Accept Me Pragya… An Abhigya Fanfic

Never got a good Abhigya confession on the show, did we? Well, it’s time it changed.


I apologize at the beginning itself if it turns out boring. Sorry!!! ??

Moving on… ???

“Words in double quotes” – Talking

‘Words in single quotes’ – Thoughts

(Words in braces) – Telephone conversations.

Timeline – When Pragya acts as Abhi’s secretary as he has lost his memories.

5. Accept Me?

#Arora house#

*phone ringing*


(Hey best friend! How are you?)

Pragya smiled on hearing his voice. “Hey best friend. I’m fine Abhi. Just getting ready to turn up for the night.” her face broke into an amused smile. “You’re asking me ‘how are you’? Didn’t I just come back from your house this evening?”

(Uhh…yea but, um…I uh…I just…do you have to make it so difficult?!)

“Eh? What did I do? You’re the one who called me!” since Abhi wasn’t there physically present, Pragya made an imaginary picture of him in front if her.

(Well you’re the one that made me do so!)

Pragya’s mouth opened in disbelief. “What!? I didn’t even do anything and you’re blaming me? I’m willing to take credit if I actually messed up, but I don’t remember doing anything such.”

(Well…well…you’re stupid!)

  • Pragya blinked. Slowly, a smile spread over her face, which soon turned into a full-blown laughter. “Abhi, it’s 11 in the night and you’re making no sense. Are you sure you’re not drunk?” Pragya joked, winking at the imaginary Abhi. ‘Although I’m finding it quite cute.’

(You’re laughing!?)

“Hehe…fine. let it go.”

(Not until I solve our argument!)

“Okay then, tell me what was our argument about.” she chuckled as she heard silence from the other end. “Abhi, I’m tired and need to sleep. So why not just tell me why you called in the first place?”

(Um yeah…about that. Uhh…are you free tomorrow?)

“Well, since I work as your secretary, it depends on you if you’ll give me a day off or not.” Pragya replied. However, she didn’t want him to put her off work as that would mean she won’t be able to be near him, even if it was for a day.

(Um well…I was just thinking that…)

“Yes Abhi, continue.”

#Mehra Mansion#

(Yes Abhi, continue.)

Abhi grit his teeth and bit on his nails in anxiety. ‘Why am i stuttering?! Ugh! How troublesome!’

He had faced masses and mobs that charged him for his music.

He had faced bullies that were after his life.

He had faced enemies that wanted to hurt him and his family.

And yet…yet, he was struggling to say the words that he wanted to speak to a harmless, 50kg, simple and sweet girl!

(Abhi? I’m waiting. Are you going to complete the sentence or not? You didn’t fail asleep, did you?)

“Um yes yes! I mean no no! I mean yes. No I mean…” Abhi got up from the bed and smacked himself on the head. He took a breath and composed himself. “I mean yes I’ll complete my sentence. And no, I didn’t fall asleep.”

(Um…okay. Abhi, I really don’t mind chatting with you, but I need to go sleep.)

Abhi’s eyes widened at her words. ‘But I haven’t told her the plan yet!’ he gripped the phone harder. “No no wait! Let me speak what I want. It will only take some minutes!”

(But you don’t seem to be speaking about it till now.)

“Yeah bu-ow!”

(Abhi! Are you alright!?)

Abhi rubbed over the spot where he accidentally hit his head in the shelf. “Yea, I’m fine. I’m fine!” he cleared his throat and gulped. “Well uhh…willyougowithmetotheparktommorrow?”

(Will you meticulously park the tomato?)

“What?! No no! Why would I want to park a tomato?!”

(Then speak clearly!)

Abhi took a deep breath and straightened his back, as if about to declare war. “Pragya, will you g-go with me t-to the park tomorrow?”

(Oh that. Sure! Why not? Okay then, if that’s all, I’ll be going now. Good night Abhi. Sweet dreams!)

