Accept your fate – Chapter 4



Chapter 4~~~
I let her go……?

Swara’s Point of view
What was I??? I traded doll. He liked me, so he licked me up? What does he think of himself? I am not liking this man at all. I hate him. How dare he do all that. My mind gets dishelved by those thoughts. I am snapping back at him now! C’mon Swara you can do it my inner one stood like a bull with horns in a bull fight. I spat….
How dare you Mr…..whatever you are? How dare you come in MY room and kiss ME? HUH?
Now just get out of here, I don’t want to see your face.

Oh god he looked in rage by now. Is he angry? Will he take out his gun and shoot? I somehow put up a brave show but now what?
My inner one got tensed and I saw it wearing a hoodie and running away. I wanted to do the same.

To my surprise he said okay fine. But I won’t let you go so easily. He had a blo*dy smirk on his face. He took his gun. I shrieked! He looked at me with his same signature smirk and opened the door. He came back to me and seductively came too close.

Oh noooo……beads of sweat formed on my head. He slowly wiped them off. Gave a sarcastic laugh and left. I gasped loudly.

I saw at the door again. Shit! He came back. I give you shivers. He again gave a smirk and left.

My mind repeated………
You gave a brave show swara but are you seriously that brave? My mind and my heart both were together this time. Both said the same. Flashes of the kiss,his seductiveness came to me. And worse what if he does come back?

Tears flowed down. I fell on the bed with a thud! I buried my face into the pillow and mentally cursed myself… are good for nothing swara. You are just a coward,a freak,a girl who gave away easily to a kiss. I cried and don’t know when sleep took over me.

Sanskars point of view.
I let her go. Yes I did. But it was only for now. I had a deep attraction for her. You may call it a crush. I mentally blushed. Those tiny orbs. I could make misery and pain masked behind them. I could figure out how much she covered. So as of now I let her go. I also wanted to know more about her. So I just let it away. Not that I would forget her. That would never happen. I would make her mine by giving her sometime.

I walked out of the room. But I could see it crystal clear! The way she pretended to be brave and courageous. She only showed she was bold. I am sure she would have cried off to sleep by now.

I want her to love me back now. I myself wasn’t sure if I was in love. But this feeling was surely different. I was confident of being in love. In slowly walked up to my car parked near the exit and drove off.

Pov ends.

‘Swaraaaa…….’ A voice called out sweetly. Swara smiled and woke up. She said ‘ragu” still her eyes closed. She opened in her arms and the two hugged like long lost friend but Ragini spoke up “Swara fast let’s leave. You slept off here only yesterday.”

Swara looked around and realized she was still in the rooms provided by the society and that she hadn’t reached her apartment. She realized she was off to sleep yesterday night after her dreadful encounter with a criminal. For now she zipped her mouth and took her bag and both the girls rushed out murmuring a thank you to the event manager.

They rushed and caught a cab to classy homes. Swara rushed inside as it was too late and she had her practice sessions and also tutoring sessions. Yes! She was teacher at the society too. She would get her salary less as Mrs Gadwal was pretty too strict. She hurried!

Guys ! I am ready to accept tomatoes,eggs and even sandals for this piece of shit I have typed. I swear I am sleepy and not even in my senses as to what I have typed. I am too tired. Sorry and ya sorry for late update as well.
And ya this chapter is filler, that’s all!
Sanskars dark side and mysterious Mrs gadwal are yet to be revealed. Wait for the suspense guys.
Again sorry for this piece of junk I typed.
Thank you

Credit to: Jasmine

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