Accept your fate – Chapter 5



Chapter 5~~~
Mrs Gadwal

Swara’s point of view.
I mentally cursed myself for all the happenings yesterday. I took bath and made sure I has washed my lips about a 100 times. Later I left the apartment with ragu. She was sweet sissy,not real but we had that bonding. We would be there for each other always.

When I came to the academy Ragini ran to her area of expertise which was singing. Yes! Ragini was an amazing singer. She would sing like a Nightingale. I went to the Kathak section. As expected…..oh noooo!

Mrs Gadwal stood in my practice room turning towards the window. I entered without her knowledge and slowly bent down to touch her feet. She sensed it would be me as only I touched her feet in the entire academy. She looked at me. Before she could say something I spoke….I am really sorry mmmaaa…..
It’s just that myself and Ragini returned late. I will make sure this does not repeat. She glared at me and I swear if looks could kill I would be in ashes by now.

She went and closed the door behind. I knew what would happen next. I prepared myself for the worst.
She came near me. She didn’t speak a word. I knew what she would ask. I placed my hand in front of her. She went and brought an instrument to which I was familiar.

It was a steel ruler. No wonder! She still hits me. I closed by eyes and 1,2,3……it went on upto 23. I think she got tired by then. ‘Will you be late again?? Will you?? Whom were you with yesterday? Who was that guy you kissed? You think I don’t know? I will kill you. Just because you are my step daughter, I am allowing you stay in the academy. You know I would make you beg. Do what I say. Try acting smart and I will go more worse.’

I had started weeping by then. Though he was the reason behind all this I never felt anger or hatred towards him. Tears run down my cheeks. She slapped me hard across them. I held my cheeks.
She said “don’t try and act smart.” She slapped me again. “Another day like this you will be on the streets! I’m warning you. Daughter of [email protected]#$h.” She pushed me hard and I fell on the floor hitting my head across the wall. It started bleeding.

“Pull yourself to pieces and start practicing. Students will be here any moment.” She said harshly to me. I was crying. “Get up!!! She said. Or do you want more??”
I immediately got up. My legs shivered due to pain. She left. I went to the washroom. I opened the tap and let water fall into the bucket. I also let my tears fall. I cried loudly. But nothing would be heard. I put myself together and went out. My legs ached. But still I practised lightly.

All this was happening because of her. Why did I let her fool me? Why God? Am I so bad that you have given me such a disastrous life. Why only me? Will I ever have the happiness of being loved by someone?
Pov ends.

Sanskars point of view.
I arranged for men to follow her. I wanted to know her daily activities. I was really upset that I could not follow her myself like a love struck idiot. What could I do? I am a criminal. Yes I am! People can catch me.

It was about 1pm when I got a call from laksh. Don’t be shocked but he is her follower. He is my sweet brother and even adarsh decided to take shifts along with laksh. They were so keen on meeting their bhabi.

When I told them I think I am in love you should have seen their happiness. It knew no bounds. They were so happy. Already imagining stuff. Home made food by their bhabi,a family close enough. If I knew brothers wanted a family so badly I would have married before. Well that would have made things tuff though as I could not have fallen in love with swara if I was married. I laughed at those thoughts.

Laksh called.
Laksh: Bhai, I reached the society. But which is bhabi’s department of expertise??
Sanskar: She is Kathak laksh.
Laksh: oh okay! I have come here saying have donations from our business company.
Sanskar: Okay. Give it to her specially.
Laksh: okok Bhai control ha. I will give and ya I will keep the phone on so you listen to what we talk.
Sanskar: Hmmm…. Okay fine go fast now.
Pov ends.

Laksh goes near a receptionist. He asks her the Kathak area of the society and says he wants to give a donation. The lady gets happy and points at an area. He comes there. Swara is teaching some kids there. Kids are very naughty. She is managing them but they are running here and there. She forgets everything around kids. The innocent souls. She forgets her pain and teaches them.

