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THIS episode is specially for ishu arati and kiya

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Let’s start episode with a smile.


Episode – 39
Recap – twinkle goes to Taneja mansion and kunj receives her from there. Twinj reception.

Episode -39
Twinkle was full happy with her life. Kunj even joined his office back but he was spending least time with twinkle from past week because of his hectic work. Twinkle was upset but was not showing.

Twinkle pov –
It was nearly a week after our reception. Kunj joined his office but got busy with his work. He spends least time with me. I got busy with household as jeevika bhabhi is pregnant she can’t do much work indeed we won’t allow her to do. When my turn comes what will happen? These only thought brings a kind of feeling to my heart.
It’s night time all work got completed so I went to my room and changed into night dress. I was standing in front of mirror when two strong arms were wrapped around my waist.
“kunj “, I said.
“hmmm”, he replied.
“how was your day?, I asked him by turning towards him.
“good but tiring”, he said.
We both sat on bed.
“I have a surprise for you “, he said making me happy.
“surprise “, I asked curiously.
He took a envelope from bed which he kept may be while entering the room. He gave it to me.
“what’s in this? “, I asked with curiousity and he chuckled. He signalled me to open. I opened it like a small kid opens his gift. As soon as I opened I read it.
“trip to jammu & Kashmir “, I said excitedly. It was my favourite place and I want to visit it from a long.
“yes we are going for our honeymoon for a week”, he said .
“but how do you know that I want to go here “, I asked.
“I know everything about you “, he said and I hugged him really really tight by showing him how much I’m happy by this. Finally I can spend some time with kunj that to in my favourite place. Hurrah.
“oh kunj when we are going? “, I asked him.
“tomorrow night siyappa queen “, he said and it irritated me. He still calls me siyappa queen.
“don’t call me that you sadu sarna”, I warned.
“siyappa queen “, he repeated.
“don’t “, I warned him again.
“siyappa queen siyappa queen siyappa queen “, he said with a smirk.
“you sadu Sarna you are dead now”, I said and took a pillow and throwed at him but he escaped

But I’m also twinkle kunj Sarna I won’t give up I took another pillow and thrown at him but he again escaped. I was throwing whatever came into my hand like pillow, blanket and even a comb but he arghhh he escaped from everything.
“are you trying to kill me twinkle? ” , he asked no he again teased.
“no “, I said sternly but he smiled.
I took a left over pillow and throwed at him but he escaped again. This time he fell on bed.
“ouch aahh twinkle it’s hurting “, he whined. I ran to him and climbed on the bed.
“kunj are you OK? Where you got hurt? “, I asked him checking here and there whether it got hurt much but he was not replying.
“kunj say n… “, I stopped in middle because he is smriking.
“it was a prank”, I asked him not believing.
“yeah what you thought “, he replied casually. This man is getting on my nerves. I started beating on his chest with my hands.
“how dare you? How dare you to say that? Do you even know how scared I was for you. You stupid I won’t leave you “, I said holding my tears. How can he do that.
He held my hands and said ” are you crying? “.
What he thought if he gets hurt I’ll dance or what. But I didn’t have any answer.
“sorry Yaar I’m so sorry I won’t play any pranks like this anymore “, he said but I turned my head to other side and tried to get up but he pulled me and I landed on his chest and his hands were on my waist.
“sorry na please “, he made puppy face but it’s not going to work Mr. Sarna.
“I want to sleep leave me “, I tried to get up but he pulled me again and I landed on his chest.
“OK sleep here “, he said.
“where “, I questioned.
“here pike this only”, he said.
” no “, I said and tried to get up but his hold was too strong god.
“OK baba sorry I won’t repeat it again. I promise “, he said and kissed on my cheek. Then I smiled at him. What ever the consequences may be I can’t be angry with my sadu Sarna. I placed my head on his chest and drifted into sleep.

Next Evening
We both bud bye to our family members and started to airport.
End of twinkle pov.

Kunj pov –
We both bid bye to our family members and left in car. Twinkle was so excited and I’m so happy to see her like this. We reached taneja mansion. Twinkle looked ate confusingly.
“I know you want to meet mom and dad so I thought to bring you here before we go “, I said with a smile. She was so happy that he pecked on my cheek and ran inside her house. I smiled at her cute gesture.
We both entered the mansion and had a talk with mom and dad for a while. And my siyappa queen was so happy by this and I’m happy by seeing her happy.
Later we boarded for flight. In flight we both had our seats.
“thank you kunj “, she said.
“for what twinkle? “, I asked her.
“for taking me to mom”, she said.
“don’t thank me then are your parents do you can meet them whenever you want “, I replied and she gave me her big smile n leaned on my shoulder. I pecked on her forehead.
After by morning we reached Kashmir. We went to hotel to fresh up. After we both had our breakfast by feeding each other. Then we went for site seeing, bad took lots of selfies and twinkle made such a cute faces. She was looking so lovely.

We both had really alot of fun by spending time with each other, visited many places don’t know how these 6 days had spent we don’t know. They have passed like so early. This is our last day and by tomorrow we will return to Amritsar. But we made alot of memories. We both are in the garden of hotel, spending our last day with each other. Twinkle is in my embrace. I hugged her bad her head was resting on my chest. We both had a shawl around ourselves and are in each others warmth in this cold weather.
“kunj”, twinkle started a conversation.
“hmm “, I hummed.
“this was best na, it is so special to me”, she said.
“yeah, indeed it is “, I said and kissed on her forehead.
There was a snow fall to make this weather more romantic.
“kunj see snow is falling “, said twinkle by getting out my arms in a kid voice.
“yeah “, I said because it’s not the first time I’m seeing it as in abroad snow fall is common but today it felt special by being with her. I know she loves it but I have no idea she loves it to this extent.
She started dancing in snow and having fun and asked me to join her. Later we both joined in snow fall and enjoyed alot. We had a snow fight too. It was the best.
As snow fall started increasing we both went inside hotel room.


So here it ends.
Hope you all enjoyed

What you all think
This is the end of story
Or more is awaiting ahead
Is this silence of happy
Or the silence before the storm

Socho socho

Guys please tell me whether I should continue this or not
Because May be I can’t give you all regular updates
So please apna decision bata dena

Please do comment
Love you keep smiling guys

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