Hiiii my dear lovely girls
Hw r u all
I hope all r gud
I know I’m bit late many of u asked me to post soon but what to do hectic schedule n uper se I should by hiding as it’s top secret no one knows about it
But whenever I’ll touch my phone my mom says hw much u will chat wid ur frnds per unhe kaise samjao dat I’m reading such a lovely stories written my lovely frnds
N u know I’m waking up at 4:30 early in mrng only to read ur stories n write my ss
As I can’t in front of anyone
Hw sad na n when I’ll get upearly n my mom comes to me I’ll hide my phone as it’s secret na
Ok enough of my bak bak sry fr typing all dis I don’t know but I want to express it
Firsstly I want to thank to all commentors n silent readrrs fr reading n fr ur lovely comments

So let’s start episode wid a smile


Recap- yuhi sangeet twinj deal fr picnic n both won in sangeet n yuhi haldi marriage n also kunj has realized dat he loves twinkle

Next day off marriage
Kunj room
Kunj wakes up n gets ready
Kunj thinks -I love u twinkle bata nahi tujhe kab bataunga per batane per vo mana kar diya tho nahi shayad vo bhi mujhse pyaar karti hogi batane mai kya problem hai ha kunj usse jaldi se propose kar de yeh acha idea hai mai usse call karu ? Kya yr pyaar mai tho mai pagal hi ho jaunga usse baat kiye bina usse dekhe bina reh nahi paa raha hu bata nahi tera kya hoga kkunj sarna
(I love u twinkle I don’t know when I’ll tell u dis words but wt when I will propose her n she won’t accept den no no I think she also loves me. Der is no problem to propose her n tell her yes Kunj propose her soon ya dis is good idea .. shall I call her ? What yr in love I’ll really go mad . I can’t live widout seeing her n widout talking to her don’t know wt will happen to u kunn sarna )
His chain of thoughts broken by a msg on his phone
By seeing name he got a big curve on his lips (I know u all have already guessed it right ofcourse it’s frm our twinkle
Sms conversation
T-hey gud mrng
K-hi mrng
T-hw is di?
K-yup I think she is gud I have not met her
K-u r missing ur di
T-it’s just I want to tease her as yesterday was der marriage night na n if I’ll call di pakka she will kill me if I interfere in der romance
K-awww naughty girl
T-s I’m naughty at sometimes wait don’t u want to tease ur bro
K-ofcourse hw can I miss dis

T-even u r naughty
K-r u coming to reception
T-ofcourse I’m
K-I want to tell u something n I’ll tell u at reception time
T-ok bye kunj
By dis he kepts his phone aside n completely got ready n took his phone n went down

