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Episode -17


All got freshup n had der breakfast n went to pool side but no one was intrested to swim so dey all went to play games at games side (guys in some resorts der will be games also to play na as it will adds more fun )

All went near jaint wheel (which rotates round from top to bottom sry i don’t know how to explain more den dis )

T-Jaint wheel
K-kya hua(what happened )
J-virenji jjaint wheel per chalte hai plssss(virenji let’s have jaint wheel ride plsss)
M-ha bhabhi idea acha hhai (yes bhabhi idea is nice )
T-kunj .. Kunj kya tumhe ussi per chadna hai kya (kunj … Kunj u also want to go jaint wheel ride )
K-kyu twinkle usme bohat maza aata hai (y twinkle it will be lot of fun in it)
T-matlab dekh kunj vo kitna fastly rotate kar rahe hai (see na kunj how much fastly he is rotating )
K-fast hai tabhi tho maza ayega(if he rotates fastly den only der will be fun na )
T-per (but )
J-ha twinkle it will be awesome
Twinkle just smiles
All looks towards to ticket counter
K-kya hua twinkle tum kush nahi lag rahi ho (wt happened twinkle u r not looking happy)
T-kuch nahi kunj (nothing kunj)
K-kya hua plsss mujhse share karo hum milkar solution dund lenge (what happened plss share wid we will find solution if der is any prblm)
T-pehle promise karo ki tum hasoge nahi (first promise me dat u won’t laugh)
K-ha bolo (yes say)
T-mujhe height se thoda sa darr lagta hai (I have fear of heights )
Kunj smiles
T-tumne kaha tha ki tum nhi hasoge but ur laughing (u said u will not laugh but u r laughing )

K-phir itni si baat hai (such a small problem )
Twinkle looks at confused
K-Main hu na darne ki kya baat hai senorita (when I’m here den y to fear senorita )
T-haha very funny she says scarstically
K-trust karo it will be awesome chalo (trust me it will be awesome lets go)
All stands in line
N it was now our couples turn
Mahi n uv sits side by side n jeevika n viren in one n kunj n twinkle in one
As it goes up n twinkle panics n closes her eyes it stops at up as someone is getting in another one kunj sees twinkle

K-twinkle darro mat (twinkle dont panic)
K-apne ankhen kholo(open ur eyes)
T-nahi (no)
Kunj holds her hand
K-twinkle ek baar apne ankhen kholo aur yaha ke scenario tho dekh (twinkle once open ur eyes n see scenary frm here )
Twinkle slowly opens her eyes n was amazed to see scenary
As resort was near a jungle n dey r at up scenery was filled wid green trees n was looking beautiful
T-kunj it’s so beautiful she says like a child
Kunj admires her
While whole ride twinkle hold kkunj hand kunj have not resisted infact he was happy frm inside
Later dey went on other rides to n njoying alot n all d time kunj was wid twinkle whenever she got scared kunj consoled het
After some other rides dey sat on a nearby bench n all r having der icecreams in der hand n dey all r njoying
Mahi went frm der to bring some water fr everyone with uv as it will be useful
At dat time someone comes frm behind n closes twinkle eyes
T-whose dis
Twinkle after listening to voice she had great smile on her face
R-yup n he removes his hand
Twinkle excitedly hugs her
By seeing dis kunj felt bad but he had not showed
T-how r u ? I missed u
By listening dis kunj felt JEOLOUS (dis was specially fr u sohi n zyada jeolousy part nahi hai sry )
R-I’m gud even I missed u
N dey both r talking n twinkle completely forgot about kunj n kunj was feeling hell jeoulous dat can be shown in his face
Later mahi comes der n sees rahul
R-hey mahi how r u ? N gives her a hug but she doesn’t responds
M-shadi mai tho nahi aaya ab puch. Raha ki mai kiasi hu (u have not came fr marriage n now u r asking how am i)
R-sry yr busy tha (sry yr I was busy)

M-don’t talk wid me
R-sry na plsss
Mahi smiles n hugs him
By seeing dis even uv gets jeolous
M- meet by cousin bro rahul
R- hi everyone
Uv feels relaxed by listening word bro
T-he is my favourite bro
By listening to dis Kunjs happiness has no boundaries n his face enlighten at d moment
Later dey had some talks
Later went fr a train ride
Rahul was shocked to see dat twinkle also coming as he knows she gets fear by it
R-tum bhi chal rahi ho twinkle (twinkleu r also coming )
T-haa (yup)
R-tujhe tho darr lagta hai na (u have fear of all dis na)
T-nahi kunj mera saath hai na n she holds Kunjs hand (no Kunj is wid me na n holds his hands )
Kunj smiles
N rahul thinks something
Dey went fr ride n all d time twinkle held Kunjs hand n dis was noticed by rahul
After all had lunch n went to der respective rooms n rahul went to twinkle room as he met her sister after a long time so dat he can talk with her

firstly both bro sis r having some random talks but

R-do u love kunj?
T-looks at him shocked no he is just my frnd
T-ha aise kyu puch rahe ho (yes y r u asking like dis)
R-nahi tum dono ko dekh ker tho aisa nahi lagta (no by seeing both of u I don’t think so)
T-mtlb (means)

