was all planned by kunj

Episode -5

T-wt u thought shanaya u will do such a cheap one we will never get to no ha
M-see shanaya love is a pure feeling n it is based on trust n u only have attraction towards uv it’s nt true love we both love eo so much so plsss don’t do such cheap tricks yr u will get ur price charming soon
S-u r true mahi I was wrong I thought dat I have loved uv but nw I think I was wrong I was mad dat I have Done such a cheap tricks nw I got to know ur both love is pure n I have always created a issue btwn but all times I was failed I’m so sry mahi I’m feeling very guilty I promise I’ll never come in btwn u both by saying dis she has tears in her eyes
M-it’s ok shanayaI’m happy u have realized difference btwn love N attraction n I hope u also get ur true love soon
Shanaya smiles n goes to uv
S-I’m sry uv fr doing such a cheap act I promise I’ll never do dis again I’m so sry I was justblind I was nt abled to recognise difference btwn love N attraction
Uv-it’s ok shanaya
T-so every thing was sorted out den y tears let’s njoy
K-true yr
S-I’m sry twinkle in btwn I have hurtedu also a lot
T-shanaya I’m happy u have realized urmistake nw forget all dis n let’s be frnds
S-true n forwards her hands
T-not like dis yr we r best so in dis way she opens her arms n dey both have frendly hug
M-hawww u have forgot about me
S-no mahi not at all
T-we thought u will be busy with jiju n.a. so thought not to disturb true n.a. shanaya n gives a hi fi
M-twinkle u

S-ok chill don’t fight now I have sme work I should leave will catchu guyslater bye
Shanaya mahi n twinkle shares a group hug
Kunj admires twinkle Secretly he himself don’t know d reason y
Kunj pov – kamal ki ladki kitni cute lag rahi hai (nice girl she looks so cute ) kunj wts wrong yr y r u admiring dis girl ya she is cute but at same time she is dangerous also
Kunj pov ends
Shanaya bids bye to yunj
Twinkle gaze falls on twinkle

Twinkle pov – I should ask aplogy from kunj I have misunderstood him fr accident of di n I have shouted on him without any reason n he he helped my di n jiju n protected der relationship n I see I have shouted on him u also n.a. twinkle
Twinkle pov ends

Kunj phone rings
K-I’ll just come n he goes
Twinkle thinks I will ask sry to him nw
T-di I’ll come just nw
M-ok twinkle
Kunj speaks on phone after completing his talk he hangs n turns suddenly n he bumps with a girl n she slips but in Nick time kunj catches her n he stares at her lovingly n girl closes her eyes due to fear
Girl slowly opens her eyes n dey both r stairing eo n girl brokes eyelock

K-twinkle u here n makes her stand
T-vo i …I…wanna say..y S..rrr. .yyy
K-WHATT he rubs his ears n says wt say again I think I have listened wrong I have listened dat u r saying sry I think my ears r nt working
Twinkle makes disbelief face n says
T-I’m sry
K-o my God now I will die but still I think I’m dreaming plsss come again
Twinkle gets frustated n hold kunj by his collar n brings him near to her n shout in his ears loudly
k-closes his one eye while she is saying no no shouting in his ears
Now dey both r so close n dey shares a eyelock (sajna ve plays in background)
Der eyelock got broken by a child who vessels his vessel n dey comes to der senses n realizes der position n feels awkward
Kunj to break silence
K-btw sry from ur mouth it feels like mano mere jeevan dhany ho gaya (I’m blessed to listen ur
sry ) hee says in dramatic way
T-kunj but srsly kunj I’m very sry I should not have shouted on u but wt even I can do dat ward boy na he said dat u have done accident n I loosed control on my emotions n I came to n started shouting on u (remember guys bcoz of wars boy only dis misunderstanding created) once I’ll will find him na I won’t leave him how can he say lies
K-again u r on lioness mode chill yr forget about dat ward boy I think he also got misunderstand
T-hmmm but also kunj

