Hiiiiiiiii my lovelies how r u all
Firstly I don’t want to ggive any episode m not in a mood

Acha acha ab mood off mat ho jao it was prank April fool.
Ok ok abhi jaldi se episode deti hu per usse pehle thankyou so much fr ur precious comment
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I’ll give u episode

Usse pehle ek chotu sa summary tamanna ke liye
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A short summary
This ff starts with twinkle n she loves her family alot. Mahi loves uv n uv also loves Mahi n twinkle knows about dis n teases her sis alot.then kunj comes from abroad after completing his studies. A night kunj was driving a car n suddenly a girl comes n became uncounsious infrontt of kunj car. Kunj got panic n took her to hosipatal. Later twinkle calls mahi n gets to know about accident n she rushes to hosipatal. She reaches hosipatal n misunderstood dat kunj had done accident n shouts on kunj n dey both starts fighting. Later mahi woke up n said it was not kunj fault but uv reches der n kunj gets about yuhi.

Later twinj n yuhi makes a plan to bring out shanaya truth bcoz of whhom mahi has become like dat. Later shanaya realises her mistake n left. Ttwinj becomes frnds. Uv n mahi parent fixes der marriage wid someone n asks ddem to meet d other person. Yuhi reaches der n gets to know dat yuhi r going to marry. Marriage function starts. On engagement viren wid jeevika reaches der. N all marriage functions happens while dis process kunj had fallen badly for twinkle n twinkle also have some feelings of kunj. Kunj realises his feelings n thinks to propose her.

All youngsters goes to picnic at resort does alot of masti where rahul comes der cousin of twihi bcoz of him only twinkle realises her feelings. Later alisha entered der bcoz of alisha twinkle drinks alcohol n confesses her love n she is not in her senses. All reaches back amritsar n twinkle was so sad by thinking dat kunj loves twinkle.

Later twinj parents thought to make dem marry. Cherry kidnaps twinkle but twinkle escapes n cherry was arrested by police . But twinkle does some or other thing to break marriage on asking of kunj she used to say she doesn’t loves him. Kunj thoughtsomething is fishy. One day twinkle went outside n kinj followed her where he got to know dat alisha is blackmailing twinkle n kidnapped chinki so dat she can say no to marriage n alisha can marry kunj. But twinj makes alisha arrest n kunj is angry wid twinkle

Episode -28

Recap-twinj saves chinki from alisha n alisha gets arrested by police. Kunj to be angry on twinkle n twinkle decides to manao kkunj

Episode -28
Taneja mansion
Twinkle decides to pacify kunj
Twinkle again calls kunj but kunj again disconnects call.
But twinkle is twinkle
T-sadu sarna not lifting my phone. He is angry wid me what should I do now
Twinkle thinks deeply

T-IDEAA! I’ll go to him n will ask sry it’s great but now time is 11:00 all must be sleeping no problem nthng will happen
By saying dis she went out of taneja mansion n goes towards sarna mansion (guys both houses r not soo far)
Twinkle reaches sarna mansionn is about to ring d door bell but stops
T thinks-what r dng twinkle all must have slept n slaps her forehead butt I want to .wet kunj

N goes towards back lawn n climbs a ladder (ye mat socho Ladder kaha se aa gaya ff hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai ) n reaches kunj room balcony but Windows r closed
Inside room
Kunj was walking back n forth n thinking about twinkle
Den suddenly he heards dat someone is knocking on Window
K-who is der at dis tym omg if der some theif no no may be not I’m only thinking alot
Derwas again a knock n by dis tym he reached window n opened it n was shocked to see d scenario n his jaws r dropping
Twinkle like a small kid waves her hand

T-hi kunj
K-what r u dng here ?
T-I’m dancing can’t u see I’m climbing here give me ur hand
K-sry (bechara shock mai tha aisa kuch expect nahi kiya tha na )
Kunj immediately gives his hand n helps her to get in
Twinkle comes in wid help of kunj
K-what r u dng here twinkle
T-came here to meet u

K-y who asked to Come by balcony
T-y only u can Come through balcony (remember guys when twinkle was behaving weird kunj went to her room through balcony )
K-I don’t mean dat
K-huh… just tell me y u came here
T-to talk wid u as u r not picking my phone
K-I don’t want to talk wid u just go
T-no I want to talk

K-what u want to say ha
T-tomorrow chinki engagement is der n she want me to attend
K-So what should I do
T-she also wants u to attend her engagement (engagement was already got fixed)
K-den u can say dis in phone
T-I would have but u r not receiving my call so what can i do n she says wid a pout
Kunj smiles by seeing her den he remember he is angry wid her n became serious but twinkle doesn’t notice diss
T-kunj plsss come na she will be happy
K-ok I’ll
T-den u will come to pick me up

