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Episode -40

RECAP- twinj went to honeymoon and had lots of fun there. They both have even spend a lot of time together.

10 months leapEpiso.

Kunj pov-
10 months have completed Twinkle like really ten months and I can’t live like this life like this. Please come back to me, to your kunj I miss you a lot Twinkle. I miss your smile, your charm, your tantrums and everything please come back. you are lying on this bed from past 10 months like a lifeless body and I can’t see you like this more. You should come back to me to your kunj. I hope I was in your place on that day then that accident would have happened with me.
End of kunj pov

Unknown pov-
Twinj have returned from their honeymoon and they earned lots of teasing from their family. Next day kunj joined his office and Twinkle got busy with her works. At evening twinkle got a call on her phone by showing an unknown number so she lifted her phone.

“Hello whose this?”, asked Twinkle.

“Hello madam your husband had met with an accident “, said the other side person.

“WHAT”, Twinkle shouted and all negative thoughts are occupied in her brain.

“ How? Where is kunj? How is he? “, Twinkle asked him and took full information of kunj whereabouts and ran from there without informing to anyone as her brain is roaming around kunj. Twinkle was driving her car with full speed.

“Don’t worry Twinkle nothing will happen to kunj. Don’t allow negative thoughts to rule your brain. Kunj I’m coming nothing will happen to you I’m coming wait for me”, said twinkle by consoling himself and not allowing negative thoughts to occupy in her mind. She was driving so speedily that she hadn’t noticed that a truck is coming from behind and “BAANNGG”, it hit twinkle car. Twinkle car got hit to nearby tree. Twinkle got hurt on her head and became unconscious at that instant. She even had some minor injuries.

Kunj was busy and doing some work in his laptop when his phone started ringing. He looked at caller id and a big smile appeared by seeing it.

“Hello Twinkle”, said kunj and had listened world’s worst news.

“Sir this is not Twinkle, she met with an accident and we are taking her to city hospital. Please do come soon.

“What? How is Twinkle? Ok I’m coming”, by saying this he hanged phone,

“Nothing will happen to you I’m coming”, said kunj and informed to family members and left to hospital.

Kunj reached hospital after a while and asked receptionist about twinkle and ran to op. he was standing outside op waiting for doctor in the time uv and viren with other family members reached there. All are consoling kunj. The op room opened and doctor came out. As soon as kunj saw him, he rushed to him.

”doctor how is my Twinkle? She is ok na ? Nothing has happened to her na?”, asked kunj.

“Calm down we are operating patient right now we can’t say anything. Just pray for her”, said doctor and went. Kunj was panicking a lot all re consoling him and are trying to calm him. But it’s of no use.

After an hour doctor came out, by seeing him kunj rushed to him.

“Doctor how is Twinkle?”, asked kunj.

“She is out of danger”, said doctor and all sighed in relief

“But”, said doctor.

“But what doctor”, asked kunj getting worried.

“She is out of danger but she went into coma”, said doctor making everyone shocked. By listening this kunj had fallen on his knees but both his brothers came to support him.

“kunj you should be strong. “,said viren holding kunj from one side.

“Yes kunj if you will become weak then who will take care of twinkle”, said uv holding him from other side. Kunj quickly hugged his brother ad cried his heart out.
All were sad to see him in this condition. No one thought that this day will come.


As soon as doctor said that words I was shattered twinkle but composed myself only for you. All doctors lost hope in you but I know you will come back to me to your kunj. Our family members also misses you a thinking all this I went to my room only to see my twinkle as a lifeless body it hurts a lot but kunj you should be strong for your twinkle. I said to myself and sat beside her on bed.
I took her hands in mine and said

“Twinkle up to when you will be like this come on wake up see na I can’t do anything without you. I want to listen to your words. Come on “, I said but no response.

“Twinkle you know even ansh misses you a lot . you know when jeevika bhabhi gave birth to ansh na he was so cute soonly we will also have a baby like him”, I said to her but no response, it pricks my heart.

After accident I took twinkle with me to sarna mansion and her treatment is going from house. All doctors have loosed hope but my I’m not and even my family supported me.
“What happened to you twinkle? Please come back to me it hurts a lot. See na your kunj is incomplete without you”, I said and looked at her with teary eyes.

“babaji please make my twinkle fine and send her back to me”, I prayed to god and kissed on her forehead.
I went to her and held her closely and drifted into sleep.

Precap- new entry.


Ansh is son of jeevika and viren

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar Ramya awesomeneeeeee loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar ???????….
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    And whose this new entry ..
    Ab Kya hoga ..
    Mera bechara kunj ????…
    Loveddddddd it post soon yaar ..

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much Sam
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  2. Presha

    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Love u…
    Plz twinkle ko thik kr do..plz

    1. Ramya

      Thank you preshu
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  3. Ramya

    Belated a very very happy Birthday to you Sohi
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  4. Superb episode ???
    Shocking too ???????
    Emotional ? twinj ????
    Twinkle jaldi se thik ho jaya
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Kiya
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  5. Woww ramya..loved this a lot..
    And plzzz make twinkle fine soon.I can’t see my twinj like this.Waiting for a new entry.Plzz post soon.
    Love u loads

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Rayna
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  6. awesome episode dear amazing fantastic fabulous ????????

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    1. Ramya

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  7. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Yaar luv it
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  8. SidMin23

    Shocking twist and poor twinj now wonder who is the entry post soon.

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      Thank you Arati
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      1. Ramya

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    Ammu it was awesome

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  10. Aamna_2690

    I am Crying??? Poor TWINJ???
    Hope Twinkle Well Soon???
    Amazing Episode???
    Just Loved it❤❤❤
    Love U??
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    Shocking emotional

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  13. Baby

    ohhh god ramieee
    loved it
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  14. Baby

    ohhh god ramieee
    loved it
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