Hiiiiiii my lovely people
Hhow r u all?
I know I’m late per what can i do stuck wid some or other work n even I’m writing dis after nearly 2 weeks after na so it took some time so plsss forgive me .

Ok ok i know all r waiting for without any delay let’s start it

Wid a smile


Recap-twinkle thinks kunj lives alisha so she ignores kunj. TWINJ parents fix their alliance by twinkle is nnot happy n she decides dat she will say no to marriage. Cherry kidnaps twinkle. Somehow kunj manages tto search her but when he reached the place with police at that time already twinkle was beating cherry n he iis asking forgiveness frm her n kunj feels proud of her n he ttakes twinkle to taneja mansion n left frm der. At night kunj comes to twinkle room through window where twinkle says tthat she will say no to marriage as he loves alisha.

T-I know kunj u loves alisha a lot na. Don’t worry I will say no to marriage at tomorrow mrng.
Kunj looks at her shocked he doesn’t know what to speak.
T-it’s ok kunj and we are just only friends na then their are no worries I’m happy for u. She says wid fake smile and heavy heart.
Kunj holds her by shoulder n pins her to the wall without hurting her.
K-twinkle do you have any idea dat what you are speaking?
T-yes kunj I know u love alisha a lot na n I’m a obstacle in between both of you but Don worry I by myself will go ffrm btwn u.
K-twinkle what are you saying I don’t love alisha infact I love y.. .

Before he can continue der was a knock on door n both were shocked.
L-twinkle r u ok? With whom u r talking at late night ha open the door
Both were shocked and confused as they both don’t know what to do n dey both are looking at eo in shock.
L-twinkle open the door
T-kunj go n hide in cupboard if mom will see u den we both r dead
Twinkle takes kunj to her cupboard n he hides in her cupboard
Twinkle opens the door only to find her mom wid some clothes. Leela enters in her room.
L-what happened twinkle? What made you to take so much time to open door n with whom u r talking till late night?
Twinkle was shocked n don’t know what to speak as her brain is not working n she was scared.
L-twinkle where r u lost ? Answer me
T-mom it’s that I was talking to chinki to invite her for engagement. I was so engrossed while talking wid her n not heard dat u came.
Kunj thinks -“not bad my siyappa queen very well knows to manage the situation ” n smiles in cupboard.
L-acha it’s ok
Leela goes near o cupboard
T-shouts MOMM
leela stops in midway

L-what happened ?
T-y r u going near cupboard mom?
Leela looks at her confused
T-I mean do u have any work den I’ll help u
L-twinkle what happened to u? Y r u behaving so strange?
T-nothing mom
L-I’m just keeping dis clothes in ur cupboard dear
N she starts to go towards cupboard. Both twinj were shocked n scared . N
Now some thing hits in twinkle mind.

T-ouch mom aaahhh
Leela goes towards twinkle n kunj was also feared dat what happened to twinkle but he can’t come out .
L-whhat happened r u ok?
T -mom dat dat
L-what dat dat ? Speak up
T-mom nothing happened to me it was just a prank.
Leela n kunj sighs in relief .
Leela holds twinkles ear
T-ouch mom plsss leave it hurts

L-u r playing pranks aur yaha per meri jaan nikli jaa rahi hai (n here I’m worried for u )
T- Ohio mom don’t be senti its just dat after marriage I won’t be able to do all dis na . I’ll miss u mom n hugs her
L-oh my daughter n hugs her back
While hugging twinkle signals kunj to go n kunj goes near balcony climbs d pipe n went . Now dey bith broke hug.
L-but I’m not worried for u bcoz kunj can handle u n will also take care of u
Twinkle gets n thinks again may be kunj loves alisha n became sad
Leela goes n keeps clothes in cupboard n kisses twinkle on her forehead n left frm der.
Twinkle – kunj loves alisha but he said dat now dat he doesn’t love alisha may be I’m wrong or right I’m so confused. May be I’m wrong by thinking she drifts into sleep.
Kunj was driving his car

Kunj thinks-” what twinkle is saying how can have even think dat I love alisha I think ah misunderstood I hope she won’t create any siyappa I hope so .

Screen freezes on twinj faces

PRECAP- engagement cancel


So how was it?
Did I reached all ur expectations I hope so
Guys I won’t be regularly but I’ll try ever best to post regularly
N I srsly don’t know more how many episode I will write .

I hope u all njoyed it
Plsss comment whether positive or negative or if u want u can n even suggestions I’ll Feel happy

Love u all guys

Keep smiling

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  1. Fatimaa.

