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Episode -47
Recap – Twinkle encounter with an aunty. Kunj expressing his love in the form of song. Ayush plan to get fail and his new plan.

Episode -47
Twinkle pov –
I was in my room. I got a call but when I received it then I can’t hear any voice from other side. Kunj was in Washroom. I remembered chinki saying that sometimes we have signal problem so I went to terrace but I wondered who can call me? That to a call from an unknown number. I thought to cut it but I felt as if someone is in any trouble I mean to say what if my family is in trouble. So I thought to lift it. I reached terrace and said
No response
“hello ”
No response
As I’m not getting any response I thought to hang call. Then suddenly someone came and closed my mouth from back and dragged me. That person dragged me to a room throwed me mercilessly. My head got hurt due to force. It took me a while to adjust my breathing as it became heavy because of that person who closed both my mouth and nose. I heard the sound of locking the door. Before I can reach door darkness occupied and everything went blurr.
End of Twinkle pov

Kunj pov
After taking my shower and dressing myself, I came out. I didn’t found Twinkle in room. I called her name but there was no response. I thought may be she went to chinki. So I left from room in search of her.
“chinki does Twinkle came to you?” I asked her.
“no ” she replied. Her reply scared me. Twinkle doesn’t knows anyone. Where can she go? What if she is in trouble?
“why? What happened kunj? ” she asked worriedly.
“she was not in room. So I thought maybe she is with you. It’s OK. I think she is in kitchen. ” I said while I myself not sure.
I went in kitchen and searched for her but I got not even a single clue. Negative thoughts started occupying my brain but I tried my best to be positive. After checking every other place. Lastly I went to terrace. I searched every corner but same happened. I not found any clue. I sat on my knees with fear of loosing my Twinkle. Then my eyes fell on her phone which is fallen there. I took it. Then after there was a pearl. It’s it’s of my Twinkle’s bracelet. I saw her morning wearing it. It means she is in trouble. I started following pearls. At some rooms it got end. My eyes fell on store room. I went to it and saw that it was locked from outside not with lock but only bolted it. I opened only to see my Twinkle lying unconscious on floor. She had a cut on her forehead. I took her head in my lap.
“Twinkle ”
“Twinkle wake up” I said by tapping her cheeks but there is no moment in her.
I lifted her in bridal style and took her to our room. I made her lay on bed carefully. I called a doctor. He came within 15 minutes. I said to all people that Twinkle is having fever as I don’t want anyone to get disturbed because of us. It’s marriage of chinki, so I lied them. Doctor checked her and cleaned her injury and said.
“Mr. Sarna. She is completely fine. As she got hurt on her head. She got unconscious. She will get up within few hours. ” said doctor making me sigh in relief. I thanked doctor and he left. I sat beside her and took her in mine and kissed her palms.
“I would have died if something had happened to you ” I said to her but felt tears when I remembered my time with her in honeymoon.

Today is our second day in jammu and Kashmir. We both came to a garden after completing climbing a hill. We were walking hand in hand when suddenly there was a snow fall. I looked at Twinkle in order to ask her to be with me to hotel. But when I saw her I mesmerised by her. She opened her arms enjoying it’s beauty and turning round and round. I was so lost in admiring my wife until I got hit by something on my coat. I looked at the source to know who broke my trance and it was my beautiful wife who is smiling naughtily at me. Before I can hit her she again hot me with Ice ball. In this way we started playing.
“kunj you are gone” by saying this she started chasing me as I hit her with a ice ball which landed on her nose.
“first catch me siyappa queen ” I said.
“you sadu” she said.
“aahh ” she shouted all of a sudden. I turned towards her. She sat on floor holding her leg. I ran to her.
“what happened Twinkle? Did you got hurt anywhere? Show me your leg? ” I asked panicking.
I looked at her face when I didn’t get any answer. She was smiling at me. Oh so it was her prank.
“you stupid. I thought that you got hurt. ” I said to her.
“no I did that to catch you. ” she said.
“if something will happen to you then I will di… ” before I can complete she kept finger on my lips.
“kunj how many times I warned you to not to talk about death. But you won’t listen na. OK fine now I won’t talk with you. Go. ” by saying this she got up.
“are Twinkle but listen ” I insisted.
“no. ” she started walking. And I’m following her. I said sorry but she is not in a mood to accept. I halted when I saw a shop. I went to that shop and took her favourite thing by which all her angry will vanish.