Abhi looked at the phone as the line went dead. He kind of envied her for the way she easily brushed off the topic with a simple ‘yes’. ‘And here I had to struggle so much with the words.’

Nevertheless, a broad smile broke over his face. “She’s gonna come tomorrow. And I’m gonna propose! I hope she accepts.”

Abhi twirled around in his room in glee. “I think she will. I mean Dadi said she might like me back too, didn’t she?Yep, I’m having good vibes about tomorrow!”

Unfortunately, he wasn’t looking where he was going and stumbled on the mat, falling face flat on the floor. “Ouch.”

#Next day, morning#

As Purab walked into Abhi’s room, his eyes widened into the size of saucers. “Did a tornado run through your room, or a dinosaur invade?” he questioned as he saw the condition of the room. Shirts and pants were lying astrew. Some were on the bed, some haphazardly stuffed into the cupboard, some even lying on top of the beside lamp. Purab thought he saw some shorts on top of the fan too, although he really didn’t want to know how they got there.

“Did you give it to her? She didn’t suspect anything, did she?” questioned Abhi.

“Nah, she didn’t, chill.” Purab pacified.

“Cool! Come help me with this, will ya?” Abhi requested from where he was standing before the big mirror.

Purab rolled his eyes and went to fix Abhi’s tie. “Abhi, Pragya sees you everyday. Why do you need to dress up so much? It’s not like you’ll meet her for the first time.”

“Whatever. Thanks!” Abhi moved away from him once the tie was fixed and admired himself on the mirror. He smiled at his reflection and extended a hand forward. “Hi, I’m Abhi. But of course you already know me, right? Ha ha!” however he suddenly shook his head. “No! This won’t do. How about…” Abhi posed like a model. “Hey Prags, nice day, huh? You’re looking great. I’m looking dashing too, aren’t I?”

Purab watched with bewilderment as Abhi shook his head vigorously again. “What exactly are you doing?”

“I’m trying to determine the perfect way to greet her.”

Purab sighed in misery at Abhi’s antics as he kept practicing in front of the mirror like a lovesick teenager. He went to sit on the bed and sipped on the glass of juice he found on the table. “By the way, at what time are you meeting her?”

“Around 5pm or around it. I want to enjoy the sunset with her as well.”

At once Purab ended up spitting the juice in disbelief and choked on it. “Are you…are you freaking crazy?! If you’ve planned the date that late then why are you getting ready now?! It’s 9am!”

Abhi looked at the clock. “Huh? I guess you are right. I’m getting ready too early, aren’t I?” he spoke with a thoughtful face. However, he just simply shrugged and got back to practicing. “Hi! How’s you? Hehe. *sigh* Nah! I should try another!”

Purab fell back on the bed and looked at the ceiling with a flat face. “R. I. P logic.”

#Park 5.30pm#

Ever felt the feeling when you’re waiting for a moment to come real quick, but the hands of the clock seem to move extra slow?

And then when the moment is there, you end up trying to find ways to escape from what you’ve been waiting for in fear of messing up?

That was what could be defined as Abhi’s state right at that moment as he waited for Pragya to arrive.

His phone rang, breaking him out of his thoughts. “Hello? Purab, did you see her?”

(Yep! She’s heading your way. Good luck bro. Make the best of the moment.)

Abhi didn’t need to be told twice. At once, he ran inside the park to the spot where he kept her surprise ready.

#Park entrance, 5.40pm#

As she stepped into the park, her eyes were searching only one person.

Her love, her life, the reason for her existence.

Her Abhi.

“Where is he? First he calls me, and then he himself is late! How irresponsible! When will he realize that its time he becomes punctual and true to his word?” Pragya kept ranting as she looked around.

To her surprise, the usually crowded park was empty. ‘Did Abhi reserve the entire park? But why? Is there some announcement he’s gonna make? Oh my! Maybe that’s why Purab gave me this dress.’ Pragya concluded.

