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Episode -38
Recap – twinkle bidaai, twinj’s post marriage rituals and their wedding night and their siblings teasings.

Episode -38
Twinkle pov –
Kunj was bit upset that I was going to taneja mansion but I gave him a peck on his lips and ran from there, while going out I bumped with a person and that’s my mahi di
“careful twinkle “, she said with a care and I nodded my head.
“why are you running “, she questioned but I don’t know what to say.
“just like that”, I tried to reasoned.
“just like that or to escape from kunj “, she said with a wink.
“no di “, before she can ask any questions more I marched from there as fast as I can. Then I went to taneja mansion. Mom invited me with a warm hug.
“looking so beautiful “, mom complimented.
“thank you mama “, I said and we both talked for a while but dad was not there as he had some important work.
Mom was asking about my in laws , I answered them but all the while my brain is revolving around one person and it’s my husband. Mom said she will arrange table for lunch and I nodded my head in positive.
As soon as mom left my phone rang and it’s from him.
“hello “,
“hello kunj “, I replied.
“why you have called me? “, I continued.
“why, should I ask permission from others to call my wife but I think it’s not needed “, he said.
“yes you don’t OK leave it why you called me “, I asked him.
“missing my wife “, he said.
“hmmm “, even I’m missing alot.
“come down and open the door”, he said.
“what? I mean why? “, I asked him puzzled.
“uff come na “, he requested so I went down and opened door and there he stood here and I was shocked. He hugged me.
End of twinkle pov.

Kunj pov –
I was missing twinkle badly, I know she went just now but Yaar she had that impact on me. I looked at watch damn it was only 5 minutes have passed. I want to meet her but how later I got a call and got busy with my work. After I completed it and gave a look to watch and it was nearly the time twinkle should return. So I went down and took my car keys and went to Taneja mansion.
I called her.
“hello” , I said.
“hello kunj “, she replied.
“why you have called me”, she asked.
Why should I ask permission from others to call my wife but I think it’s not needed “, I said like really I should ask permission to call her specially at that time when I’m missing her.
“yes you don’t okay now leave it why you called me”, she asked
“missing my wife “, I said which is matter of fact.
“hmm “, she hummed.

“come down and open the door “, I said.
“what I mean why? “, she questioned I think she not get it till now.
“come na “, I requested and she hanged the call.
Within seconds she opened door and was taken aback to see me there. I went inside and hugged her but still she was in dilemma.
“common twinkle have lunch “, leela ma shouted, then noticed me.
“kunj you”, she asked.
“mom I came here to take her as she should get ready for reception also na “, I reasoned.
“yeah “, she said.
“come and have lunch “, continued mom.
“without me “, came a voice from behind. We all looked at source and it’s dad. Twinkle ran to dad and hugged him.
“wow you are looking so beautiful “, complimented dad and twinkle smiles brightly. Later we all went to dinning table and sat. Twinkle settled herself between mom and dad. And I sat opposite to her beside dad.
We all are having lunch and something striked my mind. I touched twinkle feet my mine and started rubbing on her’s. She looked at me and gave me a smile but wait what’s wrong with her, she just smiling and I was lost in my thoughts which were broken by dad.
“son you are rubbing my leg” , he said and all busted into laughter. God it was embarrassing. After some time we finished our lunch twinkle hugged mom and dad once again then we both came out of house. But twinkle was laughing.
“why are you laughing? What’s so funny? “, I asked her being annoyed.
“you rubbed dad leg with yours by thinking it as mine “, and with that she again Bursted into laughter. I was admiring her.
“you are making fun of me go I won’t talk to you “, I turned other side faking angry.
“but kunj listen “, she interrupted but before she can complete I marched towards car and sat in driver seat. She followed me and sat on passenger one. I started the car and she was trying to talk to me but I ignored her but inside I’m smiling seeing her efforts.
“STOP “, she screamed.
“what happened? “, I asked being worried.
“give me a second “, she said and left from the car. She went to ice cream vendor and brought a ice cream.
“have it “, she said.

” I don’t want “, I replied coldly.
“OK fine then I will only eat both of them “, she said how mean. I was about to start the car when I felt something on my cheek. I turned to twinkle side, she kept ice-cream on my cheek and now having a smirk on her face.
“twinkle I’m not gonna leave you “, I said and took other ice cream and kept in her face. Next there was a ice cream war. We both looked at each other faces and busted out into laughing. There was full ice cream on our faces. I cleaned myself with a tissue and same with twinkle. Before starting car I leaned towards twinkle and she was tensed.
“w.. Wh..what h. Happened? “, she stammered but I ignored her and went more close to her she closed her eyes but I kept her seat belt. She opened her eyes and looked at me confused.
“I kept seat belt, what you thought dirty mind “, I teased her she made haww face and later smiled.
We reached Sarna mansion and went to our room.
At evening.
I was git ready by wearing a black tuxedo gelled up my hairs and turned around it to see world’s beautiful lady in front of me. It’s twinkle, she was wearing blue Saree with matching jewellery and her hair in little curls with light makeup. I froze where I stood.
“kunj where are you lost “, she snapped fingers in front of me.
“in you”, I replied to which she blushed.
“don’t blush so hard it will be difficult for me to control my feelings “, I said to which she blushed even more hard and hugged me. I responded back.
We both went down hand in hand and all clapped for us. We took blessings of elders. Our bhaiya and bhabhi teased alot .

Later all asked us to sing a song . First I denied but later I agreed. So I took mike and went to centre of stage and started singing
End of kunj pov.

Unknown pov –
Kunj went to stage.

Tumse hi milkar toh
Dil dhadakta hai
Tum saanson jaise ho
Aisa lagta hai
(kunj closed his eyes and started singing while imagining about twinkle)

Pehli dafaa jo hone laga hai
Pehle huaa na kabhi
Mehsoos dil ne jo bhi kiya hai
Lafzon mein keh doon abhi
(kunj is thinking how madly he had fallen in love with twinkle and how his love is increasing day by day)

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
(he saying these lines looking directly into twinkle eyes in a way confessing indirectly).

Tum jo nahi thhe saath toh
Tanha sa tha dil ka safar
Be-khwab hi soti rahi
Jagti rahi meri nazar
(twinkle started singing and she slowly went to kunj while singing).

Aa paas mere palkon pe rakh doon
Jitne sapne hain sabhi
Honthon pe mere khulne lagi
Khwahish thi dil mein dabi
(twinkle was singing all these lines by seeing into his eyes)

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
(now twinkle indirectly confessing to kunj)

Tumpe ruke, tumse chale
Lamhe mere ab toh yahaan
Raahein meri tumpe thami
Ab hai mujhe jaana kahaan
(twinkle was singing with so much of passion and love)

Tum bin chalun toh kadmon se mere
Yeh rooth jaaye zameen
Ab zindagi mein kuch ho na par
Ikk baat hai laazmi
(kunj sung these lines by wrapping his arm around her shoulder)

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
(they both sung these lines by looking into each other eyes).
All claps for them. Later all dances for the new couple and blesses them. After all left and kunj left to their room. They changed into comfortable clothes and slept in each others embrace peacefully with a smile.

Precap – honeymoon


So here I end it hope you enjoyed it.
I’m bit upset but not bcoz of comments bcoz of servants personal problem.
Still I wrote so please do comment

Please do comment whether positive or negative.

Once again happy Birthday dear

Love you all
Keep smiling

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