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Episode -41
Recap – 10 months leap. Twinkle was in coma from past 10 months s. Kunj was living like a corpse. His condition is miserable.

Episode -41
Unknown pov –
Kunj has became like a living corpse from past 10 months. He smiles in front if his family but it doesn’t reaches his eyes. He misses his twinkle like hell but never shows and tries to act normal. He tries his ever best to be strong in front of everyone but deep inside in his heart he is completely broken. He misses his siyappa queen, her angry, her love, her childshness, her tantrums, everything. Here whole Sarna family is sad seeing kunj in such a state. They never thought that one day will come like this that their kunj will be all heartbroken. While Sarna family misses twinkle. Jeevika gave birth to Ansh in this leap and Mahi is also nearly 5 Mont’s pregnant. Many things have changed in this 10 months but only a thing which is not changed is their love for their twinkle. All are hoping that everything will be fine.

A room is shown where a boy is standing and he has a evil smirk on his face. He is looking at wall where there are many pictures of twinkle and kunj.
“finally I had made kunj’s life as hell. Poor kunj. This is just a trailer further more is coming just wait and watch. I’ll take my loved one revenge from you. You can’t escape from this ayush. “said that boy and laughed evilly.

Sarna mansion
Kunj came out of washroom got ready in his formal dress. He eyes encounterd with twinkle and a tears formed in his eyes. He controls himself and went to her sat on bed. He took twinkle’s hand in his and said.,
“twinkle today is very important meeting is there and I should attend it. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon. All others there for you. Just few hours. OK I love you “, he said and kissed on her forehead. She haven’t responded and it hurt him but he composed.
Kunj never left alone twinkle after that accident he took complete care of her. He used work from home. But today he had to attend an important meeting. Firstly he denied as he don’t want to leave her alone. But his brothers insisted him as its very important. Kunj made excuse that jeevika should take care of ansh and Mahi is pregnant, so both of them can’t take care. But his mom and bebe assured him that they will take care of her and won’t leave her at least for a second . After a lot of insisting he agreed. He knew that his family can take care of her but he himself wanted to take care of her and don’t want to leave her.
He went down and joined other family members.
“good morning “, he greeted.
“good morning kunj”, everyone greeted him back.
All are at their place. Kunj went to ansh and kissed him on his cheek to which ansh giggled. Andy is a only soul who can make him smile from his heart. Kunj loves to spend time with Ansh and all family members are happy that at least this innocent soul can make him smile. Kunj went and took his place.
“thank you kunj for attending meeting but I’m sorry beta. I wouldn’t asked you if this meeting is not that important “, apologised his dad.
“dad please don’t say like this please don’t apologise, I know this meeting is so important and don’t worry in my absence my lovely ladies can take care of her”, said kunj to which everyone smiled.
All had started breakfast. Within a while doorbell rang.
“I’ll see”, said jeevika and went to open the door.
As she opened the door, the person stood there greeted her and came inside. All looked at him and smiled whole he responded.
“hi guys “, said that person.
“hi ayush “, said uv and viren.
“come and have break fast “, said usha to which he nodded his head. He joined them in breakfast.
“how was the meeting? “, asked manohar.
“it went great uncle”, replied ayush.
“how is twinkle? Is there any change in her health?”, asked kunj.
By listening to this tears are formed in kunj’s eyes and all became sad but a person is happy and he is Ayush.
“I just love to hurt you kunj. I love to see you in pain and I know by taking twinkle name only it hurt’s you like hell. You made my loved one suffer alot and it was enough for its your turn to suffer. You don’t know how happy I’ll become when I see you like this”, thought Ayush.
“I’m so sorry kunj”, he apologised from no where.
“hey it’s ok”, said kunj.
All resumed their work. After went to their respective works. Kunj with heavy heart went to office with his brother and father.
In house bebe went to twinj room and sat near twinkle. After that incident not only kunj but no other family members are willing to leave twinkle alone.
At their room door stood Ayush with a evil smirk.
“still you are in your coma condition poor twinkle but it’s even your fault. You married kunj so you should suffer even. I wanted to kill you but fate had planned something else. No worries it’s nice to see you in this condition. After all kunj get hurts more and more by seeing you like this”, thought Ayush.
He went inside and kept his hand on bebe ‘S shoulder. He started his drama by saying he is feeling bad for twinkle and can’t see kunj in this condition. He tried to console bebe. Later he left from there.

In office meeting started and all are listening it except kunj as his brain is occupied with twinkle thought. He even talked with bebe before attending meeting. After don’t know what felt like ages meeting got ended. All are happy as it was successful. All others left cabin except Viren, uv and manohar with kunj.
Kunj phone started ringing and it showed caller ID bebe. Without wasting a single second he lifted call. What he had listened from other side made him numb. He was completely numb while bebe asking him to speak up.
“twinkle “, only a word came out of his mouth like a whisper and a tear escaped from his eyes. He ran from there without saying anything.
Viren got call from jeevika he lifted his call. What he listened from her made him shock. He shared this news with manohar and uv and they all rushed to their house.

At Sarna mansion all were in twinj room. A doctor was doing twinkle checkup. All were having a small smile and a ray of hope in their eyes. But Ayush eyes showing anger just anger.
Kunj reached their running and panting heavily. He had seen that doctor is treating twinkle. Later uv and Viren with manohar joined. After 15 to 20 minutes what doctor said made all of them happy.
“patient is responding and she may gain consciousness within a minutes “, said doctor.
Everyone happiness have no boundaries that finally their twinkle will be back. Kunj has a smile that to wide one only with that hope she will fine and he can listen to her. He went to her and sat beside her taking her hand into his.
After few minutes twinkle moved her hand and slowly opened her eyes. Kunj has tears in his eyes, he don’t know how to express his happiness. She tries to get up but can’t because of weakness but kunj helped her to be. As soon she sat, kunj just hugged her as tight as he can.
He broke hug.
“twinkle”, kunj whispered.
“twinkle you are fine na “, asked kunj but she doesn’t replies. Twinkle is just looking at him with no emotions.
No one noticed this all are happy except Ayush he is burning in anger to see his enemy in happiness.
“twinkle you are fine na why are you not speaking? “, asked kunj. She doesn’t replies.


Precap – Ayush hidden truth


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