Purab had visited her early in the morning and gave her a dress. He didn’t tell her the reason, but asked her to wear it for the outing.

Pragya looked around trying to locate Abhi. From the corner of her eyes, she saw something unusual. She walked closer to inspect it.

Pragya gasped as she saw the grand decorations laid out there. It was…in one word…enchanting.

Underneaths the flowers, Abhi sat there with his back towards her.

‘Maybe I can use it to my advantage and surprise him from the back?’ she chuckled quietly and took slow, silent steps towards him. She smiled a mischievous smile as she came near him, believing herself to be successful in not alerting him.

“You’re here Pragya.”

‘Damn!’ Pragya paused in her steps. How did he know?’ she heard him chuckle.

“Wondering how I knew you were close Pragya?”

Pragya nodded. However, upon realizing that he probably couldn’t see it since he had his back to her, she spoke up. “I’m pretty sure I was subtle in my approach. How did you know?”

“Well, I heard you.”

“But I didn’t make any sound. I’m sure!”

“I heard you.” Abhi turned around with a smile. “Not with my ears, but my heart.”

Pragya felt her heart still at his words.

Abhi smiled. All the nervousness, all the anxiety, all the tension seemed to completely disappear the moment he saw her. He felt confident as he saw her in that elegant dress.

His lifeline was near him. What could he want more?

“You make me complete Pragya. The moment you came near me, I could feel the world around me change. The flowers smell a little more sweeter, the world looks a little more brighter and a sense of happiness settles within me. That’s how I knew you are here.”

Pragya was touched by his words. She was quite confused by his sudden behavior. ‘He’s just being the flirt he usually is.’ Pragya thought in amusement. Nevertheless, she chuckled. “You’ve become a poet, I see.”

Abhi got up and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Only for you, my dear secretary.”

His words made look down with a blush while her heartbeats fluttered. “You over do it Abhi.”

They smiled at each other and kept looking into each other’s eyes.

In that moment, both wanted to say a lot of things.

She wanted to thank him for always being there for her in the past, for helping her family retain the marriage hall, for all the love he showered upon her when he has his memories, for his support, for him always being there for with or without memories, for showing her the bliss true love can bring, and for a thousand other things. But most importantly, for being there for someone as damaged like her.

As Abhi looked into her eyes, all he wanted to do was thank her or filling his life with happiness. Although he might not show it, he felt like a part of him was missing because of his memory loss. But when Pragya was near, she made him forget his worries and tensions. He wanted to thank her for saving him from despair, to make him know what loving someone feels like, to help him on every step, to forgive him even at times he mistrusted her. But most importantly, for being there for someone so damaged like him.

But all they did was stand there and smile at each other. They didn’t need to tell each other anything. Their eyes spoke millions. They already knew what the other wanted to say.

After all, they were two bodies, but one soul.

Both knew they were broken and damaged. Each had their own scars, their own demons, their own skeletons in the closets. Their lives had been through tragedies.

But if life had given them tragedy, it has also given them each other as a remedy.

If life had given them loneliness and pain, it also gave them each other’s closeness, which kept them sane.

(Author’s note : Yay! Am a poet
Thank you thank you. ?
☜?☞ )

Abhi placed a hand on her cheek and looked at her lovingly. “You’re beautiful Pragya.”

Pragya leaned into his touch and placed her own hand over his. “And I’m lucky to have you as a husb-” Dadi’s warnings came back to her, crashing her into the real world. She couldn’t get close to Abhi if she wanted him safe. ‘I want to be with you but the situations won’t let me.’

She stepped back from him and looked around. “Why such a grand arrangement? It must have cost a fortune.”

“Like it? It’s for you.”

“For me? But…but why?” Pragya questioned in surprise. In a corner of her heart, a thought popped up. However, she disregarded it with disbelief. ‘There is no way he can be in love with me. I’m…I’m just building castles in the air!’