K-no I won’t
K-it’s my wissh
T-plssss na kunj I’m really sry I’ll never hide anything From u
Kunj turns other side
Twinkle comes In front of him
Before kunj can reply der is a knock on d door
Both twinj were shocked
B-kunj r u der ?
Twinj looks at eo
K-twinkle u go if bebe will see na den we both r gone
T-no I won’t
T-u have not gave any answer to me
K-which answer
T- u will take me to chinki engagement or not
T-fine I won’t ggo
B-kunj putter
K-twinkle plsss go
T-u will take me or not

K-fine I’ll
K- ha bbaba now go
T-thankyou sooo much n gives a peck in kunj cheek
Kunj was shocked
While twinkle went near Window n kunj comes into senses
Twinkle gives a flying kiss n goes while kunj smiles
K-crazy girl
B-kunj putter r u der

K-ha bebe n opens d door
B-where were u y r u not answering
K-bebe I was in Washroom
B-acha ok
K-y bebe do u have any work
B-ha forget about it hmm I came here to tell u dat tomorrow twinkle frnd marriage is der so leela wants u to accompany her
Kunj thinks -abhi hi tho usne manali ab na kaise keh sakta hu (just now she asked den how can i say no)
K-ha bebe

B- u will ggo right
K-yup bebe
B-acha gud night
K-gud night bebe
N closes d door n remembers twinkle peck n touches his cheek n smiles like crazy
K-o my ggod dis girl is driving me crazy day by day
By dis time twinkle reaches her house n enters her room
T-thankgod kunj said yes now my surprise for him will not get spoil yipee but I think he is still angry wid me but no worries by tomorrow he will be happy
N smiles

Screen freezes on der smiling faces

PRECAP -twinkle to Pacify kunj n some romance n chinki engagement


I’m so sry guys mai aaj hi kunj manao mission likhne wali this but time nahi hai aur yeh bhi thoda sa mtlb kuch zyada hi lamba ho jayega isiliye nahi likh payi sry
But agle Wales mai pakka

Acha ab tell me how was d episode
Do u all liked It
I hope so
Plsss do comment whether positive or negative

Love u keep smiling gguys

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  1. Hey ammu episode was awesome fabulous mind blowing
    Twinj’s conversation was so cuteeeee ammu??????
    Really I loved it dear
    Plz post next episode soon
    I can’t wait for much time
    Love u ????
    Take care

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much akka
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Purvi128

    Oyee Ramy sorry yarr. Me kabhi tere ff pe comment nhi ker pati… Sorryyyyyyyyyy..
    Acha epi was fab.. nice.. amazing..
    So sweet.. twinj were just too cute..
    Or twinkle ka plan toh…
    Love u loads post soon??

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much purvi
      N plsss don’t be sry
      I’m happy dat u have commented
      Love u keep smiling

  3. Sohi

    Episode was amazing and fabulous
    Hehe twinkles answers were good
    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sohi
      Love u keep smiling

  4. Nice one ramya di..
    Post soon.
    Luv u..

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aduuuu
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  5. Presha

    Hey ramya….
    Its just awesome…
    I loved it…
    Twinj moment… ????
    Post soon…

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou preshu
      Love u keep smiling

  6. No worries ?? the episode was cute and amazingggg????next part me liye excited?post next soon ????

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou cp
      Love u keep smiling

  7. Fatimaa.

    Heyy ramu…
    The episode was just????????????????????????….
    So nice loved it…
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou Fatima
      Love u keep smiling

  8. Mia12

    Hey Jantus,,
    Just Amazing fantastic awesome episode,,??????.. Awww twinkle pipe se charke kunj ke room mai gaya how cute,,????… And gives him peak also just soooo cute,,?????.. I Love it sooooooooo soooooooooooooo much,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤.. Now m excited 4 next epi ab toh wait nai hota,,???.. Plzzzzzzzz post soon na m waiting,,???..
    Load’s of love you,,?❤?❤?..

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou jaan
      N ha twinkle pipe nahi ladder chadihai
      Love u keep smiling

  9. Kunjs shocked face was hilariousnext ASAP

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou padu
      Love u keep smiling

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awww ramya thanks for posting summary for me and sorry too! The epi was so cute! Waiting for next post soon

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou tamanna
      N don’tbe sry
      Ek batana bhul gayi jeevika is pregnant
      Love u keep smiling

  11. Nice episode

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou SAF
      Love u keep smiling

  12. Amazing episode
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou AKA
      Love u keep smiling

  13. Good episode

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much aafi
      Love u keep smiling

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much purnima
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  15. Simiyy

    It was really good
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou simiyy
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  16. SidMin23

    Fabulous and twinj conversation was cute and twinkle kiss for him was unexpected for reader and donpist soon.

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  17. SidMin

    Aww Just loved it … the Epsidoe was full of cute moments between TWINJ…
    Love you post soon ❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  18. Baby

    Hahahahaaa….. 🙂
    Sooo cute twinkle…..was…. 🙂
    Loved it sooo mch amazing osm heheh….hehe…..loving it… 🙂
    Love u…. 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou baby
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