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Episode – 54
Recap – Yuhi to have a baby girl. Alisha’s truth to me in front of Twinj.

Episode -54

Kunj pov.

“you lied to me.” asked Ayush.

“how can you do that di? ” screamed Ayush. All stood startled. Alisha still stood like a statue.

“how can you play with my emotions? ” he asked her with an unknown pain in his voice.

“answer me? ” he demanded while Alisha was still silent.

“DI. FOR YOUR SAKE I TRIED TO KILL TWINKLE BY ACCIDENT, SO THAT EVERYONE CAN BELIEVE IT. FOR YOUR SAKE, I MADE KUNJ LIFE HELL. FOR YOUR SAKE I HAD LIED TO SUCH A FAMILY. I HAD DONE EVERYTHING FOR YOUR SAKE. THEN WHY THE HELL HAD YOU PLAYED WITH MY EMOTIONS? ” he screamed his heart out. Everyone stood rooted at their places. I was beyond shock. I trusted this person, who tried to kill my Twinkle. I closed my eyes and remembered all those dreadful days, where her silence killed me. Unknown to me a tear escaped. Now my pain got replaced by anger.

“REPLY ME DAMIT. ” he screamed. I balled my hands and was about to answer, but got stopped by a hand. I looked at owner of hand. It was Twinkle. She nodded her head in no. She pleaded. I closed my eyes.

“yes. I had played with your emotions. I do love Kunj. But this Twinkle had snatched him from me. Because of this Twinkle, I went to jail. Because of her, Kunj hates me. ” yelled back Alisha. I opened my eyes in a snap. How can Alisha stoop so low? I regret the moment I made her as my friend and decided to believe her.

“because of this Twinkle, I went to jail. Because of her, I had spent my two years behind bars. I was suffering there while she enjoyed outside. That’s the reason I hate her. I hate this Kunj too. He supported that girl and sent me to jail. ” she said. All looked on by her confession. She continued.

“So, I decided to take my revenge. I was finding a source to take my revenge that’s when you came towards to me. You were so angry that, I thought to use you. Being a fool you got trapped in my plan. I provoked you and blackmailed you emotionally. But you being extra good, just tried to scare her. But I want to kill her. That’s the reason I planned that accident. But you wanted only to scare her, so I gave extra money to driver and he made accident. But this Twinkle came out of it. ” she said. I’m trying hard to control my anger.

“I really do hate you Twinkle. I wanna kill you. ” with that she was about to slap Twinkle. This was beyond my limit. I was about to slap her when she got slapped by some other. It was ma.

“how dare you? ” she screamed.

“how dare me? How dare you to hurt my daughter? Because of you my both kids suffered a lot. I won’t allow you near then anymore.” said ma.

“because of her I went to. ” she got stopped by Ayush.

“not because of her. You went to jail because of your deeds. You are not deserved to be here. You only deserves to live in jail. I regret that I loved you and gave you special place of my mom in my heart. Just get lost. Else I’ll handle you to police. ” said Ayush.

“Ayush. ” Alisha whisper shocked.

“I said leave. ” screamed Ayush. She left. Ayush went to his room. No one are in a situation to speak. All departed to their respective rooms. The revelation that took place now, is hard to digest for everyone.



I took seat on bed in my room. It’s hard. I just can’t take it. I trusted that person. I believed she is my friend. I thought she will change but she, instead she planned evil. I hate her. I pray to god that we both should never cross each other paths.

Bed beside me slumped as Twinkle sat. She held my hand and entangled our fingers. All the while I was just fighting back with my tears which are threatening me. She cupped my face and made me look into her eyes.
Our eyes met, she looked at me shocked. A tear escaped from my eyes. Within a second she hugged me. I hugged her back tightly as my life depends on her. I hid my face in crook of her neck and let my tears flow. Neither she nor do I broke hug or spoke a word. We were in that position for what felt like eternity.

We broke our hug. She wiped away my tears.

“Kunj. ” she said with a painful voice. Even she to has tears.