Mahi had made food as it was her first rasoi (first day after marriage bride will make food na) mean while kunj sat side of yuvi where as another side of uv seat was empty yet
Kunj slowly whisper
K-hey bhai wts going on
Uv- nthng
K-kal raat ko ache se soye the (have u slept nicely at night)
Uv-blushes a little but hides it ofcourse ha y
K-really kya baat hai aaj aap bohat handsome lag rahe ho shayad bhabhi ka asar hoga (really bro wts going on u r looking so handsome today I think bcoz of bhabhi )
Uv-kunj shut up n have ur bf
K- ohooo koi blush kar raha hai (ohooo someone is blushing )
On other seat viren comes n sits
V-hey uv kya haal hai raat ko ache se soye ki nahi (hey uv wts going on at last night u slept nicely na )
Uv-bhai aap bhi(bro u also )
V-kyu koi aur puch liya (y someone had already asked u)
Uv-ha kunj (yup kunj)
V-ohooo I’m late
K-ofcourse aapko bhabhi ke alava koi aur dikhta hi nahi hai ? (ofcourse inspite of bhabhi u can’t see anyone)
V-shut up
K & uv hi fi
K-ab yuvi Bhaiya ko bhi bhabhi ke alava koi nahi dikhega (frm now for uv bro also inspite of mahi bhabhi he can’t see anyone )
Uv-bohat tease kar raha hai na jitna karna hai karlo hamari bhi time ayegi tab batate hai chun chunke badla na liya tho dekh Lena ( u r teasing a lot hw much u want to tease na tease we will also have our time dat time we will take revenge frm u)
K-awww bhai dekhte hai (awww bro lets see)
Uv-koi hai kya (is anyone der)
Kunj blushes a little
Uv & v -who is d lucky girl
K- nahi bhai koi nahi (no bro no one)
V-kunj hum donno is mamle kafi experienced hai jhoot mat bolo(kunj regarding dis matter we both r quite experienced so fantastic tell lies )
Uv-ofcourse aur vo laadki hai kon jisse tu pyaar kar raha hai (yaa n who is d girl whom u loves )
K-aap dono usse jante ho infact ache se jante ho (u both know her infact u both know hw very well)
V-kon hai (who)
K-vooo umm
Uv – vo vo kya karu raha hai bolna (y r saying vo vo just speak up)
Uv & v-what (dey shouts somewhat loudly )
M-wt happened
K uv & v -nthng papa
Upto now mahi have gave bf to all n all had it n praised a lot
B-uv tujhe mahi ko uske gher chodna hai phag phere rasam ke liye (I hope I’m not wrong ) aur usse vapas jaldi Lana reception ke liye tik hai (uv u should leave mahi to her mom house for pheg phere (I hope I’m right)n bring her back soon fr reception )
Uv-ji bebe (s bebe)
All elders left frm der
Mahi went to get ready as she has to go to her moms house n jeevika went wid her to help her
Now only Kunj yuvraj n viren r left
V-tu twinkle se pyaar karta hai (u love twinkle )
Uv-Sach mai twinkle se (really twinkle )
K-ha kya hua aapko pasand nahi vo (yess y u both don’t like her )
Uv & v were silent fr some time n looked at Kunj srsly kunj got scared
K-kya hua aap donno ko appko twinkle pasand nahi hai kya (wt happened to both of u don’t u both like twinkle )
Den still not spoke even a word n kunj heart was beating fast
K-aiise bhoot kyu bane ho kuch tho bolo (y r u standing like devil’s speak something )
V & uv sees eo n bursts into laugh while Kunj looks on confused
K-pagal ho gaye ho kya ho kya gaya hai aap donno ko (have u both gone mad wts wrong wid both of u )
Uv-tera shakal dekhne layak tha jab hum donnno serious the (ur face was worth seeing when we were serious )
V-kunj sach mai (really kunj)
K- aap donno mujhee tease kar rahhe ho meri tho jaan hi nikal gayi thi aap donno ki expression dekhe ki apko twinkle pasand nahi hai (u both r teasing me n here I was so tensed by seeing ur botj expressions n I got doubt whether u both don’t like twinkle )
Uv- aree twinkle tho kitni pyaari hai usse kon reject karega we r happy fr u (aree twinkle is so sweet dat everyone likes her
V-bas hum tujhe tease kar rahe the (just we both r pulling ur legs )
K-bhai aap donno bhi na (bro u both also na)
V-aur nahi tho tunne bhi tho kitna tease kiya tha hum iss wonderful opportunity ko kaise chodta skate hai n gives a hi fi to uv (den wt u have alos teased us a lot den hw can we miss such an wonderful opportunity to tease u)
Uv-tunne propose kiya (have u proposed her)
K-nahi realize parsu hua aaur mujhe ye bhi nahi bata ki vo mere baare mai kya sochti hai ager mujhe sirf apna ek acha sa frnd manti tho I cant afford to loose her frndshhip (no I have realized it day before yesterday n I don’t know what she thinks about me wt if she only thinks me as her gud frnd den I can’t afford to loose her frndshhip )
V-jaha pyaar hota hai vahi kone ka darr hota hai (where der is love we have fear to loose dem )
Uv-propose kar de (propose her soon )
Kunj nods his in affirmation
Later mahi with jeevika came down n uv took mahi to taneja mansion

Yuhi comes der n leela welcomes dem by doing der aarti
Uv-ma I have work I’ll pick mahi at evng bye
L-ok putter
Uv touches her feet n left frm der
Mahi hugs her mom n dad n have some talks n she left to her room
she is just seeing her room. When twinkle comes der
T-diiiiiiii while shouting comes by running n jumps on her n gives a tight hug
MAHI hugs her back
M-kaha gayi thi(where u went )
T-bas thoda sa kaam that (just bcoz of some work )
T-ye sab chodiye aur yaha per baitiye (leave all dis N sit here )
(N makes her sit on bed n she sits beside mahi
T-sab kaise hai aapke sasural mai (hw r everyone in ur In laws )
M-sab bohat hi ache hai (all r gud)
T-aur kal kya hua that (n wt about yesterday )
MAHI got understood twinkle intentions n blushed allot
T-Haye di blush mat karo mai hi hu jiju aa gaye tho bata nahi kya Hoga (haye di don’t blush dis much I’m only here wt if jjiju sees u like dis don’t know wrt will happen )
Mahi blushes harder
T-aap bohat beautiful lag rahe ho lagta hai jiju ka asar hai (u r looking beautiful I think bcoz of jiju)
M-shut up twinkle
N dey have some sister talks
Later yuvi came der n picked up mahi n went to sarna mansion

