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Let’s start wid a smile


Recap- twinj to confess der love n twinkle gets to know dat she have already confessed when she was drunk later dey went to chinki engagement.

Later after having lots of fun both headed towards house.
Both twinj were in car were going to der home den twinkle sees a icecream parlour n shouts
Kunj suddenly applies break n turns his head towards her

T-kunj ice cream I mean der is a ice cream parlour let’s go n have na she says like a kid
K-twinkle just see d time we r already late if we will have ice cream den we will be late to house na
T-Oh hello Mr.kunj sarna if we will be 5 minutes late na nthng will happen n I want ice cream right now
K-don’t behave like kid
T-for ice cream I should behave like kid den in ready as I love it
K-n me
T-acts like thinking n says even I love u but I also love ice cream n in my life ice cream had came first so I love ice cream more
Kunj thinks -I’m getting jealous of ice cream. She loves Ice cream more den me (bechara kunj is getting jeolous of ice cream) not fair.
T-let’s go na

Kunj parks car aside n dey both went near ice cream vendor n ordered der favourite flavours.
They both went near car n r njoying der ice cream but twinkle more. While eating some ice cream was left on lips.
Kunj thinks-hayeee how cute she is looking my siyappa queen just like a small cute kid. I want to kiss her now but I don’t know dat she loves ice cream alot but in my life I love u more n I’m falling for u day by day alot.
T-kunj where r u lost

K-no where
Kunj slowly keeps his finger on twinkle lips n removes ice cream with so much of love while twinkle was stairing at him lovingly.Later dey both finished ice cream n both settled in car n started for der home.

In car
Kunj was speaking countinuosly while twinkle was listening to him. Later he felt like some weight in his shoulder n turned only to see twinkle sleeping peacefully on his shoulder.
K-u look so cute while sleeping just like a kid n ur smile can make me forget all my sorrows. I promise u twinkle I will never let dis smile fade away.
Then he kissed her on her forehead n drives away without disturbing her.

They reached taneja mansion n twinkle was still asleep. Kunj doesn’t wants to disturb but as dey reached her home he wakes her up.
K-twinkle wake up we reached ur home.
She slowly opens her eyes.
T-bye kunj

K-only bye
N she gets out of car while kunj makes a cute pout.
Twinkle reaches kunj side window n says

T-I love ice cream alot but I love u more den ice cream n pecks on his cheek n runs frm der.
It took some seconds to realise for kunj as what happened as he digested it he slowly touched his cheek with a cute smile n said “I love you alot twinkle”.
Later he also reached his house n got freshen up later both slept by thinking what had happened today n slept wid a cute smile.

as usal day went for all our twinj also having der sweet msgs without anyone notice to eo.

at lunch
All were having lunch at home as bebe ordered dat dey all should do today lunch at home only.
While having lunch manohar says

K-yes dad
M-der is a imp presentation dat we should submit at Delhi as I viren n uv r busy u should go to Delhi for 3 days.
Kunj thinks-what I should leave widout seeing twinkle for 3 days but even I can’t say no to dad.
M-kunj pack ur stuff.
K-ok dad says sadly.

At evng
Kunj calls twinkle
K-hi twinkle

T-hi kunj
K-I want to tell some important news to u
T-yes say na
K-I’m leaving for Delhi for 3 days on office work as dad ordered me.
T-ohh n thinks babaji how will I leave widout seeing kunj for 3 days.
K-r u ok wid it
T-yeah kunj work is more important na
They talked for a while.

At night
Twinkle is feeling bad bcoz she can’t meet him before he leaves as she has some work. She stands near her bed thinking about it.
Then suddenly someone comes n closes her eyes n she smiles by dat person touch n says kunj n turns towards kunj n hugs him while he hugs her back.
T-I thought u will leave without meeting me

K-are how can I leave widout meeting my jaan
By listening dis she blushes.
K-don’t make hard for me sweetheart.
Twinkle slightly slaps on his shoulder.
T-how u came

K-from pipe n winks
Later dey went to balcony n sat beside eo.
Twinkle leans on kunj shoulder while he takes her hand into his.
T-will u miss me?

T-u won’t miss me asks wid shock
K-no bcoz u always stays here (shows his heart) so where ever I go u will be wid me na.
Twinkle smiles n hugs him while he hugs her back n kisses on her forehead.
In dis way dey spend quality time wid eo n later kunj went to sarna mansion.
Next day he went to Delhi for 3 days

Precap-missing someone badly

So I hope u all njoyed it

Sry for late update

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Love u all
Keep smiling

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