“I hate her Twinkle. I really do. She tried to snatch away my life. ” I spoke.

“Kunj. Let’s forget our past. ” she said joining our foreheads. I moved back.

“how can I Twinkle? Those days were so dreadful. You know everyone lost hope that you will come back. I showed to everyone I’m happy and used to smile. But deep inside only I know Twinkle. I felt like I lost everything. You are my everything Twinkle. What if Alisha got successful in her plan? What if I lost you? ” I spoke out all my insecurities.

“shhhh. Kunj. Look at me. Nothing has happened. No one gonna harm me now. I promise I won’t leave you ever. But ha, I can’t promise about one thing. ” she said while I looked at her confused.

“to irritate you bhuddhu. ” she said and pulled my nose. It eventually brought a smile on my face. I hugged her while she reciprocated back.

“I love you Twinkle. ”

“I love you too Kunj. ”

We broke our hug. She made me lay my head in her lap. She smiled at me. She bended closer and gave a kiss on my forehead. Her lips laid there for a minute. Twinkle’s this small gesture gave me an unknown relief. I closed my eyes. She patted my head and I drifted into sleep.




I squirmed in my place as sunlight hit me. I opened my eyes and it took a while to adjust with the brightness. I opened my eyes only to see the beautiful sight, my love. I looked confused that why I slept in her lap?

Realisation hit me in a second. I slept in her lap while she slept by resting her head across head board in sitting position. I woke up worriedly and was about lay her down properly on bed, she opened her eyes. She smiled brightly.

“good morning Kunj. ” with that she gave me a peck on my cheek.

“Twinkle. Why you slept in sitting position? You should have waken me up right? ” I asked her concerned.

“offo Kunj. It’s OK. And you were sleeping so peacefully that I don’t want to disturb you. ” she replied.

“is it paining? ” I asked her touching back of her neck.

“nope. ” she said.

“don’t lie. ” I retorted.

“a little. It can bearable. ” she replied.

“fine. Then sleep for a while. ” I said.

“no. I have work. ” she protested.

“Twinkle. ” before I can complete.

“Kunj. I’m perfectly fine. ” she said and went inside washroom to freshen up. I took my phone and called my pa. I can’t fit today. It’s very hard for everyone, specially today. So, I want to be at home. I called my pa and asked him to manage office iny absence and informed him about the work that should be completed.

I heard door opening sound. I turned around, she gave me a small smile which I returned back and went inside washroom to freshen up.


I came after taking my cold bath. I looked at Twinkle who was getting ready near dressing table. I went towards her. I looked at her neck which is plain. I took mangalsutra that kept on table and asked her.

“may I ”

To which she nodded her head. I made her wear it. And then applied sindoor in her hair line. I kids d her forehead.

“I hope everyone are OK with this revelation of yesterday. ” I said.

“me too. ” she replied.

“I won’t leave that Ayush. How dare he thought to hurt you. ” I said in anger balling my fist.

“no Kunj. You are not going to do anything. ” she said. I looked at her.

“Kunj. I know whatever Ayush done was wrong. But we have already heard whole truth from Alisha’s mouth. She is the one who planned everything. Ayush is innocent. He don’t even have a slightest idea about Alisha evil planning. Whatever he done was because, he loves Alisha. Even he was unknown. Yesterday when he got to know about Alisha’s true face, we have seen his broken side. He went and locked himself. He regrets Kunj. And on top of that anyone will do the same thing which Ayush did. He thought Alisha as innocent. That’s why he planned everything. Once out yourself in his place and think. ” she said while I looked at her shocked.

“Kunj. ” she whispered.

“aren’t you angry on Ayush?” I asked her.

“not at all. Even he was innocent. ” she said.

“how can you forgive him so easily? ” I asked her.

“because he is innocent. And top of that even I had done take same thing if I was in his place. ” she said. I hugged her while she got surprised by sudden action.

“I’m blessed to have you Twinkle. ” I mumbled enough so that she can hear.

