Accept your fate – Chapter 7



Chapter 7~~~

People do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly but when they repent for it, it is an indication of realization of the mistakes they once made.

Sanskar and Laksh both had the guilt in them about what they had done and also realized that it was purely their mistake because of which the girls were in trouble.

Sanskar upon hearing what Mrs Gadwal had done was furious. He had expected Swara to be angry on him and curse him but the truth was Swara was actually sad.

Not because someone kissed her without her permission but because she had to bear so much from Mrs Gadwal.

And secondly the thought of Swara getting such treatment made his heart burst.

He thought she was a happy go lucky girl but little did he know she was a victim of assault.

She was actually physically tortured by Mrs Gadwal. He had to help her. This was in his mind currently. The pain of his heart knew no bounds.

When such bizarre thoughts ran in Sanskars mind Laksh had others.

He wondered how someone could be so innocent and so pure. He was shocked to know she was pregnant.

He was shocked to know her love for music. He was shocked as she wasn’t angry on him but was angry on her fate itself. It was a big realization of the mistake he made.

He took the camera and placed it back in his coat pocket. He could not understand the things which ran in his mind. He was attracted to her.

He had hurt her. He was guilty for it. He did not know how to apologize.

He decided. He was going to confront her. It was the only way out. Yes it was.

Both of them,Sanskar and Laksh had a sleepless night that day because the bitter truth hit them.

They had caused deep pain to a girl who was as innocent as the flower. As pure as Diana.

The next day morning!

A sad morning yet which was made happy for the soul mates SWARAGINI. They were indeed soulmates. Understood one another a lot and stood like a support to each other.

Swara woke up before Ragini and got ready.

Swara: Ragu….wake up. We have to go to the academy. Please see wake up na. It’s already 9.

Ragini: Swaraaaa……I’m sleepy.

Swara: I know ragini. But please wake up….

Ragini: Okay fine. I am awake. Happy??

Swara: That’s my girl.

The two got ready and left for the academy. It was a half an hour drive and they took a cab.

At the academy.
Swara: Ragini today I will take classes. Tomorrow I will be on leave you can take them. Okay??

Ragini: Okay Swara. But why are you on leave.??

Swara: You will know soon my dear. Okay now get going and rest for a while.

Swara says this and she leaves. She goes to the academy and starts her practice.

At Sanskars place.


That was it. The beautiful glass painting was broken into a million pieces just like his heart. He was very happy just moments before when he saw his love Swara smiling.

‘I did everything. With my own hands.’
He told this to himself.

He felt he was responsible for this state of Swara. He felt that if he hadn’t kissed her or troubled her she would be happy.

Little did he know that he was the first person to love her. She was use to being hate nut not loved.

His hands were bleeding. Each drop of blood symbolized his pain and live for her.

Laksh entered just then. He too was frustrated with himself for the behaviour towards Ragini.

”Bhai… I am not going to the academy. I have some work OK??”

“What work Laksh?” Sanskar asked him!

“Please Bhai. Work matlab work. Don’t irritate me. I said na from tomorrow I will see bhabhi. But today I have WORK. so bye.”

He soon left to Swara’s place. Ragini was still there.
She got fresh and ate her breakfast. She was watching TV when she heard a knock on the door.

“Kaun hoga??” She thought to herself and opened the door.

She was shocked to see laksh with a pained expression standing at the door.

“You…. You… What are u doing here??” She asked.

“I….I… this is for you.” He handed her the cheque he had snatched from her.

“What’s this??” Ragini said.

“The cheque for your music academy.” Laksh said with a guilty face.

“Hmmmm…… you did give it to me???” Ragini said with a sarcastic smile.

Laksh was shocked and as well surprised that how a girl having so much of pain was ready to tease others at any time.

“Hmmm…..yup I did decide you were not a DEVIL.” Laksh added playing on with her.

“I am not a devil!” Ragini reacted spontaneously!

“I said the same if you are not deaf ragini!” Laksh teased.

“OK OK! Now don’t. Thank you so much for the donation. This would help a lot.” Ragini smiled her million dollar one.

She was just about to close the door when laksh spoke up!

“I gave such a huge donation. No treat?” He pouted.

“Hahaha! You need a treat now? OK fine come-on.” Ragini said.

Laksh was mesmerised seeing her beautiful smile.
‘What’s happening to me??’ He thought to himself.

“Oyeeee! Where are you lost???” Ragini shouted Back at him to bring him out of his dreamland!

“Hmmmm nothing. Okay where is your treat?? But before that I need to ask you something important!” He had a serious expression on his face.

“And what’s that!?” Ragini asked puzzled.

“Friends?? Ready to be my friend?” Laksh smiled again.

“Ohhh! You were do serious just for this? Okk friends.” Ragini added.

That’s it! So they were the friends who just met.
And they were gonna be really good ones.

“Where shall we go??” Ragini asked.

“It’s your treat Madame!” Laksh added on a pure gentleman accent.

“Hehehe! OK let’s go to cafe de late.”

They left. They were now in a too good bond. They were happy! After a long time too.

When things went right between our raglak ,swasan had a long way to go.

Sanskar was deeply pained thinking he was the reason for swara sadness and change in life.
He decided to apologize.

Will he successfully manage to become her friend like laksh ot will he miserably fail? Stay tuned to know it all!

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