    Heyy ramya…
    It was cute and funny…
    Hope dat misunderstanding gets clear soon…
    And precap padhke dar lag raha hai…
    Post soon dear..
    Love uh???❤❤❤?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much Fatima
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Anshikajainn

    Raaaammmmyaaa it was just awesome

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much anshu
      Love u keep smiling

      1. Anshikajainn

        Love you 2

  3. awsm…fair

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much maha
      Love u keep smiling

  4. Sohi

    Episode was funny yet good
    Do continue

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo muchnsimiy
      I’m glad dat u found it funny
      Love u keep smiling

      1. Ramya

        Sry sohi vo galti se simiyy aa gaya

  5. Simiyy

    Hey Ramya
    Good your back
    It was very good
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much simiyy
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  6. Presha

    Hey ramya..
    Happy to see u back ..
    Its awesome..
    Plz post asap

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much preshu
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  7. Baby

    Ohhh god ramya amazing srsly wow…..loved d episode bt d engagement cancel…… cant wait….sooo fab episode lovely marvellous love u….. 🙂 🙂 ♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much baby
      I’m gladu liked it
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  8. hiiiii ramya di?????…..u know wht I m one of urs ff silent reader bt today I decided tto broke my silence…..coming to the epi its so so damn oswm?????….why twinkle is not understanding dat kunj loves her?????????….hope she understand soon….bt the precap z shocking???????…engagement cancel??????…BT anyhow its interesting to read nw….post the next part soon di….lov u??????

    1. Ramya

      Sweta thankyou thankyou sooo much
      U don’t know but ur comment means a lot dear u made my day I’m so happy
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  9. Mia12

    Hey jantus,,
    U knw m really very happy to see ur writing again,,??? and i missed ur ff yarr,,?? well jantus its really AMAZING episode yarr,,??????????…. I love it very much,,????????….. Twinkle is msundrstndng kunj and omgggggg engement will cancel,,????….. but u knw I love this on going track very much,,??????…. N twist nai hoga toh kahani mai maja kese ayega,,????…. Now its going very interesting,,???….Well eagerly waiting 4 next,, plzzzzzzz post soon,,???…..
    Lots of love to u..❤❤
    My jaantus..☺☺

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou my jaan fr such a lovely n sweet comment it means a lot
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  10. SidMin

    Interesting…. Loved it …. The hiding in the cupboard part was just too good…. Precap looks scary …. Post soon can’t wait …
    Love you ❤❤❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidmin
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  11. Awesome ramya …. Loved it….

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sana
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  12. Hey ramya it was nice plz unite twinj

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much nisha
      I will unite twinj at any cost u just chillax
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling h

  13. Chiku

    Awwesome❤️❤️❤️!!!! Loved it❤️❤️❤️
    Post soon❤️❤️❤️?

    1. Ramya

      Thanmyou chiikku
      Love u keep smiling
      Will try to post aoon

  14. SidMin23

    It was flawless

    1. Ramya

      Thanmyou sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  15. Sameera

    Wow yaar ramya loved it sooo cute epi ????????poor kunj ???

    1. Ramya

      Thanmyou saam
      Love u keep smiling

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

    1. Ramya

      Thanmyou purnima
      Love u keep smiling

  17. Aamna_2690

    Haye Ramya!!
    Kya episode tha yaar☺☺loved it??n koi na jab time mile tab post karna??Aur yeh siyappa queen kab sudhreagi??iska kuch nahi hosakta??(Areh nahi… nahi hosakta hai na iska kuch.. Agar tu chahe??)???
    Post whenever u r free… love u dear??

    1. Ramya

      Thanmyou aamna
      N ha ho sakta haiiss siyappa queen ka kuch agar mai chahu tho per kya kare badlna nahi chati hu
      Love u keep smiling

  18. Paavu

    dekh meri ice ream ek toh itna late update upar se chota yrr par jo bhi tha acha tha and haan precap i m speechless bas……………………

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou my caramel
      But kya karu lack of Tim
      Isiliye chote updattes
      Love u keep smiling

  19. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Ramya,
    Amazing superb episode yrr…It was really funny too….He can tell think that KUNJ doesn’t loves her….Plz unite Twinj soon
    Precap scared me yrr… Please Post next one asap..
    Love you

  20. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Plz I hope tw dosent do more of siyappa….Akhir she is syapaa Queen way can we expect from her…. Becharaa KUNJ….

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much aamya
      I’ll pakka unitte twinj but after some drama
      N twinkle is a siyappa queen na so siyappa queen siyappa hi tho karti hai but u don’t worry dear everything will be fine
      Love u keep smiling

  21. Awesome episode ramya I loved it post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sushmitha
      Will try to post soon Love u keep smiling

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