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So let’s start today episode wid a smile

Episode 4
PRECAP – twinj first meet n twinkle to misunderstand kunj n der fight n mahi has tears in her eyes

Episode -4
A park is shown where a girl n boy is fighting like anything let’s see wt happened let’s go near dem
B- y mahi y r u nt trusting me wts wrong wid u ?
M-wts wrong wid me wts wrong wid u yuvraj hw can u do dis to me ha
Uv- wt I have done mahi i had done nothing n wt r u talking about
M-Srsly yuvraj u don’t know wt I’m talking about ha hw much I have loved u but u U hhave
betrayed me
Uv-mahi I had done nthng I have not betrayed u trust me
M-u have done nthng den who is dis person in photo tell me (by saying dis she shows him phone in which a pic is der )
Uv takes phone n is shocked to see pic in which he is close to shanaya
Uv-mine n shanaya pic hw is it possible
Uv- to mahi – mahi dis is fake I don’t know hw dis photo
M-Really den who is wid shanaya
Uv- trust me mahi dis photos r fake
M-trust on u ? Hw can u even think uv dat i will trust u after seeing dis all
Uv-but mahi I’m saying true I have done nthng wrong plsss trust me
M-sry uv but no sry everything is completed btwn us I’m breakuping wid u
Uv-fine mahi u want to breakup n.a. ok as u say let’s breakup
Mahi after listening dis runs from der n uv sits on near bench n places his face in his palms n cries bitterly
Uv lifts his head n says
S-see uv I know u r very sad bcoz of mahi
Uv-shanaya plsss leave I’m nt in a mood to talk
S-see uv I’m here to share ur pain don’t feel bad
Uv-see n.a. mahi is nt trusting me I had done nthng bt she is nt at all trusting me
S-I know uv as she never loved u she only pretends to be to only prove dis I had made dat fake picture n showed her so dat atleast u will trust me now see uv I love u a lot I’m nt like dat mahi I’ll never doubt on u
Uv-so u have maked dat fake pics
S- s uv only to tell u dat mahi doesn’t loves u n she doesn’t trusts but I’m nt like mahi I’ll der wid aat everytime
Suddenly smone claps from behind
M-s me wt u have thought I won’t trust my uv n I’ll trust dis stupid fake photos.ha my love is not dat So weak
T-wt u thought u will show some pics to my di n she will give up I very well know hw much my di n jiju loves eo no one can break der relationship
Shanaya looks on puzzeled
K-let me explain u
Twinkle asks mahi dat wt happened to her at dat time mahi has tears in her eyes den dey hear d sound of opening door
V-kunj without seeing anyone
K-Bhaiya u here
Uv-u said accident n he sees mahi he was shocked to see her der he runss to her n hugs her tightly n mahi also hugs him back
All d while kunj looks on puzzeled (bechara recently aaya hai n.a. London se)
Uv brokes hug n cups mahis face
Uv-mahi r u ok?
Mahi nods her head in positive
Uv-hw dis accident had happened
mahi gets a call from unknown number
M-whose dis
C- I’m shannaya come to abc place n hang phone
M-to herself dis shanaya n.a. wt have happened to her I’ll go to her n I’ll clear dat wts her problem n she lefts
At abc place
M-shanaya where r u ?
S-I’m here
M-wt do u want
S-just see dis pictures n gives her phone
Mahi sees the pic n gets shocked
M-no dis can’t be true
S-dis is true baby wait I’ll send dis to ur phone
Mahi has tears n runs from drr suddenly a car comes from behind n due to sudden attack she just fainted
T-di wt made u shock di y have u runned from der
Uv-ha mahi wt happened
Mahi gives him phone n asks him to see d pic n uv was shocked
It is d Sameintimate pic of uv n shanaya
Uv- no mahi it’s nt me dis r fake i don’t know hw dis
M-just relax uv I knoww u cant do such cheap it’s just when she have shown me dat pic my mind have became blank so I run from der I trust u
Twinkle sees pic
T-dis shanaya na she is after jiju n she thinks she is in love wid jiju we should do smethng about her
All d time kunj just looking at dem
K-can someone tell wts going on here
Uv-kunj well mahi he is my young bro kunj
Uv-kunj she is mahi my love
K – ohooo hi bhabhi
Mahi blushes by listening word bhabhi
Uv explains him about photos
T-should do smethng about shanaya so dat she can learn a lesson
K-idea n says smethng which is muted
Uv-great idea n all have smile on der face
k – in dis way u have confessed truth
Screen freezes on shanaya face

PRECAP -shanaya reaction n twinkle to ask apology from kunj


Dis is today episode I know in today’s episode der very little twinj scenes but I’ll add twinj scenes from next episode I hope I have nt bored u all
N yaplsss do comment either positive or negative
N icon u want den plsss give me suggestions I’ll feel happy
M plsss s do comment guys

Love u all so much
Keep smiling

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  1. Ayu

    Yayyyy!!! Ramya is back!!! With a bang!!! This was a superb epi!!! Shanaya ka popat ban gya!!! Now excited to see the apology?
    Cont soon?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou ayu
      I’m happy u liked it
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous epi

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou purnima love u

  3. Simiyy

    I enjoyed it a lot
    post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou simiyy love u

  4. Aanya_pandey

    Soo goodddd jst so so so good!!!!

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aanya love u

  5. Supriya18d

    Blast….epi….Ramya Rocked…. Awsm ?????

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou supriya

  6. Hey…ramya how r u..?..tujhe eyes may ab problem hay na toh assi condition may tears to bilkul anaa nahi cahiye balki Haas na cahiye..control ur emotions baby….
    …..he he …lol… aree tu ham sabki pyari si sista hay …that’s why we all love you….and ur writing to….
    OK now coming to the epi….it was just amazing and awesome….. Kyaa dimag lagaya hay sabne uss shanaya chudail ko expose karne may… it very much….
    Plzzzzzzz post next epi soon….waiting may hu….he he….OK bhtt karliya bak bak….
    Keep smiling and get well soon…..
    Love you lodssssss sista…

    1. Ramya

      -thankyou priya tumne kaha ki mere aankhen mai aansu nahi aana chahiye per kya karu yeh pyaar dekh kar aa hi gaya well ab mere eyes pure tik ho Gaye itna ki I’m going to clg
      I’ll try to post soon Love u muahhh
      Keep smiling

  7. Presha

    Hey ramaya its awesome

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou presha love u

  8. SidMin23

    Superb episode and waiting for twinj scene

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin Love u

  9. Chiku

    Yayaaaaa!!!! Ramya is back!!!! Finally. I was waiting for ur ff soo much???!!! Ab toh shanaya ki band bajegi???post soon
    Loads of love

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much chiku
      Love u keep smiling

  10. SidMin

    Loved it and it was not at all boring 🙂
    Waiting for the precap 🙂 Twinkle to ask for apology from Kunj 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  11. Sameera

    Awesome ramya loved the epi twinj n yuhi plan ?????

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sameera
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  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey Ramya,
    I had seen ur message in hangouts but it is not opening so u can send me the messages through my email id i.e ‘[email protected]’ and abt the epi I loved the plan and hw kunj said mahi babhi…
    post soon

    with love,

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou tamanna

      1. Ramya

        Ill send msg

  13. Ramya

    Thankyou tamanna I will send u msg love u keep smiling

  14. Adya

    Ramya di !
    Hayeeeeee… that was awesome..
    Post the next one soon..
    Love you!

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou adya
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  15. Baby

    ramya dear soooo osm amazing…….. 😀
    loved it ♥♥cute n adorable episode♥♥
    love u lods♥♥♥

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