T-fine but haI’m really very very sry kunj but what even I can do when I got d news dat di had met wid accident I have became mad mujhe kuch samaj mai nahi aya (I have not get anything) wt even I caan do kunj I love my di alot if anything happens to her den I’ll di..
Kunj keeps his hand on twinkle mouth n nods his head in no n even he don’t know y he had done like dis
K-twinkle don’t talk abt got it
Twinkle nods her head n kunj removes his hand
K-btw twinkle u r such a big siyappa queen na
Twinkle makes hawww face
T-kunj u have called me siyappa queen u u Na sadi sarna
K-hey don’t call me sadu sarna got it I’m kunj sarna
T-u r sadu sarna
K-u r siyappa queen n I have reason fr it
T-really may I know reason behind by saying dis she folds her hands across her chest
K-see d first time we meet u have misunderstood me n u have fighted with me n u have created a siyappa
T- in dat case I have also reason to call u sadu sarna
K-really den say by saying dis he also folds his hands across his chest
T-bcoz u have calledme siyappa queen got it
Kunj smiles seeing her childishness den hides from her

yunj r hugging eo n lost in eo while dey listens dat smeone is coughing
Uv-mahi r u ok ?y r u coughing
M-no uv I’m nt coughing still in hugging position
Again dey hears coughing dey both got irritated n sees side where frmcoughing sound is coming n sees twinj der n departs
T-di dis is public park control ur feelings
Mahi turns to crimson due to blushing
K-bhai control yr u r in public place romance is restricted n twinj gives hi fi to eo
Mahi blushes hard n looks down
T- kunj I think someone is blushing hardly
Mahi playfully hits on twinkle hand
K-yes twinkle
Uv-kunj when ur time comes i won’t leave u
K-let’s see bhai
The screen freezes on der happy faces

PRECAP – first leap
Proposal fr mahi


So end of today’s episode
I hope I have entertained u guys n sry fr grammatical mistakes
N plsss if u want to give any suggestions den plsss do give n plsss do comment positive or negative as it’s my only support system

Love u all
Keep smiling

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome 🙂 Kunj and Twinkles sorry part was too good 🙂
    Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin Love u keep smiling

  2. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey Ramya, I’m commenting on ur ff for the first time.. ur storyline is superb and I loved it.. the way kunj teased twinkle when she was saying sorry was ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidvee thankyou fr commenting it means a lot love u keep smiling

  3. Anam_sidhant

    It was so cute Ramya! Loved every bit of it.? Post next one soon!!!❤️

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou anam love u keep smiling

  4. Adya

    Awwwiiiieeee Ramya di …
    That was sooo cute… I just loved it.
    It was amazing di… Nd no problem that you are late …
    Post soon…
    Love you..

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou adya ha sry per kya karu clg start ho gayi aur uski vajah se time nahi mil paya forgive me plsss love u keep q

  5. Oh ramya…this just amazing epi and funny to…love twinj scene very much… their fight’s uff..its very funny…. I love it very much…. Ur going good…. Keep writing….
    Exited to read the next part…
    Plzzz post soon…
    Keep smiling… Love u….

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much priya
      Love u keep smiling

  6. Presha

    Hey ramaya its so fabulous u nailed it do continue soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou presha
      Love u keep smiling

  7. Chiku

    Hey ramya,
    Its just lovely!!!???❤️So cute. Loved it.
    Proposal flr mahi???
    Post mext soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou chiku love u keep smiling

  8. SidMin23

    Lovely episode and mahi proposal I hope it from uv and wating for TwiNj moment to come.

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      Well let’s see whose proposal it is
      Love u keep smiling

    2. Ramya

      Thankyou roshini
      Love u keep smiling

  9. Roshini125

    Everything was good n awesome even I was blushing hard

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou roshini I’m happy u liked it
      Love u keep smiling

  10. Ayu

    Hey Ramya!! Awesomeeeee!!!
    That was so damn funny and cute! Can’t even tell!! N…proposal for Mahi???
    Cont soon?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou ayu
      Love u keep smiling

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou purnima
      Loads of love keep smiling

  12. Aanya_pandey

    That ws an amazing update yrrr

    1. Ramya

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  13. Baby

    Ohhh god amazing….
    Loved it sooo mch 2 cute…

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