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Di I wish your all wishes comes true and you have a happy long life ahead. You are one of my favourite. I know we don’t talk much still I feel that you are so close to me. And you are so great for me.

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Thoda romantically try kiya hai.
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Let’s start with a smile.


Episode -48
Recap- kunj went out on chinki insistence. When he reached home he got message from Twinkle who is asking him to hotel. Where he found the whole hotel room decorated with their pictures from start.
Episode -48
Twinkle pov –
I was in kitchen when my mobile started ringing. I answered the call.
“hello. Whose this? ”
“madam your husband met with an accident. ” said the other person.
“what? ” I said in shock. Then I composed myself and took information about kunj then drove to that place in search of my kunj. At traffic signal I spotted kunj crossing road. I sighed in relief. I came out of my car and smiled at him. There was truck coming from opposite direction of kunj. Before I can reach him truck came and.
“KUNJ” with that I opened my eyes breathing heavily. It was a dream. I turned around and found kunj sitting beside me. I cupped his face.
“kunj you are OK right? ” I asked. And I hugged him tightly not letting him to go away. I remembered each and everything. I had lost my memory but kunj not left my side. He was always with me. Supported me and helped me to bring my memory back. Later we broke hug.
“you OK? ” he asked.
“yes” . Before I can say that I got my memory back there was a knock on the door.
“come in” said kunj.
There was a servant with our lunch. Kunj thanked him and fed me with his hands. All the while i was looking at him lovingly. Then he had his lunch too as as i fed him. Later he asked me to take rest but I refused. We went down on my insist. I took chinki to her room and said about my memory.
“Twinkle I’m so happy for you. ” said chinki while hugging me.
“but chinki I need a help from you. ” I said.
“what’s that? ”
“chinki tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary. So I want to surprise kunj. I thought to tell him today only but if I’ll give surprise then it will be more better. “I said.
“of course it will be. ” she agreed with me.
“so send kunj out for sometime so that I can start preparations. ” I said.
“OK ”
She sent kunj out while I went to one of near hotel to start preparations. There on one side of wall I kept our photos from our first meet. And decorated it beautifully.
Chinki messaged me that kunj reached house. So I messaged him to come to hotel. Then I went to freshen up. As soon as I came back I found kunj there. He hugged me and bombarded me with his questions.
“if something had happened to you I would have di.. ” before he can complete I kissed on his lips. He didn’t responded. I broke it with few seconds and blushed.
“but Twinkle what are you doing here? And this whole room? ” he said to change topic. But I gave another peck.
” oh god kunj how much you speak ha? And you will remain always sadu Sarna. How beautifully I decorated it but you remaining sadu you didn’t noticed it. Instead asking me what I’m doing here? ” I said dramatically.
“see I decorated this whole room because today is our 1st wedding anniversary. So how can I let it go. ” I continued. The wall on clock rang saying that it’s the next day that is our anniversary.
“how do you know today is our..” he stopped in middle.
“Twinkle it…. It…… means you remember everything. ” he asked stammering.
“yes. ” was my reply. And the smile on his face was priceless. He hugged me as there is no tomorrow. Then broke the hug and he showered kisses on all over my face, then hugged me again.
“Twinkle I don’t believe. It’s a dream come true. ” he said while breaking the hug.
“yes kunj. I love you. ” I said.
“I love you too. ” he replied.
“you know what Twinkle this is the best day and this was the best gift. ” he said.
“but you are the best gift to me. ” I said.
We both sat and started our talks. Kunj said how much he missed me, I was just admiring him. Kunj snapped his fingers in front of me.
“huh ”
“where are you lost? ” he asked.
“admiring my husband. ” I said while he was surprised.
“well I was saying that, how you met with that accident. ” he asked holding my hand tightly like if he will free it even for a second then he will loose me.
“don’t know kunj, a person called me and said that you met with accident. That’s it. By listening to it I lost all my senses and ran in search of you. While driving a truck came and rest you know. ” while saying this I can find tears in his eyes.
“I don’t know kunj if something had happened to you. I can’t even imagine. ” I said while he smiled. There was silence.
“by the way kunj I’ll tell our family members about my memory once we will reach home. I’ll give them surprise.
“wow. That’s great. Everyone missed you. ” I gave a smile.
“hmm. Don’t you think it’s getting boring. ” said kunj while I gave confused look.
“huh. Twinkle you have became so unromantic. ”
“oh really ”
“yes. ” he nodded like a baby. I went close to him while his breathing became uneven. Great! Still I had impact on him. I sensually traced my finger from his head to lips to neck.
“twi.. Twinkle. Wh….what are you doing? ” he stammered.
“don’t you know? ” I asked huskily. I went near to him ,to his lips while he closed his eyes. I smiled and kissed on nose tip. He frowned.
“that’s not fair. ” with a cute pout said kunj.