“Yep! For you.” Abhi responded. He leaned his head to the side and smiled at her dreamily. “You’re beautiful Pragya.”

Pragya chucklrd in amusement. “You already said that.”

“I’m not saying it again just to impress you Pragya. I’m saying it to remind you that I’ll always find you beautiful. Be it now, in future or in death. I’ll keep cherishing, I’ll keep caring and I’ll keep saying you’re beautiful till the end.”

“Abhi I…” Pragya was at a loss of words as to what to say. She could feel her heart doing flips, while the butterflies in her stomach didn’t stop fluttering. ‘Is this…is this really what I think this is?’ Pragya swallowed hard. “Abhi, can I ask you on-“

“Not now Pragya. Today, I want to share everything with you. I don’t want to leave anything behind. You can speak later.”

Pragya nodded in understanding and motioned him to continue.

“You know, in a way, I’m thankful for Tanu.” Abhi admitted.

“Oh. I see.” Pragya smiled at tight smile, while her eye twitched in irritation. ‘Tanu kamini! I hope you fall flat on your face!’

Abhi noticed a change in her mood. If he wasn’t wrong, he thought he could feel some negative vibes from her at the mention of Tanu’s name. “Yeah. I’m thankful to Tanu. Because it’s from her that I learnt what true love is. Because of her, I could realize who is my true love instead of her.”

Pragya blinked at him in confusion. “I…I don’t understand.”

He took her hand and pulled her towards the seat which he had decorated for her. He seated her and sat opposite to her. “Pragya, remember how we met?”

‘You saved me from drowning.’ Pragya thought to herself. However, she knew he didn’t remember it, and neither could she tell him. “Yeah, at the radio center.”

“Kind of cool in a way, right? I mean, how many couples have you seen that can say that they met like us?” Abhi joked in good humor. “Ah! Good memories!”

“True. The tale of how you found the best secretary ever!” Pragya teased.

‘She still isn’t taking the hint!? Ugh! Why does she refuse to see the obvious? Is it…is it because she doesn’t love me after all?’ Abhi looked away refusing to meet her eyes. ‘Does she only like me as a best friend? But I…I want to be more.’

Pragya noticed his sullen mood. However, she didn’t speak. After all, sometimes the best thing one can do for another is give them space to get themselves right. ‘But I’m always there for you Abhi. I’m never leaving you to suffer alone.’

Abhi looked up after a moment and took her hand in his. “The reason I called you here Pragya is because I realized that it’s you Pragya. It’s you whom I love.”

Pragya jerked back in shock at his words. “You…you love me?”

“Yes, I do. But I understand if you don’t feel the same.” Abhi closed his eyes and retracted his hands from her. Even though he was a grown man, at that moment, he seemed so small and fragile as he folded into himself. As if…as if shielding himself.

Pragya felt her heart ache so hard, she could physically feel the pain. It wasn’t from hurt or rejection, but from all the past repressed feelings coming out.

For years…for years she longed to hear him say those words. They married, but then he didn’t love her. Then came Tanu and Aliyah who were bent on separting them. And when…and when they finally reunited, he lost his memories.

For so long she wanted to hear him actually admit the words to her. And now…now that he was actually admitting it, she couldn’t stop the emotional dam from breaking.

“Pragya, I understand why you wouldn’t want to accept me. After all, I’m not the perfect guy someone like you would want to date.” Abhi admitted with a bitter smile. “I may have money and fame, but that’s it. I don’t have memories of last two years. I have the risk of dying if I stress over too much over my memories. I’m a shameless flirt. I even got into a scandal with Tanu, which isn’t true! But you may think so considering the media. So I ca-“

“And I love you.”

Abhi’s eyes popped open on her words. He abruptly looked up at her face.

She was crying, as well as smiling.

Her rosy cheeks were stained with tears flowing down her face, while her face held a smile that made him feel at peace.

She looked like a tragic beauty. Terrible, yet beautiful.