PRECAP -Engagement twinj moments n dey ask der parents fr picnic

So here is d end fr dis episode I hope u all njoyed it n plssss do comment positive or negative
N my dear priya I’ll show u jeolousy track also but in upcoming episode until njoy It n dear try to register in tu

So guys if u want suggestions den plsss do I’ll feel siooo happy

Plssss do comment

Loads of love keep smiling

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  1. Presha

    Hey ramaya yasrvitsclovely awesome amazing just loved it its indeef citlove u
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much presha will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  2. SidMin

    Loved it ??
    Awesome I really liked the brother and sister talks they were so cute ?
    Love you post soon ?
    And I understand your situation…… even I faced the same ?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidmin
      It’s so sweet of u
      I’ll try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  3. Awww meri ramya darling …..
    epi shooo much ….. Just Awesome …..
    This epi was shooo much Lovely and
    swteiii just like you …..
    The bro- sis teases was just Amazing …..
    and kunj ne sach bol diya UV and viren
    ko gud gud.!!
    And i love ur on going track very much so plz carry-on ….. Now I m excited 4 their picnic ….. I knw ur bz but u knw na I can’t wait to read ur ff….. he he …..
    And wry I will try till my last breath to register in TU….. he he ….. but once again thank you so much 4 telling me …..
    Keep smiling…. Love you swetii…!!

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much my dear sweetu
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  4. Sameera

    Awwwww yaar Ramya awesome episode yaar amazing love it soooo cute ….
    Yaar amazing do cont soon …???

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much Sam
      Will try to post soon Love u keep smiling

  5. Sohi

    Episode was sooo sweet and awesome
    Brothers talk was funny
    In precap it’s engagement or reception
    Well plz show jealousy track of kunj ?
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sohi
      Well it was reception it was got print by mistake sry yr fr confusion
      Love u keep smiling

  6. Hey Ramya darling how are you
    The episode was amazing and fabulous
    Do continue

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aafi
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  7. Cute episode i loved it ramya

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sushmitha
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  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou purnima
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  9. Aamna_2690

    Ramya dear……..
    It was fab dear…… just luved it…… sorry for not commenting last time hope u don’t mind…….. haye….. excited for the precap…. post soon…… love u??

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much aamna
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  10. Chiku

    Awww!! That sooo sweet???loved it. Amazing. Soooooo lovely
    Post next soon?

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  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow this was really amazing.. the teasing part was so funny???.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidvee
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  12. Aanya_pandey

    Kunj to confess hi feeling.. yrr it would b lovely to see how he manages to make twinkle feel special..??

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much aanya
      Will try to reach ur expectations
      Love u keep smiling

  13. Simiyy

    It was too good
    I loved the brothers moments
    Try to post the next one soon
    Loads of love ?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much simiyy
      Will try to reach ur expectations
      Love u keep smiling

  14. SidMin23

    This is cute and now can’t wait for kunj proposed to twinkle as he relized that he love twinkle and extied for their picnics and I hope he proposed her their sis talk was cute

    1. Ramya

      Thqnkyou so much sidmin
      Will try to post soon
      Love u keep smiling

  15. Shalini15

    Omg Ramya what an episode yaar… superb mindblowing episode…I didn’t knew that you are also too romantic n naughty… yaar loved the way kunj n viren were teasing uv n then uv n viren to kunj… n twinkle to mahi… well it was the best epi till now… I loved it too much… pls post next asap…

    Love you.. keep smiling♥♥

    1. Ramya

      Awwww di
      I’m not dat romantic but sometimes
      N thankyou

      Vaise mera yeh side sirf tu log jante hai aur koi bhi nahi ???

      I’m glad u liked it n Sachi mera yeh mera best EPI
      Thankyou so much di I
      Love u keep smiling

  16. Baby

    ohhhhh god lovely amazing muaahhh♥☺♥
    sooooooo cute hayye blushing vushing haan
    kunj bhi uv bhi viren bhi saare ladke ek jaisee hi hota hain kya hahaaha
    bt kunj unique hai hahaha☺
    loved it soooo mchosm fabulous too cute♥♥♥
    love u lods☺

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou siooo soooooo muuchhhb
      Love u keep smiling

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