R-kunj tumse bohat pyaar karta hai vo uske ankhon bhi dikhta hai n vo tera kitna khayal rakta hai n I think tu bhi usse bohat pyaar karti hai(kunj loves u alot n I can see dis in his eyes how much he takes care of u n I think even u love him)
T-naahi rahul I think tumhe misunderstanding ho gayi hai kunj mujhse pyaar nahi karta (rahul I think u got misunderstood kunj doesn’t loves me)
R-twinkle vo tho uske ankhon mai dikhta hai n even u tumhari ankhon mai bhi uske liye pyaar dikhta hai(twinkle I can see love for u in his eyes n eeven u I can see love in ur eyes for kunj)

Rahul gets a call n he excuses himself to attend call
Twinkle thinks -kya mai sach mai kunjse pyaar karti hu (what I really love kunj)
Later mahi asks her to come fr dinner
At dinning area all r having der dinner but twinkle was lost in her thoughts n unknowingly she ears mirchy
T-ah mirchy n coughs
Kunj gets tensed n makes her drink water
Twinkle looks at him lovingly
K-tera dhyaan kaha pei hai twinkle tu dekh ke nahi kha sakti n hee scolds her (where is ur concentration Twinkle can’t u see n eat n scolds her )
Twinkle smiles
K-tum thik ho (r u ok)
Twinkle smiles
All completed der dinner n went to der rooms

Twinkle thinks -mai kunj se pyaar karti hu ha mai kunj se bohat pyaar karti hu vo kitna acha hai mera kitna dhyaan rakta hai aur jab Maine kaha ki mujhe unchayi aur rides se darr lagta hai kunj ne mera mazak nahi banaya ulta usne mera saath diya I love u kunj I love u sadu sarna
( I love kunj yes I love kunj soo much how nice he is he takes care of me so much n when i have said I have fear of heights n such rides he had not made fun of me instead he supportedme I love u kunj I love u my sadu sarna)

Twinkle was so happy dat she kept a song in her phone n started dancing (if u can plsss read while listening )

Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
Tune aake bin kiraaye ye jagah li
Kuch keh bhi na saki, ye kaisi bebasi
Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
(Twinkle sings song n dances on it full happily)

Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo (oo oo..)
Dil se khus-phus kya farmaya wo (oo oo..) {x2}

Ho ho…
Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
Uff tune aake bin kiraye ye jagah li
Kuch keh bhi na saki, ye kaisi bebasi
Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
Uff.. mere dil mein thodi.. Uff
Mere dil mein… uff uff
Mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

Yeah hey… ttu ru ttu…
(She dances alot thinking about kunj n smiles )

Kya kya karaogi khwabon mein humse
(khwabon mein humse)
Badloon main rang kitne khamkha
Uda uda ban ke gubbara
Mera dil buddhu bechara
Haule haule tune pukaara
Jahaan bhi wahaan ye jaaye
(She sees kunj infront of her n dances wid him )

Chalo chalo yun aankhein meeche
Dheere dheere ye tere peeche
Zara zara ye kheenche kheenche
Dekho na dekho
(Later she realises it was her imagination n she laughs at herself )

Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo (oo oo..)
Dil se khus-phus kya farmaya wo (oo oo..) {x2}
(She takes her teddy n dances wid it )
Kehne ko toh.. (hey)
teri wajah se hai
Saara jahaan.. (hey)
Nayi jagah si hai (x2)

(She dances n thinks about kunj about see cute fights n smiles )

Sabko khabar aur sabko pata bhi hai
Yeh jo hua
Dekho abhi toh chhodo.. tum bhi ye bahana toh
Dil ke badle dil nazraana do (oo oo…)
Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya woh (oo oo..)
Dil se khus-phus kya farmaaya woh (oo oo..)

Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
Tune aake bin kiraye ye jagah li
Kuch keh bhi na saki, ye kaisi bebasi
Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo (oo oo..)
Dil se khus-phus kya farmaya wo (oo oo..) {x2}

Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

The song gets completed n she turns towards door
Der kunj was standing wid his mouth open
Twinkle thinks him as to be imagination n goes n hugs him

K-twinkle r u ok?
Twinkle realises its not her imagination n gets shocked
K-twinkle r u ok
T-ha kunj but tum yaha per kya kar rahe ho (s kunj but what r u doing here )
K-vo bas tumne mirchy khaliya tha na (u have ate mirchy na)
T-ha (yes)
K-isiliye puchne aya ki tum thik ho Ya nahi (dats y I have camed to ask u whether u r ok or not)
T-ha mai thik hu (I’m ok)
K- tu dance kyu kar rahi thi (y r u dancing )
T-bas aise hi (just like dat )
K-gud night
T-gud night
Screen freezes on twinkle happy face



So how was d episode plssss do comment in previous episode I got less comments plsss do comment as it is my only support system

Love u keep smiling

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar ramya just fab ????
    I thought u will add a villian but u made rahul twinkle bro wow yaar amazing loved it to the core ….
    Just amazing awesome marvellous episode finally twinkle Ki b realise ho hi gaya ???

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou Sam

      Ha I have not added villan bcoz der is already a villan who a creates a small prblm in upcoming episode
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Hey jantus,
    MIND BLOWING episode, ???? Whole was just MARVELOUS,???? and kuvi jealousy part ?? but jao mai tumse bat nai karti ?coz mene pehle jealous part ke bare mei bola tha but tum bhul gaye,huh? but koi na ? mujhe or jealous part cahiye ?? And woww finally twinkle realized her love 4 kunj, love it yarr ???and prcps looks damn interesting ?? So now post next soon, ☺☺
    Love you ❤❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou priya
      But I’m sry yr
      Per kya karu sohi ko kunj ki jelousy chahiye tha tho mai uska wish kaise puri nahi karti N who said jeolousy part ho gaya aage aage dekho tho aur thoda sa part hai n dat is fr u only specially
      Ab plsss mujhe maaf kardo
      Maine kaan bhi pakad li

      Love u keep smiling

  3. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome……
    Kunj is so sweet. …. he made Twinkle feel so comfortable. …..
    Finally Twinkle realised her love for Kunj ?
    Waiting for the next episode ….. confession…. Love you post soon ??

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  4. Sohi

    Hahaha episode was amazing and fab
    Thanks ramya darling for that Lil jealousy track
    Liked twinkles dance and song
    Waiting for twinkles talli avatar
    Do continue

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sohi
      N ur always welcome sohi
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  5. Superb episode ramya kunj’s care for twinkle was so nice post asap

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sushmitha
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  6. Aamna_2690

    Ramya dear!
    Uff!! U made me so excited for next one??today’s episode was fab dear??loved it??kuvi’s jealousy??twinkle realising her love for kunj❤❤her dance was soo cute??kunj is such a sweet guy☺☺the way he made her feel safe n comfortable ????hat’s of too u??loved it dear???❤❤
    Sorry for not commenting last time.. I was very busy last week n now is suffering from severe ankle sprain… sorry for not commenting once again… but read it….. it was awsum dear??
    Post next one soon dear ??
    Love u ???
    Keep smiling ??
    Loads of love ❤❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo muchaamna dis was so sweet of u
      I’m happy u liked it
      N plsssss don’t be sry acha nahi lagta I’m happy u have commented
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  7. SidMin23

    It was nice and you make twinkle realize that she love kunj throw rahul I think twinkle will be jealous and get drunk n exited to see how she will behave their and I am sure kunj will handle her perfectly and waiting for twinkle confess her love ❤️ for kunj.

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      N I think u understands me very well bohat near ho meri soch se
      N y I’m saying dis u will get to know in nextepisode love u keep smiling

  8. Presha

    Hey ramya wow my cuteiee loved yasr kya realization hua h twinkle ko this one is twalky ablast
    Love u

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much preshu
      Love u keep smiling

  9. Chiku

    Awwww!! Thats soooo sweet??lovely loved it. Woaaaah it’s amazing ?
    Precap ??
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much chiku
      Love u keep smiling

  10. hey di nice epi…loved it

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much aduu
      Love u keep smiling

  11. Shalini15

    Ramya episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb. loved kuvi jealousy part n twinkle dance was too good . loved it too much??? ? ? ? Pls post next asap

    Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much diii
      I’m happy u like it
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  12. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode dear just loved it ????

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou rutu
      Love u keep smiling

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Fab update dear!!! That kunj ka jealous hona ??
    N then twinkle realising her love for kunj.. just soo soo good

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aanya
      Love u keep smiling

  14. Baby

    wow ramya☺
    m soo very mch excited☺
    for nxt episode☺
    loved it ☺ it was too cute d care love jelousy hheehehe
    osm amazing fabulous too good☺☺
    loved it to core☺
    love u lods♥♥

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou baby
      Love u keep smiling

  15. Sorry for commenting late
    The episode was fabulous
    Liked kunjs jealousy
    Do continue

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aafi
      Love u keep smiling

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