Accept your fate – Chapter 8



Chapter 8~~~

Swara’s point of view.

I was happy after many days. I cried my heart out to my best friend and so did she. We both knew our sorrows and happiness well. We had that bonding.

Now I was worried about Mrs Gadwal. I thought how she would react when I tell her I want to handle the academy.

Well there is actually nothing wrong in it. The academy was my mother’s! She left it in my name.

But my fate. I got cheated by her! My step mom!! The witch.

Never in my life did I think she would turn out to be like this………..

When my mum died dad married Mrs Gadwal within one month of mum’s death. I clearly got to know he didn’t love mom much.

When he got her home she showered all the happiness on me. She took my sadness as hers. She made me happy with every possible thing! I even thought maybe it’s time to move on and accept her as my mum.

Only if I knew how wrong I was. I was so wrong it taking the decision back then.
I even accepted her as my mum. Bit then her eyes fell on the academy. She knew all the money the academy got was in my name and my account.
If that day I would have been wise……..

I came home after school. I was in high school.

Swara: Mumma I came!! Give me my favourite juice now.

Mrs Gadwal: Oh swara baby!! I will do not for you now only!! But…….(two tear drops fall from her eyes!)

Swara: Mumma what happens?? Why are you crying?

Mrs Gadwal:Swara I know I am your step mom. But do you really accept me as your mum?? Am I not a good mother?

Swara: Mumma…….your very nice. I love you a lot. After Sumi Maa you only took care of me. I will always listen to you and you are only my mother ma.

Mrs Gadwal: My baby!! Okay now listen I will go get your juice. By then sign these papers OK??

Swara: But why ma??

Mrs Gadwal: Don’t you trust me??(tear eyes)

Swara takes the paper and signs on it. She smiles at her mom happily!

Mrs Gadwal: Baccha no the academy in in my name. All your accounts will come to me.(Smiles evilly)

Swara: I know ma. I trust you.

Mrs Gadwal: Too much trust is not good my baby.


Mrs Gadwal:Nothing! Come we have to go somewhere now! Take this juice.

Swara drinks the juice. She does not what’s happening. She feels dizzy and she faints. Yes! The juice was spiked. She was drugged.

Mrs Gadwal picks her up and places her in a Van.She drives off! Swara wakes up and finds she was in the apartment where she lived at present.

Swara:Mumma!! Mumma. Help me!!! It’s o dark……someone please help!

Mrs Gadwal: Babyyyyy!!! Oh my poor baby…….

Swara:Maaaa….please help me. Someone brought me here.
Swara is crying continuously and tears are setting her cheeks. She is miserable!

Mrs Gadwal: Chup!! You bl**dy feature. Do you even know why your here?? I only brought you here. From today you are not my daughter you are my servant. Get it?? Ha! For getting these stupid signatures I had to act so much! Now I finally have the academy in my name and it will become famous after you join too. Hahahaha!! I am rich now!

Swara: Maa what are you saying??? Please why did you do this??
She is crying continuously.

Mrs Gadwal: Sorry swara! But you see u am greedy! And ya if you don’t work for me and do as I say I will sell this academy to someone! And then your Sumi ma dream! Chatar! It’s shattered. You want that to happen?? If not then obey me and shut up now!

Swara is crying continuously and sleeps.

(Flashback ends)
That day! How can I forget! When she got my mom’s dream in her hands! But I can’t let this academy get closed! I should do something now! It’s time I fight against her.

Pov ends.

Swara thinks about talking to her step mom about getting back the academy. Though it’s of no use she can’t give up hope. So she tries.

But the result is the same! She could not do anything. She comes back to the apartment. She is surprised upon not finding ragini there as ragini had told that she would stay home that day. She wondered where ragini might be and dozed off.

Sanskars point of view.
I immediately rushed to her academy! I found her past. I got to know everything! I am anyways Sanskar !Maheshwari!! The DON. There is nothing which is unknown to me.

Now I know the pain,the sorrow and the tears that dwell in her heart. I asked my PA to schedule a meeting with the head today!

I was going to buy the academy and make Swara’s dream come true. Maybe it was a way to win her love. She never loved me back I knew! But she was my first crush and love and would be the last one too.

The meeting.
Mrs Gadwal: Good morning sir! May I know the reason for this meeting?? Why would you want our company?

Sanskar: It’s none of your business as to why we want the company! Just tell me are you satisfied with amount or not? Just give me the company.

Mrs Gadwal: OK Mr Maheshwari! Here are the papers. The company is yours now!

Sanskar: Yes the company and Swara too!

Mrs Gadwal: What?? Swara! How do you know her?

Sanskar: That’s none of your business again and now get out! Both your previous things are mine.

Mrs Gadwal walked out. Sanskar had a happy cum evil smirk on his face.

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