“You’re damaged, so what? I’m not perfect either. If your life is at risk, I’ll fight every hazard to protect you. And as for Tanu, I never believed her anyway!” Pragya took his hand in hers. “Abhi, I want you to know that you’re worth everything to me. Your past mistakes, your imperfections, your flaws…they don’t matter to me. You’re flawed, but so am I. We’re both imperfect. But that’s what love is, isn’t it? Being able to see perfection in a person even though you know every flaw and imperfections in them.”

“You still love me? Despite knowing that something might happen to me somehow because of the accident? I already lost my memories of two years. Don’t you fear that I might forget you somehow too? You’re still willing to love me?” Abhi questioned, his own tears forming at the corner of his eyes.

“Loving you was my choice, being with you was my choice and no matter what happens, no matter what befalls you, I’ll stay beside you. That too, is my choice. You can’t and don’t dare take that right from me! So you can stop telling me about your imperfections. No matter what it is Abhi, you’re mine. And there is no way I’m letting you go.”

Abhi smiled at her. He got up from his seat and got down on one knee before her.

Pragya had a guess what he was about to do and held her breath. She could feel her heart pound loudly in her chest, her anxiety at its peak. Her palms were sweating as she watched him with batted breath. She could feel her knees quivering. She swallowed hard and tried to calm herself down. However, nothing seemed to work. The butterflies in her stomach didn’t show any signs of slowing their fluttering. Is this really happening? Is this…is this real?!’ Abhi’s voiice broke her out her thoughts.


She wanted to say ‘go on Abhi’. But only thing that came out of her mouth was a whimper and a squeaking hum.

Abhi took it as a sign to continue. “When I first met you, it was by mistake. Later, I appointed you as secretary for my work, but you became my friend. When I got to know you better, you became my trusted friend. When we became good friends, you became my solace, the salvation to my solitude. It took me time to realize how much you meant to me. But when I did, I thought it was the best feeling I ever felt. But, the actual best feeling is now when I realize you feel that same for me.” he admitted. “Pragya, you are my reason to live. You are my soul, my heartbeat. If I was to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say that I love you.”

Pragya could feel her tears gathering in the corner of her eyes. It was a moment of happiness. However, she couldn’t stop her tears no matter how much she tried. Her heart felt it would burst from happiness. Never did she feel so happy. She squeezed her hands hard, making her nails dig into her palms to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. As she kept listening to him speak, she could feel her throat clog up with her sobs. However, she kept her tears at bay as didn’t want to ruin the moment for him.

“Pragya, after what happened with Tanu, I didn’t want to fall for any girl, believing they will only want me for my money. Neither did I want to risk being hurt in love. But after spending time with you, it was not possible for to keep myself from loving you. Maybe meeting you was just luck, maybe becoming friends was my choice. But loving you was totally beyond me. You, Pragya Arora, are imperfect. But for me, you are perfect in every way. Pragya, when I say I love you, I don’t mean that I love you more than you love me. But what I mean is that I love you more than the bad days that we had and may have. I mean that I love you more than whatever distance may arise between us, I mean I love you no matter the obstacle that comes in our lives.” Abhi’s voice broke towards the end with his emotions overcoming him. However, he managed to smile despite his eyes brimming up with tears. “I mean that…that I love you the m-most.”

Pragya let her tears flow freely on his words. She couldn’t control them anymore. However, she had nothing to shy of it as Abhi himself was close to tears.

All their lives, after all the troubles, after all the hurdles, betrayals, hurt, sorrow, loneliness despair…after everything…they were finally getting the happiness that they deserve which…

Which they could only find with each other.

Abhi took a deep breath to calm himself and continued. “When I lost ways to justify my truth because of Tanu’s lie, it didn’t make me lose hope. When I lost my memories, it broke me but I survived. When I lost my identity it failed to break me. But Pragya, if you…if you walk away from my life, I don’t think there is anything that will be able to bring me back from despair. Since you entered my life, I’ve found myself again. Your smile makes my life a little more brighter, your voice makes my heart flutter, your presence makes me feel alive and when…when you are beside me, I feel like I’m one of the the luckiest men in the world.”

