Accept your fate – Chapter 3



Chapter 3~~~
She is the one!?

We both looked into each other’s eyes……..

Sanskars point of view.
I saw them. I always admired them from far but now seeing them right in front of me I could see pain,agony,sorrow clearly masked being them. Only then did I realize that I had hurt an innocent soul. She was off course innocent. She in fact knew only Kathak I guess. May be it was her world.

I couldn’t bear it anymore. She was still sobbing slowly. I left her. I slowly made sure she was fully covered. As I stepped back she sat down with a thud on the bed. She looked at me. She saw me as if she was going to give a thesis about me.

But one thing I noticed was she did not show the anger other woman had. She was pure and chaste……I would say as chaste as Diana.

I then realized. Wait! I was behind a girl whom I saw less than 6 hours ago just because she was very beautiful and appeared to be pure? Well my mind scolded me for taking such a session while my heart told me she is pure,She is the one for you.

I went to her and sat by her side. I had no words to has. She probably was afraid of me by now. She moved to the edge of the bed. She saw me with a terror filled face. I was angry upon myself that I bought her to that state.

I slowly started mustering courage……I am Sanskar……ummm do you remember we had a clash in your apartment…….I’m sorry that was accidental and ya even this was… .I said it slowly. I’m sure I lost all my manliness I showed in my business and work here in front of this girl.

It’s just that I liked you a lot and this happened….I blurt it out awkwardly. I felt wet hands and sweat beads on my forehead. She turned at mein amusement. But still had that fear. I wanted that gone first.

Hey…..ummm no need to be afraid okay. That’s that’s……that gun is just for protection. It was purely accidental. I promise I won’t use it again. Will you talk ha??

Swara’s point of view.

What does this man mean by saying he likes me. And that kiss? How can any kiss be accidental. I’d he kidding? I am really working hard for a living here and he just comes up to kiss me.

I just felt light when he said there was no need to be afraid. It was then I decided to speak up.

Who are you???? What do you want? I am in no way related to you…….I bombarded him with questions. He frowned. A bad one.

He said okay fine…… You don’t know me?? I am quite famous! But I’m not as bad as people portray me. I am Sanskar Maheshwari.
Pov ends.

Swara tried remembering. Famous…..Sanskar…..and Maheshwari…..another word came to her mind. Underworld……mafia……oh God! She remembered.!!!

The headlines in the daily prophet!!

The article continued…….the Maheshwari brothers have seems to return as mafia and terror spike up in the underworld……..the new controller.

Oh god!!! Was he the DON! He had a gun too. Now what? She got even more scared. She shouted you are a criminal. Go away stay away. I don’t like you. She started throwing pillows at him. She started running around.

She said please don’t kill me. I am no rival of yours. I want to live……please….let me go.
She kept on blabbering and he got irritated.

He shouted. Why would I kill you damn it!!!! I want you! I like you! I don’t want to kill you!
He pulled her to him. She widened her eyes in wonder. She thought for a second! Is he really a DON???

A don asking sorry. Liking a girl. Following her. Was it! This can’t happen! A DON only kills people is what she had an image of. Fellow she was damn confused.

She looked at him in disbelief. Not to know if she should be scared of him. Ashamed of the act she did. And moreover if she should believe his words or not. She was hell confused now. Her clear path she had set for life now became filled with water. It was a blur. Life was a blur…..

But things were fine with him though. His track was clear. He loved her. Her innocence and her purity had attracted him. Love does not need years to happen. It can happen within a fraction of second. All You need is a good heart to give and another good one to receive. He made up his!Ind. SHE IS MINE!

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Now to the point!Guys I have 2 characters of Swara… a mature one and other an innocent kiddish one. Which one do you prefer a poll!

Mature one will have a conflict of feelings while the later one will have a nice nok jhok parts….funn and all.

It’s up to you guys to decide! Meet you in chappy 4!
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Credit to: Jasmine

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