Swara: bachoo!! Please make a line.
She had her puppy face. Laksh laughed within imagining dramebazz bhabi.
The kids are still scattered. Swara started to cry(acting). Ha…..ha….nobody listens to me. Everyone hate me. I will go away. She walks away. One boy comes and pulls her.
Boy: mam please don’t go. I love to learn. I will listen to you
Swara*sad face* : no you won’t. Nobody will. You all will tease me and make me cry.
Boy: no no. We will listen. You please don’t go. You are our cute ma’am na! And if you go that bhootni Ragini mam will come and make us cry like a donkey. Please you teach us.
Swara: haan. Teasing my ragu! Don’t tease her!!
Boy: okay okay!now you please teach us na!
Swara: Okay okay everyone stand in line.

She notices laksh then. She walks towards him.
Swara: Yes? Who are you?? Are you here for your child’s admission??
Laksh was shocked listening to child and all. Poor laksh.
Laksh: What nooo!!! I am not yet married! I came to give donation. Here!
He handed a cheque. Laksh keenly observed Swara’s face. He saw red marks on her hand and a cut on her head. He kept thinking.
Swara: Thank you sir! We are very much grateful. You are sponsoring. Please keep coming and ya if you want even you can learn.
Laksh: Me!? No no I don’t want to. I am good. Bye! Have a good day!
He left.
Sanskar was laughing on the phone listening to Swara’s drama and she asking laksh if he was for his child’s admission! Lol

When laksh picked the phone Sanskar was laughing like hell. He laughed and laksh got damn pissed off!

Laksh: Bhai! Stop do in look like a father?? I am still 20! Common! Don’t laugh.
Sanskar somehow managed to control his laughter.
Sanskar: I will call you later lucky! Bye!
He hung up!

Laksh still thought about Swara’s pale face and some hidden fear. He thought to keep an eye on her.

He left. He was walking towards the exit when he heard a voice shout.
“Hey!! Mr? Who are you and what are you doing here?”
Laksh turned in the direction of the voice.

A pretty girl stood there looking with a confused expression as if laksh had entered her bathroom and was staring at her. He mentally slapped himself for thinking about a girl like this. But he did like her.
(It’s Ragini guys hope you realised!)

“Hey!! I am asking you something!”
” I came here to give donation.” Laksh said calmly.
“What??! Donation. Which department? Please donate some to music also no!! Pleaseee”.

She had puppy dog eyes and was so cute. Laksh said okay…..hmmmm take this. He handed her a cheque with a big amount.

Ragini tared at it open mouthed as if a child hot ice cream after 2 years of waiting. Laksh bent and closes her mouth! She was embarrassed. She looked down and said thank you so much sir! This would be of great help!

Laksh smirked and was about leave when Ragini said sir your name???
Laksh said I am laksh! Friends call me lucky!
Ragini forwarded her hand and said Ragini! music teacher.

Laksh’s face formed a frown! You are Ragini?? Music?

Ragini said yesss!
Laksh snatched the cheque and said I won’t give any donation to you! Kids call you devil!
He said it bit harshly. Don’t know how I came in your trap.
Ragini got shocked. Now the receptionist mocked at her. Ohh ragu! Why do ever try. You know the music wing will be closed soon. You really are a devil.

By then there was a sound of a bell and kids ran out. Ragini was in tears. She said no!! I won’t let it close. And she walked away dejectedly.
Laksh felt guilty. He felt he had done a mistake.

The kids who came out running shouted raguuu!!!! Ragini slowly turned and made up a gleeful face which was gloomy one minutes earlier.

She turned and said”Hii bachhas! Remember me now? Today also you went to Swara di? What about me?”
A girl says” Arre ragu! Swara di na devil! She did not leave us only. Else we would have come. Tomorrow pucca music class okay?”

Ragini says” hai! Teasing my Swara?”
Girl says”okay okay! You both are devil’s(bites her tongue) no no pari!!! Okay bye!!” She runs away pulling her cheeks and saying ur sooo cute ragu!!
Ragini smiles to herself and leaves.

Guys managed a long update! Thanks for the comments! But its decreased from 32 to 18. No problems.Love ya! And ya mature swara is necessary but I will try making her innocent and kiddish. What do you think about raglak? Want them?
Okay a poll! Who wants raglak and who don’t want! But I want them! They are a cute couple. I will just make them as a couple but not much scenes. Anyways you tell.

Bye fellas! I am busy! Will try replying!

Credit to: Jasmine

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