Pragya let out a chuckle through her sobs. “And I’m the luckiest girl to get a man like you who loves me unconditionally.”

Abhi reached behind him into his pocket and pulled out a tiny box.

Pragya gritted her teeth so hard she thought she would break them from it’s sheer force. She could feel the excitement from what she assumed Abhi was about to do. She could feel herself tremble and her legs quivered from the thrill and excitement. She was on cloud nine! It was Abhi’s voice that brought her back to the real world.

“Pragya, as I look at you, I feel like I want nothing more in the world as everything I want is right before me. I want was someone to care for me, I want was someone to be there for me, I want was someone to value me. And all I ever want is…is you, Pragya.” he opened the box and revealed the ring inside it.

Pragya put a hand to her mouth to cover her sobs of happiness.

It was true that it wasn’t the most luxurious and expensive ring that money could buy. But for her, the ring was beautiful in its very essence. It’s value for her was beyond expressible.

She, like every other girl, dreams of the day that their love would finally make them theirs. The day the world would seem like it was rejoicing for her. The day that would feel like one of the happiest days in the span of her existence. The day she and her lover finally gave a name to their relationship. Pragya couldn’t express the joy she felt at that moment.

The ring glowed in the sunlight like a pearl fresh from the ocean. In it, she could see her face reflected clearly. It showed the happiness that was evident on her face. As she gazed into the ring, she could feel a sense of happiness, and peace.

Abhi smiled at her with tearful eyes. “Pragya Arora, I say this may a times, but it’s still not enough. I love you Pragya. More than myself, more than my soul and more than any person I’ve ever met! You are the reason for my existence. You are the reason for my smile. Will you, Pragya Arora, be mine forever, so that I may be the reason for yours?”

Pragya, by now, was practically bouncing on her heels at his words. So overcome by emotions, she was speechless and could only nod vigorously. Nevertheless, she composed herself enough to say a quiet ‘yes’.

Abhi heard it clearly, but wanted to hear it from her lips again. He wanted to relive the moment once more. “What?”

“Oh my! Yes, yes and yes!” Pragya, the ever composed polite girl, leapt over and hugged him. If it wasn’t for Abhi’s quick reflexes, he would have probably fallen over due to the raw force with which she hugged him. The next moment, he felt his shirt get wet from her sobs.

Abhi didn’t blame her for crying. After all, he himself was overcome with so much happiness that was making him tear up.

He let out a hearty laugh. “Pragya, first you smile, then you attack me, and now you cry? Women! Really can’t ever understand you.”

Pragya paused to glare at him and hit him on the arm. She sniffed and rubbed away her tears. She looked at him with a pout. “Shut up! Do you really need to ruin the moment everytime?”

Abhi chuckled. “Fine fine. At least let me put the ring on you.”

“Oh my! You haven’t put it yet? What the heck Abhi?!” Pragya sat up straight and put forward her ring finger. “Go on, won’t you? Why are you delaying?”

‘It’s my fault now, eh?’ he shook his head in amusement. He held her hand and put the ring on her finger.

Pragya smiled and looked down in shyness. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked up at Abhi with her blushing face. “Thanks.”

“And now I claim what’s mine.” saying so, Abhi took her hand and kissed it. “I want you to be with me always.” he leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “I will cherish you always.” he kissed her neck, making her turn redder. “I will love you passionately forever and always.” he kissed her shoulder. “I will value your company more than myself.”

Finally, Abhi took her chin and made her look at him. “And the last one will mean that I… I will love you…always.” saying so, he leaned forward and claimed her soft lips.

Pragya, with the tears of happiness flowing through her eyes, smiled through it and kissed him back. ‘And I will love you too…always.’


Hope you liked!
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