After coming from shop. I didn’t find her. So I went to hotel.
I slowly peeked in room. There she was sitting on bed with a angry pout.
” what does that sadu thinks? He will talk about death and I’ll leave. Now I’ll teach him a nice lesson. But where is he? Once let him come. ” she is cursing me unaware of my presence. She went to balcony. And I tiptoed to balcony.
I stood behind her and slowly slipped my hands around her waist with my chin on her shoulder in a way back hugging her.
“sorry” I said but being the most stubborn she doesn’t reacted.
I gave her a cute teddy on which sorry was written. By seeing that she smiled and took it. She turned around and hugged me. I felt something wet on my shirt. I broke hug immediately realising that she is crying.
“what happened Twinkle? ” I asked being scared.
“kunj i can’t afford if something happens to you. I’ll “before she can complete I pulled her to my chest.
“shhhh. I promise I won’t repeat it again .”
“if you will repeat then ” she said.
“then what? ” I asked .
“then, then ha I’ll beat you. ”
“haww you will beat your hubby. Aww mummy save me. ” I said in dramatic way and we both bursted out laughing.
Flashback ends.
I smiled remembering those moments.
“even I can’t live without you Twinkle.” I said and kissed on her forehead.

After two hours she stirred in her sleep.
“kunj” by saying this she woke up with a jerk. Then she saw me and cupped my face.
“kunj you are OK right? ” and hugged me tightly. I know she must be scared of that incident. Later we broke hug.
“you OK? ” I asked.
“yes” .
There was a knock on the door.
“come in” I replied.
There was a servant with our lunch. I thanked him and fed Twinkle with my hands. All the while she was looking at me lovingly. Then I had my lunch too as she also fed me.
“OK Twinkle you take rest. ” I said to her.
“no kunj. I’m not feeling like. “she replied.
“I’ll meet chinki. ” she said. Then we went down. Both friends went to a room and talked for half an hour. Later chinki came to me.
“kunj I need your help? ” she asked me.
“yes chinki”
“will you bring my gift which I want to gift it to rohan. But it’s in city. No one is ready to help me and I should gift him today only. ”
“but Twinkle ”
“I promise I’ll take care of Twinkle. She will not get at least even a scratch. Please. Please. I’m stuck kunj. ” she pleaded.
With that I went to city and took her gift. And returned nearly at 10:00pm.
“chinki here it is. ” I gave it to her.
“thank you so much kunj”
“where is Twinkle?”
“in her room”
I went to my room but I didn’t found her.
“Twinkle ” I called her. But no response. I got scared then I got a message.
“kunj come to hotel rose.
Room no-25 .
-Twinkle ”
I read message. Why she want to meet me at hotel. Keeping my all thoughts aside I went to hotel.
I asked receptionist. After knowing the way I went to room. Without knocking I opened the door. I became dumbstruck by seeing it’s decorations. It is beautifully decorated with red and white combination. With a table and two chairs. Whole room is decorated so beautifully. There were pics of mine and Twinkle on wall from our first meet. I was looking around when there was a sound of door opening. I turned around to see my wife coming out of washroom. I went to her and tooled her in my arms.
“Twinkle where were you? Do you have any idea how scared I was? ” I said.
I broke hug and continued.
“if something had happened to you I would have di.. ” before I can complete I felt something soft on my lips. It was Twinkle who kissed me but I didn’t respond. What happened to her all of a sudden? She broke kiss and blushed a little.
“but Twinkle what are you doing here? And this whole room? ” I said to change topic in order to kill awkwardness but I think my wife is not in a mood. She again gave a peck on my lips.
” oh god kunj how much you speak ha? And you will remain always sadu Sarna. How beautifully I decorated it but you remaining sadu you didn’t noticed it. Instead asking me what I’m doing here? ” she said dramatically.
“see I decorated this whole room because today is our 1st wedding anniversary. So how can I let it go. ” she said and there was a alarm from a watch placed on wall indicating that next day have started. God how can I forget it? But how Twinkle can remember?
“how do you know today is our..” I stopped in middle with a great hope and thing which running in my heart.
“Twinkle it…. It…… means you remember everything. ” I asked with a hope and o got biggest shock and best gift.
“yes” was her reply.


