Accept your fate – chapter 2


Chapter 2~~~
Her nature?

Sanskars point of view.

Her performance got over. A pretty girl of about the same age as her came to her and wrapped a shawl around her. She descended the steps gracefully. Many congratulated her and praised her.

She went near a woman standing near the VIP section with a stern expression on her face. She bent down to take her blessings. The woman just kept her hand on her head. She didn’t even wish her. God!! Attitude.

Why should I bother anyway. My pearl is waiting for me. Let me go get it. I rushed following her. She entered a deserted corridor with rooms on both sides. May be they were changing rooms. She enter one of them in the end of the corridor. I waited for it to close.

Then I tried opening it. To my surprise it was open. I entered.

‘Oh Ragini you came. Thank God you came early. Just open the back zip na! It’s too tight’

My my!!! Should I open it??? She was referring to Ragini right! Maybe she left the door open for her.

She is yours Sanskar. When Sanskar Maheshwari needs something he does not ask it and take. He demands it. He grabs it.

Pov ends.

He slowly went towards Swara. He held her zip and pulled it down. It slowly revealed her bare back with her white lingerie. He suddenly got a manly urge to make her his. He did not know what to do.

He bent down and kissed her bare back. Swara jerked.

‘What are you doing Ragini?’
She turned. And
Her shouts echoed in the room. Sanskar held her mouth firmly and pinned her to the wall. Her dress was falling apart due to the open zip revealing everything. She looked at him in horror.

Of course she would be terrified. She looked at him with tears brimming in her eyelids. She was helpless.

But Sanskar was feeling something else. He was very much surprised seeing her behaviour. He found that HER NATURE was different. Very girl wanted to sleep with him. Every girl craved for his money. But SHE!! why the hell was she crying. And moreover she had to be happy as he wanted her to himself. FOREVER.

He was lustful now. He did not know what he would be doing. He slowly leaned in. He placed his rough lips on her gentle ones with lots of love. Yes he had started loving her by HER NATURE not by her beauty.
But he had not realized it yet.

The precious pearls fell from her eyes upon this act of his. His shirt drenched in her tears. He still kissed her not leaving her a chance to let go. The inner man was coming out now. He pushed inside even though she did not allow him to. Their tongues intertwined. She started falling apart and sobbing. He let her go as he realised what he had done. He just saw her with an unbelievable expression.

That was when he realised she was different. Her NATURE was different. She was not the usual SL*ts who came to him. And that meeting was purely accidental and not intentional.
But he wanted her and he would get her.

He managed to suppress the inner man and went near her.

She was broken. Totally was. An unknown man unzipping her and secondly kissing her. She had never kissed. She cursed herself for leaving the door open. She felt weak in her knees. She was falling down when he held her in the Nick of the time.

He placed his hands on her cheeks and caressed them slowly. She felt her cheek pricking on his touch. She wanted to scold him, curse him but words did not come. She was weak now.

But when it came to her self respect she never fell weak. She somehow gathered up courage and

She left a tight slap on his face with the mark of her four fingers. She had the hate towards him in those eyes.

This was enough for Sanskar to rage up. He had controlled the inner man but now she had made it come back to full rage.

She had provoked him now. It took him a few minutes to realise what just happened and then…….

He got damn angry. Who had the dare to slap Sanskar Maheshwari. He held her hair and pulled her. He bolted the door. His anger knew no bounds. He trashe her on the bed.

She shouted and writhed in pain. She had not expected such a reaction.

He pulled out his gun and placed it on her head. She shrieked in pain and terror.
‘How dare you!! Have the guts to even touch Sanskar Maheshwari? Do you even know who I am?? I hurt people. They don’t hurt me.’

This was enough for swara. She lost her confidence and courage. Yes she was bold but bold enough to face Sanskar Maheshwari.

She broke apart. She fell down. She started sobbing.
In between her sobs came out some low words.
‘Who are you? What have I done wrong with you. I am a simple hardworking girl. I don’t hurt anyone…..pls let me go. I’m sorry if there is any mistake of mine.’

Now Sanskar looked at her in surprise. No wonder she was innocent. She knew nothing. She was gentle and caring. Now he got her true NATURE.
He started feeling bad for his act. He had known how to handle sl*ts well but such a gentle girl. Never in his life had he handled such a girl.

She truly felt sorry for a hurting a girl now. But what would he do?? He did not know.

He slowly bent down and lifted her cheeks. H hesitated. A lot……..IM SORRY……he said in a low voice.

She looked up. He tear stained big brown eyes into his pitch black ones. Both could find a sea of emotions in it but could not understand anything.

Done with chapter 2!!
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