Accept your fate – Chapter 9



Chapter 9~~~
She is mine and only mine??

Sanskar’s point of view.

So finally the day came when she was going to be mine. I had bought her academy and had fed Mrs Gadwal enough amount of money so that she wouldn’t disturb us for a few more decades.

I went to her academy. I had planned a renovation. The dance section would cover the entire ground floor with huge rooms for the activities.

The music rooms and other arts would be on the first and second floors.

When I went there I saw the board getting removed. I planned to rename it as Misti academy of Indian arts.

Swara wanted it to be like that.

I was doing whatever she wanted. I just hope that day would come when she will accept me too.

I went near the entrance and saw an elegant figure coming in. It was my swara. She was dressed in a peach colour anarkali. She was so graceful even in her walk.

As she walked in her face tensed up seeing all the renovations. She wondered if she was in the wrong place.

Oh I love those emotions on her face. The way she portrays them. I went nearby her.

She questioned one of the workers.
Swara: Excuse me sir, isn’t this Mrs Gadwal academy??

Man: Mam, our sir has purchased this place and now it’s under renovation.

Swara: What? But how… could she have sold it?? Mom’s dream oh my God! Everything’s shattered now!! What’ll I do??

Tears were in her eyes.
She asked him again.
Swara: Who was the buyer sir??

Man: Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.
The worker said pointing at me.

She turned towards me and was partially shocked. She looked deep into my eyes and walked towards me.

She folded her hands in front of me. Oh god! I should explain that it’s the renovation of HER academy! Yes it’s hers now. She must be thinking I purchase it for myself!

Swara: Sir…….did …yo….you purchase this place??

Sanskar: Yes! I did!

Swara:(on the verge of tears in a broken voice) sir…..please don’t renovate this place. It’s !y mom’s dream. Tell me what you want. But don’t destroy my academy.

She folded her arms.

Sanskar: Swara. I’m sorry. I think you have a misunderstanding……

Swara:No. No sir! Please don’t say no! I want this academy!!

God! She was not listening to me! I wanted to tell her I was just expanding the academy and this dumb girl couldn’t understand a thing!

I held her by her arms and turned her around! She could now see Misti academy hanging on the wall!

She saw it and analysed it for some moments. She saw me again and I smiled at her.

She gave me a shocked expression. She just hugged me! She engulfed me in a bone crushing hug and I swear it’s the best hug I have ever had.

She released it and looked at me innocently like a kid asking for chocolate.

Swara:I need to talk to you in private…..sir.
I was so damn happy.

Sanskar: Sure why not?? Let’s go to Baker’s inn. But before that why don’t you have a look at the place??
And call me Sanskar.

Pov ends.

Swara’s point of view.
I couldn’t believe what just stood in front of me.

My mind was blank. Was all this really had I stepped into a dream? I really wanna pinch myself now.

My dream! My mum’s dream is true.

But all this is done by this person standing in front of me. I get scared of hearing his name. A DON??

But why did he care for me? Did I really matter to him. He had such a cute and smart face. But why was he a DON?? And moreover why did he do all this for me.

Oh chuk all that! My dream finally came true. I should thank him and should also repay everything. And what about Mrs Gadwal?? Didn’t she create any problem.


I will burst due to questions now.

Swara: Si…..Sanskar sir…..thank you so much. I am very happy.

Sanskar: (smiling) Please don’t say thank you. I will do anything for that genuine smile on your face.

Swara: But still I have a few questions. May I ask you?? Would u mind.

Sanskar: Off course not. You are free to ask anything.

Swara: Why did you do all this?? And that day incident……Mrs Gadwal…… Did she create any problem??
Please tell me how all this happened?

Sanskar: Swara……you need not worry about Mrs Gadwal anymore. She is gone from your life. So be happy. And as to why I did this you will get to know soon.


Sanskar: Swara! I told na. Enjoy your moment now. And don’t ever think of repaying me. And also forget that days incident. I will explain later.
I am sorry.(sheepishly)

Swara: Thank you sir! But this is not done. I will enjoy all this but I need to talk to you.

With that I ran off towards the dance section which was developed so well by him. But one unanswered question still circulated in my mind.

Why did he do all this for me???

As I was pondering over all this I received a phone call from Ragini. I picked it in the first ring itself.

“Hello ragu” I said in an exited voice.

“Hello Swara!!”
Well for a change she sounds exited. Hmm!!!! What’s the news I had to ask her but my good news first!!!

“Ragu I have a good news!!” I said!

“Well…..what’s it??” She asked.

“Come to the academy right away!!” I literally yelled.

“OK OK!!! I am coming” She hanged up!

Guys I have tried my level best to keep this fan fiction up to date. I am sorry for the delay.
Guys this ff will end in 2-3 episode because I can’t be punctual and post regularly. I am sorry.
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