“even I’m blessed to have you Kunj ” she replied honestly.

End of Kunj pov

Ayush pov –

I sat on my bed from past night. Whole room got scattered. I thrown away all things that came into my sight. But my anger had not reduced atleast 1% . I had not slept whole night. Whenever I do close my eyes only one sentence echoes in my ears.

“YES. I HAD PLAYED WITH YOUR EMOTIONS. ” words of my di. The person whom I loved with all my heart and soul. I had done everything for her. I tried to kill a person. I tried to make someone’s life hell. I had confessed everything. I don’t care what they gonna do. I just hate my di. My, no! She is not my di. She don’t deserved to be called Di. I regret the moment I had accepted her as my di. I regret everything. I want to kill myself. She had trapped me. I was fool to get trapped by her. I was so lost in my thoughts. I felt like beside me bed got slumped. I looked and saw Kunj there.

“I know Kunj. You want to kill me as I tried to snatch away your life. I deserve this. I deserve hatred. No one can be happy with me. I’m sorry Kunj. I will surrender myself to police. ” I replied truthfully.

“who said, I want you behind bars?. ” he asked. I looked at him confused.

“I know Ayush. Whatever had happened was wrong and even you are at fault. ” he said and I closed my eyes.

“yet you are innocent. ” I opened my eyes in a snap and looked at him.

“I know you planned everything. But you were unaware with truth. Alisha provoked you. You being a brother who loves her sister more than anything believed her. Maybe I would had done the same if I were in your place. ” he said. I looked at him shocked.

“aren’t you angry with me? ” I asked him not believing my ears.

“I was at first. But my love made me understand that you are not at fault. And I got understood everything. So I forgive you.” he said with a small smile.

“Twinkle?” I asked him.

“of course. ” he replied smilingly. I can’t resist myself, so I hugged him so tight. He was startled by my sudden action but hugged me back understanding my situation.

“I’m sorry Kunj. I never wanted to hurt you. I don’t know why I believed her blindly. Directly or indirectly I hurt you alot. Not only you I had hurt Twinkle and all other family members. They traded me like a family member. I’m so sorry Kunj. ” I spoke my heart out.

“it’s OK Ayush. I can understand. After all I’m your bro. ” he said.

“yeah. Whom I never ever want to loose. ” I spoke breaking hug.

“don’t cry baby. ” he said wiping my tears.

“I’m not. It’s just. ”

“just dust went. ” he completed and I nodded my head.

“hmm. But you know you can share everything with your bro like tears too. ” he said.

“really. ” I smiled and we both had a brother moment.


I came into hall after freshening up. All were present t in hall. I went and stood at middle and all looked at me.

“I’m so sorry. I have gutted you. You all loved me like a family. But I, I’m sorry. I regret everything. Please forgive me. ” I said folding my hands.

“Ayush we have already forgiven you. ” said Twinkle. I smiled at her.

“thank you so much bhabhi. ” I said.

“you are calling me bhabhi and also saying sorry. Not accepted. ” she said and I smiled at her.

“finally Twinkle you also got a devar. ” said Jeevika bhabhi.

“yes. Finally. ” she said with a happy smile.
“because of me. ” said Kunj.

And they all were having family moment. I was a fool to hurt such a lovely family. They all forgave me. I thought they will be angry. I’m blessed to have them. Uv bhai pulled me into a family hug.

This is one of the best moment.





I hope you all enjoyed it.

I apologise for being late.

I think in my next post you will get a shock. Don’t be mad at me. OK.

Do share your views.

Love you all

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    Ramya!!! That was so beautifully written! I must say, Twinkle has a heart of gold!!! The way she readily forgave Ayush, and even got Kunj to forgive him was so sweet!! Kunj’s emotional turmoil was amazingly expressed… I’ve said this before, but you deserve the praise that you’re one of the most amazing writers out here… And you’re doing a wonderful job at it… And yes, a shock sounds a little too scary, doesn’t it??? Absolutely loved it!!! Great job!

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