“everything is fair in love and war baby. ” I said while he looked shocked. I smiled at him.
“go. I won’t talk to you. ” he said and I knew it. It was fake anger. He stood from bed.
“I know how to cool this angry baby. ” I said sheepishly while he raised his eye brows. I lifted on my feet and there our lips met. He held me by my waist and my hands were on his hair. It was passionate yet sweet one. We broke after 5 minutes. I blushed.
“if it is the way to cool your angry husband then I think I should often become angry on you. ” he said while bringing me close. I made o face. As both joined our fore heads and stood in silence.
“I missed you alot Twinkle. ” said kunj.
“I missed you too my sadu Sarna. ”
“what? ” he asked perplex.
“I missed you sadu. ” I said.
“you know what I was dying to hear this name from you Twinkle.” He hugged me and I responded. He kissed on crown of my head.
We both sat on bed and started our conversation about our family. He was saying everything about my family while I’m listening to him with complete interest.
End of Twinkle pov.
Kunj pov.
Today is our wedding anniversary and Twinkle gave me world’s best gift. It was a dream come true. I can’t thank god enough for this. We were having our talks about our families.
Twinkle yawned. I looked at time. It’s 2:30 am. We talked for so late.
“Twinkle you sleep. See the time. Still you are not completely well. ” I said to her.
“OK ” was her short reply. I went near couch where water was kept on table. I poured water and drank it. When I returned she was still sitting on bed.
“Twinkle why have not slept? Yet.? ” I asked her.
“how can I sleep without my pillow. ” she said innocently. It took a while for me to register. I slipped to my side and laid on bed. I pulled Twinkle towards me so that she landed on me.
“your pillow is here only. Now sleep. ” I said and kissed on her forehead. She kept her hand around my torso and her head on my chest.
“I love you Twinkle. ” she smiled.
“me too kunj. ” with that she hugged me like a baby and slept. After many months I slept peacefully with my love in my arms.
The morning Sunray’s peeped into our room and disturbed my sleep. Yet I have not opened my eyes. I found twinkle running her hand in my hair.
“how cute you look when you are asleep. I promise from now I’ll never ever leave you. ” she said and kissed on cheek.
“I won’t allow you to leave me. ” I said while coming on top of her. In a way that twinkle is between me and bed.
“you were awake all the time. Unfair. ” she said.
“if I had said to you that then how will I come to know that I look cute. ” I asked.
“you could have asked me.” she retorted.
“really ” she nodded her head with a pout. I gave a peck on her pout making her smile.
“get up I should fresh up. ”
“let’s go together. ”
“no. You have nice naughty. ” she remarked.
“huh ”
“OK fine give me my gift. ” I said.
“what you want? ” she asked.
“my wife. ” I said.
“she is in front of you. ” she replied.
“I know. I want a promise from her. ”
“what? ”
“that she will take care of her and will never leave me alone. ” I said.
“done. Promise. ” she said. I kissed on her forehead and allowed her to go.
After 30 minutes she came out of washroom and I went in. I came out after a while wearing my black tuxedo. I saw Twinkle is wearing a sky blue Saree looking heavenly beautiful. She is trying to wear mangalsutr. I went to her and took it from her and made her to wear it. I back hugged her resting my chin on her shoulder while sliding my hands on her bare waist.
“you are looking gegorgeous .” I said in her ear.
“even you are looking handsome. ” she replied.
“kunj put vermilion also na. ” I done as she said. Then kissed on her forehead.
We went out. First we had our lunch as we not even had our breakfast. Then our family members called us and wished us. Twinkle became emotional because she is more close to my family then me. Oops our. Later I took her to theatre and we saw a movie enjoying it to fullest.
Then I blind folded her and took her to same hotel. Where I asked some of people to decorate the room in complete date set up without removing our photos. I took her to that room and opened her blindfold. Whole room is decorated with purple and white with a chocolate cake and champagne bottle with two chairs and a table. For me it was satisfactory.
“kunj is this for me? ” she asked.
“no for my siyappa queen. ” she smiled.
“of course for you Yaar. You gave world’s best surprise. Then how can I let it go easily. ” I said.
“but when you did it? ” she asked.
“I have my ways Mrs. Sarna. Don’t underestimate your handsome hubby. ” I said.
“OK. ” she said with a smile. I took her to table. There we both have cutted our cake and fed each other. There was some cake on corner of her lips. I leaned towards her and ducked it.
“it’s so yummy. ” I complimented her while she blushed hard and hugged me in order to hide it.
We broke our hug.
“may I have the pleasure to dance with this beautiful lady in front of me. ” I asked giving my hand. She nodded and gave her hand immediately.
I kept one of the lovely song.
(if you want do listen. You will love it.)
Rabb warga ve
Rabb warga…
Mainu hai mila maahi
Rabb warga… (x2)
(I was looking at her, in her eyes which are not less than a ocean while she is looking into mine. Our eyes are conveying our happiness, our love for each other. I went to her while she turned around.)
Zinda hai yeh dil mera
Saanson se teri sanam
Tere dil mein basa hai mera saara jahaan
(I back hugged her while placing my hand on her waist and lipsing the song. Touching our cheeks. Feeling the moment and living in it. )

