Accept your fate – Promo and chapter 1


Story background- London

Swara Singhania- A beautiful girl. Good hearted, kind,polite,well-behaved,cultured and traditional girl.
She is a Kathak dancer. She gives kathak performances and popularizes Indian culture in London. She works for an Indian society which conducts such programs. Stays alone in an apartment named classy homes.

Ragini- Swara’s soulmate. She was the only person whom swara trusted. She had helped swara a lot in bad circumstances.

Mrs Gadwal- She is the owner of the Indian society. She likes swara a lot but she is very strict and specific. She throws out people from the society who do mistakes and bring shame.

Sanskar Maheshwari- An underworld don in London. He is cruel,merciless and very clever too. He kills people in the Nick of time. He is a criminal.
But he has a sad last and also believes that girls are Sl*ts who can do anything for money. He sleeps with them and does not care about them. There is not one girl in his life whom he cares for except his sister uttara.

Uttara Maheshwari- Sister of Sanskar. She is very good and kind but she is helpless with her brother. She has accepted date and started to lives happy life with ongoing circumstances.

Laksh and adarsh are companions of Sanskar.

Characters maybe added in further of the story if needed.

Chapter 1~~~
An unexpected encounter?

Life is unpredictable. You never know what’s in store for you. Little did Swara know that the beautiful life she has designed for herself from the past 4 years would get completely destroyed today.

Her life was very simple,happy and content. But God has written something else in her fate.
She was quite exited about her performance which was to be given that night in London’s great Hall which had about 500 spectators. She has a huge responsibility. She was exited and nervous at the same time. She remembers the pains she went through to get to this level. She determined herself that she would make it. She looked up at the clock to see that the time was 6pm and the sun was setting by now.

She had to be there by 8pmand her performance was at 9!
She got ready and was about to leave. Shejustgoeshome took a look in the mirror and smiled to herself. She looked pretty and gorgeous in the white long traditional Kathak anarkali with white leggings. The anarkali had golden borders and the neck embroidery was stunning. She had her hair tied into a bun and wore Golden matching jhumkas.
In short she looked heavenly.

Well here on the other hand a deep husky voice spoke…..which number laksh??
On the other side a male voice echoed…..Bhai it’s number 204 classy homes!
OK bye! See you soon!The husky voice spoke.
Bye Sanskar……the call ended.

Sanskar raced up the stairs and went towards 204.

Paper,lip balm,chocolates lay on the floor. He accidentally hit someone and they clashed. She fell! Her things fell. He looked up at her angrily. She was struggling with her things picking up all the chocolates not leaving one.

She said melodiously….very sorry sir! I was in a hurry. I have my programme! I was little tensed! I’m sorry!

Wait mistake was his but she apologised!
(Guys you would have guessed it’s Swara)

Sanskar spoke rudely ‘it’s fine’ with a smirk on his face. He thought–girls die for money! The way she is trapping me huh!

But wait all his anger had vanished. Her face,beauty and that charm! He found her enchanting. He wanted her badly.

By the time he came out of his thoughts she had left!
This was unexpected. He thought she wanted to woo him but contrarily she left! He wanted her now at any cost!!

He turned…..he looked towards 204! I want her!
He rushed towards the exit and spotted her catching cab. He got into his black Bentley and raced the cab. He followed it!

Sanskar’s point of view

Damn! Why am I going crazy?? Should I head back? Room number 204! God I have left it! Now what! But I need her! That’s all! Let me inform laksh. He shall take care.

I went inside and watched. It was the great Hall where the Indian society was hosting a programme and dinner. But what was that girl doing there. It was about to strike 9. I mentally cursed myself or leaving all my work and landing up here where I wasn’t even sure if I would find that girl who bewitched me.

What???! My heart echoed. You finally found an innocent soul and want to harm her. My head said no girl is innocent. All are the same. You are here just to use her. Find her now!

Stuck between my heart and head I decided to find her first. I went in till the VIP chamber and heard an announcement.
‘We would now present our lovely dancer Swara……’
POV ends.

The NAME. He felt connected and looked up at the stage. He saw a girl whose face was in a veil revealing only her eyes which were lined by kajal and all that eye make up. He could recognise them. They were beautiful like those of a fish and could even stop the waves of the sea. He was attracted. She stood there open mouthed. He felt they were his property.
All were clapping. A sudden urge of shooting all the clappers came to him as if someone is watching his private property.

He could not understand this weird behaviour of his heart. The veil fell revealing her face. It was HER.
People clapped louder and his anger increased.

She was his. He had claimed her. Her dance was splendid. She danced very gracefully and swayed her body to the beats accordingly. She was the moon in the hall.
When the song ended everyone applauded her. She was mixture of beauty and talent.

Sanskar rushed towards her. He did not know this unusual behaviour of his heart. Finally they had to encounter.

Guess what happened next!!

Please comment if you like! I’m not a comment digger and would be happy even if I have 5 regular readers! Thank you! And please don’t expect next chapter soon. I am a bad writer and need lots of time. Will post ASAP but will reply to the comments OK??
? Jasmine!

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