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Episode -37
Recap – twinj spending some special moments n twinj’s haldi n finally twinj’s marriage.

Episode -37
Twinkle pov
Finally our marriage had happened. All were so happy. Now it’s time for my bidaai.
I cried holding my mom and dad for like eternity.
“do take care of my princess “, said papa to kunj.
“I will never let even a tear to form in her eyes it’s my promise “, replied kunj to which I was touched n I can see a satisfaction in my mom and dad’s face.
Later we both went to car but once again i turned around and looked at my parents and waved at them. Kunj opened car for me and I sat in car with his help, then kunj took blessings of mom and dad then sat in car. I was looking with teary eyes at my parents. Kunj noticed this and held my hand, I looked at him, he nodded in no. I leaned on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms around mine.

We both reached Sarna mansion. Kunj first got out of car and gave his hand to me to which I readily accepted. We both went near door of their sorry our house. Usha ma done my aarti and asked me to kick the rice, I followed her instructions. Later we all went to mandir n done pooja.
Now it’s the time for to play game of finding the ring. Jeevika di kept milk bowl between me and kunj. Mahi di took ring from my finger and throwed in it.
“see twinkle will win this “, said jeevika di.
“no my chotu gona win”, said viren jiju supporting kunj.
“no twinkle “, interfered Mahi Di.
“no kunj “, said uv jiju.
“ok twinkle show then that u will win “, said manohar papa.
“dad u r on twinkle side”, complained uv jiju.
“I’m on my daughters side”, replied papa n by this I felt like my dad is here.
“hurrah “, said Mahi di n jeevika di.
“I’m on my son’s side ” , said usha ma.
“hurrah “, shouted viren n uv jiju.
“first let’s start this game”, said bebe.
“but bebe u r on whose side”, questioned Viren jiju.
“I’m at both sides “, replied bebe.
“common twinkle show them that u won’t loose “, said Mahi Di.
“common kunj show them”, said uv jiju.
All hooting for us to win game for their respective sides.
End of twinkle pov.

Kunj pov –
Viren bhai and uv bhai along with mom are on my side while jeevika bhabhi and Mahi bhabhi are on twinkle side. They all started hooting for us.
I and twinkle kept our hands in that milk bowl and started searching for ring. In between I held twinkle hand. Twinkle tried her best to get out of my grip but all in vain, all the while I was having a smirk on his face. Suddenly twinkle started to smirk and she I up-to something, twinkle gave a flying kiss to me and i was shocked by her reaction n loosed my grip on her hand. She took her hand back n started searching.
“smart “, I thought.
We Both were busy in searching ring n I got the ring I’m not showing to anyone. “I got it but I want to see her like this for some more time she is looking so cute”, I thought and left ring . I was moving my hand here and there as pretending to find ring but all the while I was stairing at her lovingly. Twinkle got the ring.
“I got it “, she shouted with a wide smile on her face. All clapped for her including me.
“we won “, said Mahi bhabhi and jeevika babhi. First Viren bhai and uv bhai made sad face but were happy after seeing their wife’s smiling face. How cute.
“kunj make twinkle wear that ring “, said bebe.
I nodded my head and took the ring, slipped in her ring finger , all clapped for us.
“now u all go and take rest all must be tired “, said ma.
“I think kunj is not in a mood to take rest “, mumbled uv bhai and I heard it, i understood his intentions n gave him a death glare.
“u know rule no kunj so proceed “, said bebe. While twinkle looks on confused as she didn’t get it. I lifted her in bridal side and took her to our room. All went to their respective rooms.

We reached our room and I made her stand carefully then went to close the door. Twinkle was mesmerised by the sight. Whole room is decorated with roses and scented candles just looking so lovingly. Twinkle was admiring the decorations when I wrapped my hands around her waist and back hugged her
“I don’t believe twinkle we are finally married it feels like I’m in dream”, I said with lots of happiness.
Twinkle turned around n wrapped her arms around my neck and my hands found their way around her waist. Twinkle stands on her toes n kissed on my forehead while i closed my eyes to feel her touch and it felt like heaven.
“it’s real kunj “, twinkle replied.
We both were lost in each others eyes, I leaned towards twinkle lips and twinkle closed her eyes giving me permission. Our lips met n we both kissed each other for really long time.
After we broke it due to lack of oxygen and twinkle was blushing like hell and went near window turning window side. I came near to her and back hugged her.she closed her eyes and I kissed on her cheek.I moved from her cheek to her jaw line to her collar bone and gave her a love bite. She moaned my name and it drives me even more. I lifted her in bridal style n took her to bed then kissed on her forehead.
End of kunj pov.
Again they both shared a lip lock then screen got blurred. (guys privacy naam ki koi cheez hoti hai) . At that night two bodies became one for ever and ever.