Pehla pyar tu mera
Tu hi aakhiri sanam
Teri chahat ko maan baitha main hoon Khuda
(I sat on my knee while singing these lines and placed a kiss on her both palms while she gave me her ever green smile. Which takes away my all sorrows)

Tere mere pyar nu nazar na lage
Ruk ja o yaara aaja lag ja gale
Jaan waliye lag ja gale
Jaan waliye lag ja gale (x2)
(I stood on my foot and took two steps back and opened my arms for her. She came toe and jumped on me and I encircled my arms around her waist twirling her around. She placed a loving kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes feeling her touch. Later I dropped her slowly and we both are looking at each other.)

Yeh dhoop teri milti rahe toh
Sau martaba sardiyan maang loon
Tu paas yun hi baithi rahe toh
Main waqt se mohlatein maang loon
(she turned to go but she slipped. Before she can touch ground I held her in my arms securely yet tightly. I helped her to stand straight. I back hugged her and we both swayed with beats.)

Tere bina na jeena gawaara
Tera bina na ho jeena
Yeh duaayein maan loon main
(I came in front of her and held her then took two steps back. Like I’m leaving her hand. She frowned at that. Then I came to her and kissed it. Which brought a smile.)

Tere mere pyar nu nazar na lage
Ruk ja o yaara aaja lag ja gale
Jaan waliye lag ja gale
Jaan waliye lag ja gale
(my hands were on her waist while her’s were around my neck. We both moved with beats.)

Rabb warga ve
Rabb warga..
Mainu hai mila maahi
Rabb warga.. (x2)
(I hugged her while hiding her in my chest like protecting her from all evils. While she was busy in listening to my heart beats.)
We both were in that position in a while. We broke our hug. I looked at her red lips which is making me to loose my control. I leaned towards her while she closed her eyes giving me her permission. Slowly our lips met and they moved in sync. We broke our liplock when we both were out of breathe. I started showering kisses on her neck, shoulder and she moaning my name making me go crazy. I lifted her in my arms and took her to bed. I slowly placed on bed and hovered over her. I looked at her eyes for permission which she granted by giving a peck on my lips. Then I again claimed her as mine. Only mine.

Here I will up.
Hope you all enjoyed.
See rayma I considered your request. I hope it was romantic and dessert emotional too.
Thank you for all those who have commented for first time.
It means alot.
Thaniyou.once again happy Birthday to u di
Love you all keep smiling

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