Accept your fate – Chapter 6



Chapter 6~~~

Laksh’s point of view.
Guilty. That was all I could feel. I hurt that girl so much.
I mentally cursed myself for hurting such an innocent soul. Oh my! I just believed what a kid said.

She is a DEVIL. No she isn’t. She is infact a pious soul. I hurt her! Maybe……I should apologize.

How could I even do that. Just by listening to that kids rant! I thought she is undeserved. I will…….Apologise!

Having these thoughts in mind I left searching for her. I went towards the music room. She was not be seen anywhere.

I went inside and noticed a sitar kept. I touched it. The music it produces sent vibrations. I felt inner bliss on seeing the place. I explored it. It was kinda nice. I went inside.

Many other instruments were kept there. I heard a door open. I turned. It was the washroom door. She looked as if she was sobbing for hours. Her kajal was smudged but she still looked so pretty.

God! Laksh what were you thinking?? Damn Apologise. She failed to notice me.

She was still busy sobbing her heart out. It pained me somewhere. I moved out of the instruments area and came out.

I clearly observed the movement of those eyes. Those tiny little orbs held magic in them. She lifted her eyelashes hearing footsteps.

As soon as she saw she gave a little yelp. I stood still. She saw me and just gave me a little smile. I was SHOCKED!

Who the hell would smile at guy who caused you a pile of insults. She said…….

Ragini: Si…sir. Hello. I’m in a hurry today. Please meet me later if you have anything to talk about.
Ragini let out her fake smile again and ran out of the room half sobbing.

I felt daggers pierced in my heart.

I ran behind but couldn’t find her. I thought of apologizing her anyhow the next day. I left the place.
Pov ends.

Laksh soon upon coming out called Sanskar, after all he was here to his work. Spying on…..well not literally spy. To find about Swara. He called Sanskar.

Sanskar: Hello lucky. Tell me. Anything more about Swara??

Laksh: Har waqt swara?? Ask about me also Bhai.

Sanskar: Oye what should I ask?? Do you have any girlfriend like me??

Laksh: (speechless…….an image of Ragini struck his mind somewhere……).hmmmm……no bahi. OK fine Swara went home I guess. I will come back to the academy tomorrow or do you want me to follow her to her house also?(Sarcasm)

Sanskar: Lucky! Ur my jaan yar! Go and see what she does in her house too.

Laksh: (thinks my plan flopped on me itself) okk bye I will go now.

Here, swara comes home. She sits with a thud on the sofa. She was very tired.

Laksh too comes to her apartment. He finds a side window through which he can see Swara and what she does. He calls Sanskar.

Sanskar: Now what lucky??

Laksh: huh?? Nothing! Who was the one who asked me to keep an eye on their girlfriend? OK bye if you don’t want to see her.

Sanskar: Lucky I’m so sorry man. I forgot you had gone there. OK fine. What is she doing tell me now.

Laksh: I don’t have time to tell. You see yourself.

Laksh fixes a camera to the window wall. Sanskar can see Swara and what she does now. He gets mesmerized seeing her slowly sleeping. She was looking like a baby. She seemed very tired. As she was about to sleep,there WS a knock on the door. She got up with a jerk!

Sanskar cursed the person who knocked the door. Swara went and opened the door.

It was Ragini!

As soon as she came in she started walking aimlessly and sat on the couch. Swara closed the door and happily came inside thinking she could spend some time with her friend.

As she came inside she saw her friend,her sister Ragini sitting on the couch with an unbelievable expression on her face. She looked heart broken.
[Don’t forget Sanskar and Laksh are seeing all this]

Swara: Ragini! I am so happy to see you darling. What do you want to eat today? Tell me. I will prepare it for u. You know right in this condition you need to take care of yourself…..Ragu…why are you sitting like this? (Lifts up her chin)

Ragini: (coming out of her thoughts)
Ohh….nothing ragu. I’m just little tired. Wohh….what were you asking me?

Swara: From when did you start lying to me? Tell me what happened. You know right at this moment….a life is inside you. You are pregnant. You should take care of yourself. And being depressed won’t help. Tell me what happened??

Ragini burst out crying on Swara’s shoulder. Swara gets shocked. Swara also started crying.

Swara: Tell me what happened?

Ragini: Swara mrs Gadwal….she threatened me that….. that…..

Swara: what!? That she will close the music wing?

Ragini: Yesss… know na. We are getting very less donations too. Whare will I go without my music Swara?? It’s my life. Don’t I teach well? Don’t the kids like me? And today…….

Swara: Today……??
Ragini tells Swara what all happened today and how Laksh snatched the cheque. The receptionists taunts and all.

Swara: Oho! Ragu! Such a small thing. It’s OK baba.
She hugs her and Ragini cries.

Ragini: Swara…..I have taken a decision.

Swara: What is it??

Ragini: Swra I feel after I conceived this baby and Karan left me……I am unable to give importance to music in my life the way I used to give it before. So I thought of……

Swara: what??(shouts) Abortion?? Again Ragini? How may times do I tell you? All this is not good! AMD the baby is your and karan’s last sign. You want to kill it?

After calming down.
Swara: Ragini. Don’t take much tension OK? This baby of yours……its your wish. I am no one to interfere. But after knowing how much karan loved you and about everything….I really don’t want you to lose karan’s last sign. Please ragu. And killing a life is is a crime. Does the baby inside you know that you are planning to kill it. Ragini and I am here to support you na. Then why do you worry??

Ragini: hmmm…..Swara maybe you ARE right! It’s better to ACCEPT YOUR FATE and move on instead of cribbing about everything. But my music……Andi am not getting any donations swara. What do I tell to mrs Gadwal?

Swara: Hmmm…..don’t worry! I will talk to her.

Ragini: you!! No ways. I won’t allow her to come near you. You better not go near her. I will leave the academy but not let you get hurt. Get it!!

Swara: oh!! It’s fine. I will talk to her.
Ragini holds Swara’s hand and makes her sit. She takes cold cream from the table and pulls her sleeve. She applies it on the scars.

Ragini: When you can find my lie can’t I find yours? Why do you hide them swara? You bear so much. Why? So only I don’t want you to go near her.

Swara: You got to know? Just like you said I ACCEPT MY FATE and move on…..and this one is for the mistake I made. So I don’t mind.

Ragini: What mistake did you do??

Swara TELLS her about the kiss. And how !RS Gadwal bet her.

Ragini: What?? Who had the dare to kiss you??

Swara: Ohhh. That’s why I didn’t tell you. Leave it. I want to forget about it. Now tell me what do you want to eat??

Ragini: I want paneer paratha.

Swara: hmmmm….okay let’s get cooking now. I will feed my sister with my own hands.
The two best friends shred their happiness and sorrows with each other and finally Cooke’s and slept.

They were happy outside but sad inside. They his everything for the sake of others happiness. No one knew this but now two people got to know about it.

What was their reaction??

Hey guys! Let me tell you. A small clarification. I am jasmine! The friend of the writer of this story who will be revealed soon! Guys I just copy paste and post the story as she is very busy now. She is active on fb and posts it on fb too.

So guys how was the chappy??

And ya Ragini has a past? Hows raglak btw?? Today I showed very much of SWARAGINI. I missed old swaragini. But how was it!? True soulmates?? A better word?

But guys have patience. Swasan will come. And very sorry for the late update. I will post next episode asap! Bye and sorry for late update.

Credit to: Jasmine

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