How was it?
What will be the kunj reaction
See many have asked to give back Twinkle memory and here it is.
Hope you all enjoyed.

I’m hurt because I didn’t know that I’m such a bad writer
I got 13 comment like seriously.
It’s OK don’t worry.
It has Max 4 or 5 episode
Then I will not there to irritate anyonr.
If you want even I’m ready to quit from tu.
Because this time I lost my patience.
Spare me for some episodes.
Keep smiling
Want you can comment else leave it.

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  1. Kiya1234

    Superb episode as always ??????finally happy twinkle remembered everything uff that’s so good plz post abs ramu don’t get sad please who told you that you are not good writer u r in Tellyup write it automatically shows that u r the best writer and no one is worst don’t think because of comments it doesn’t matter that u r bad… ok bye love post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou So much kiya
      Your comment is so encouraging.
      It means alot dear.
      I won’t quit that easily

  2. Presha

    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thank you preshu

  3. Awesome

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Sia

  4. Baby

    ramieeee ♥
    plshhhhhh don’t go like this please 🙁
    please dont end this please ♥
    you know naa such an amazing writer u are ramiee please
    m literally sad after knwing ur decision

    d episode was amazingly cute n lovely dat ayush huhhh n ramiee d flash backs ♥
    n finally twinkle’s memry is back m soooo happy for dat♥
    but after dat shock i got m still in shock u can’t end it yrrr atleast for us ♥
    plsssssssss i love u yrrr ♥
    hope u change ur decision ramiiieee ♥
    post soon ♥ n keep posting n keep writing♥
    n most important wala ♥ KEEP SMILING ♥
    take care ♥ love u ♥

    1. Ramya

      Thank you So much baby
      It was so nice of you.
      And I’m not quitting dear.
      Not that so easily.
      Love you

  5. Amazing post soon loved it

    1. Ramya

      Thank you stary

  6. wow epi was superb ramya !who said u r a bad writer?yr plz plz yr aisi batein Mt bola kr because jo comment krte h unhe bura lgta h hmare writers jo comment ni krte unke bare me soch ke upset ho jate h pr jo comment krte h unke liye plzz be happy & don’t be sad!
    u r a amazing writer
    I don’t want to loose any writers of twinj plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz If u consider my views
    luv u
    or haan abhi toh mazza aana shuru hua h finally twinkle ki memory wapis ayi h
    keep writing & make it 100
    post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thank you sO much yashika
      Your comment means alot
      I’m not quitting dear

  7. Yashiska

    Awesome update ramya…..finally twinkle get her memory back…yeyyy….I m very happy…..
    And who said you are worst , no you are not you r the best…..and plz don’t stop writing or quit tu…plz…for us Jo ki tumhari story read karte h…plz…don’t….and as you said on my ff’s comment ki you never stop writing about twinj….you said that…and agli baar aisa matt bolna that you stop or quit tu……and love you keep writing you are a amazing writer……

    1. Ramya

      Thank you sO much yashI
      Your comment means alot
      I’m not quitting dear
      Ha I know I said I will not but Mai thodi upset Ho gayi
      But now not

  8. Nice episode …

    1. Ramya

      Thank you nity

  9. awesome episode dear
    mtlab maza aa gaya dear twinkle ki memory aa gayi h
    yrrr aesa mat bol end krne ka mat bol….aur tu quit krne ki to sochna bhi mat samjhi…
    post soon dear
    luv u

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Mahi
      Love you too

  10. Aamna_2690

    Ramu ???
    I am to much angry with U ???
    How dare U think to quit TU ???
    And who gave U the right to say that U are a bad writer ???
    Huh ! I won’t talk to U ???

    Episode was Super Dupper Amazing ??
    Twinkle’s Memory is back ???
    Waiting for Kunj’s Reaction ???