A beautiful morning is shown with birds chirps n cold breeze. A room is shown where a couple are sleeping in each other embrace peacefully. When sun rays enters the room, the boy’s sleep got disturbed n he is kunj. He slowly opens his eyes n looks at the most beautiful person of his life, his wife who is sleeping peacefully like an angel. He kisses her on her forehead n her sleep got disturb. She opens her eyes.
“good morning Mrs. Twinkle kunj Sarna “, greeted kunj.
“good morning kunj “, replied twinkle with a blush.
“thank you for coming into my life twinkle, yesterday night was the best night of my life n I promise you that I won’t leave your side what ever the consequences may be, love you alot “,said kunj with so much intense n love. Twinkle just hugged him as tight as she can to express her happiness.

Next scene
Twinkle came down wearing a dark blue anarkali looking gorgeous n wished usha.
“good morning mummyji”, greeted twinkle.
“good morning beta “, replied usha.
“today is ur first rasoi na, so go n continue with ur work, “, said usha to which twinkle nodded her head n went into kitchen n started her preparations.
There comes Mahi n jeevika.
“someone is looking so beautiful “, said Mahi.
“may be because of our devarji “, accompanied jeevika.
All the while twinkle was blushing like anything.
Other side
Kunj came down n there comes his brothers with a naughty smirk on their faces, but kunj was least bothered about them n was lost in dream world i. e, lost in his twinkle n doesn’t noticed his brothers that they are standing there n……. N bumped with them.
“ouch “, cried kunj n complained “bhai see n walk”.
“some one is deeply lost some where “, said Viren.
“no no lost in someone “, n winks at kunj.
Kunj blushes slightly.
“did u slept at last night nicely “, said uv by raising his eyebrows.
Kunj ignored his question n went n sat on dining chair but his both brothers came n sat on both sides of kunj.
While in kitchen both jeevika n Mahi stood on each side of twinkle
Mahi & jeevika / uv & Viren – sooooo
Kunj / twinkle – what
Mahi & jeevika / uv & Viren – how was the yesterday night??
Both twinj got to know that they both are got trapped now between their brothers / sister’s and they can’t even escape.
Both kept silent b was blushing. But their brothers n sisters continued teasing them.
“this not fair bhai / Di “, cried out twinj at a time.
“u were not less at that time “, thought both twinj at a time.

Twinkle pov –
I prepared my first rasoi after lots of teasing section.
After a while all elders came down, I with the help of Mahi Di and jeevika di brought the dishes which I had made. I took blessings of elder’s and served them dishes then sat beside kunj.
All praised me alot. I made puri with panner masala and kheer for sweet.
“delicious, great job beta “, said papa to which I smiled.
“awesome dear “, complimented usha me.
Bebe came to me and made me wear bangles as per ritual. I thanked her and she blessed me.
“your hands has some magic love, I want to kiss them”, whispered kunj in my ears to which I slowly smacked on his arm without anyone’s notice.
“I think kunj wants to kiss your hands “, said uv jiju and all looked at him.
“did I said that loud “, whispered kunj to me and earned a death glare from me.
All completed their breakfast and went to their respective works. I cleaned dining table with the help of Mahi di as jeevika di is pregnant we both handled the work. After I went to my room.
I went to washroom and washed my face and cane out. While combing my hair I had seen a red mark on my collar bone and reality struck me which leaded to a automatic blush on my face. Then two strong arms were wrapped around my waist and I know it’s my kunj.
“don’t blush so hard love you are making difficult to me “, said kunj to which I blushed and turned to him and hugged him.
“is it necessary to go “, he asked while I looked at him confused.
“I mean what’s the need, I will miss you”, complained kunj.
“but kunj I will come by after noon and you will come to pick me right “, I reasoned but he was upset a bit.
“if we both will go then who will see for arrangements of our reception “, I said and I can see a going in his eyes. Here now his mood is on.
“come back soon”, he said to which I smiled and gave a peck on his lips and ran from there. I’m sure he must be in shock for a while.
Twinkle pov ends.

Precap – reception .


So here I end it
I hope u all enjoyed it
I’m so sorry for late but was busy
Maine isse likhna bohat pehle shuru kiya tha
Aur ab jaake katam hua
Hope u all liked it
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Love you guys
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    1. Ramya

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  7. Superb amazing ?
    Awesome mind blowing episode
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    Post soon give more romance twinj ????♥️♥️♥️❤️
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