    Post Soon ???
    But I am Angry ???
    Love U ❤❤❤

    1. Ramya

      Haww aanu you are angry with me.
      I’m so sorry Yaar.
      I know my decision is worst.
      Per mai kya karu.
      Itne mushkil de daant khake likhthi hu per phir bhi koi response nahi aata
      So I was hurt
      Bit don’t worry I won’t quit it.
      Ab tho gussa chod de.
      See I held my ears and also puppy eyes.
      Love you

      1. Aamna_2690

        Can I just be angry from my Ramu when she had puppy face ? How can I resist this ? Chalo Ok Maaf Kiya ? but next time I won’t ok ? well about response Ramu dear every third writer is upset ? Well leave them all and just write for Ur regular reader’s ?
        Love U too ❤❤

  11. Twinj2000

    That was like most awaited kinda episode ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Finally she has her memoy back ???
    Wo log comment nahi karte and don’t care fir ur hard work then y do u care abt them ….u r a very talented and great writer
    In log ki wajah se don’t waste ur talent and interest
    Keep writing more n more
    For us ….fir urself
    Love you
    N this episode was just awesome…❤️❤️❤️

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much twinj
      Your comment is so encouraging
      Than you so much

  12. Unheard-Of

    It was amaazingggggg??
    Hash!!!!! Finally twinkle got her memory bach. Aahhh i m soooooo happy?
    I was literally smiling like an idiot but thank god i was in my room at that time?
    N hey plssss dont stop writing……. U r one of the best writer i know in TU among many i know……??
    Eagerly waiting for the next epiosde…..!!!!!

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much dear.
      I’m happy that I made you smile
      Means alot.
      I won’t quit at least for you guys.

    1. Ramya

      Thank you arati

  13. Awsm episode dear
    Loved it very much
    Finally twinkle got her memory back??
    Waiting for kunj reaction…
    Plzzz dear don’t ever think of quitting tu.U r a very good writer dear..If u are not getting comments that doesn’t mean that u r a worst writer…U have a very good writing skills that everybody in the world doesn’t have..And plzz don’t ever think to end it..Plzzz atleast post for us who always waits to read ur ff…Plzz dear don’t quit it..
    It’s a request from me dear..If u will quit then how we will cherish our twinj memory..How they will be alive in our heart dear….
    Plzzz reconsider ur decision.
    Plzz post soon
    Love u loads???????

    1. Ramya

      Thank you So much Rayna.
      You always amaze me by yourcommenr
      It something
      Thank you
      And I won’t quit.
      Love you too

  14. That was really gud… Plz post soon?

    1. Ramya

      Thank you ss

  15. Nisha I am silent reader of ur ff but sorry I can’t cmnt Bcz of of some personal reasons

    I really luv ur ff it’s one of my fvrt ff and please for me don’t quite tu please and please if u can then I nxt episode m mery liye twinj ka kuch emotional scenes da do or romantic b please

    Today episode was best?? please post nxt asap

    Luv u all tu members and writers also

    1. Ramya

      Thank you So much rayma
      Means alot

  16. It was awesome

    Pls don’t quit Tu
    U write toooooooooo goooooood to be called a bad writer

    Love you
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    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much vags
      Love you too

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      Thank you

  18. Sameera

    Wow yaar Ramya blasstttt epi today yaaar loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much …..??????????….
    Twinkle got her memory back …and her sadu sarna was shocked …
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    Don’t u Dare end it ….???????
    Coz I love it sooooooooooooooo much …
    Post soon ???????

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Sooo much Sam
      Means alot

  19. Ananya_DSK

    Ramya….. I donno what I should say to you…. How could you think that you are a bad writer yaar? How could you think that we aren’t happy with your writing?
    I know how you feel about the comments going low, but it’s just a phase… No matter what the others think of you, we all will always be there for you….
    We love you and your writing….
    The episode was absolutely amazing! Loved it! Please don’t end this…. Pleaaaaaseeeeeee

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Sooo much Anu
      I won’t quit at least for those who wait for it.
      Means alot

  20. Nishuu

    Ammu don’t u dare to say that u r a bad writer ….
    Plzzz don’t end this ff ammu … I love this ff ammu ….
    Nd plzzz Na kosam continue cheyava
    Nd don’t quit tu

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Sooo much Akka.
      I won’t quit but I’ll end it soon.
      Because I want to write another one
      And I can’t handle both at a time
      Love you

  21. Nishuu

    Btw episode was awesome amazing ..
    Waiting for twinjs romance ????

  22. Anusha

    Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thank you anusha

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