Accept your fate – Chapter 12


Chapter 12~~~
All’s well that ends well!!??

Swara was sitting on her bed deep in thoughts when the door was banged by someone.

Ragini and Laksh had already left. Ragini stating that she was going out with laksh for shopping some musical instruments while Swara knew that she was just going for a DATE.

She went towards the door and opened it.

She gasped. There stood Sanskar who was like a ghost. His face pale,eyes sunken and his head slightly bleeding.

Swara caught him and got him inside. Tears were on the edge of her eyelids. She could not bear to see him in such a state.

After sometime she heard him mumbling. She went closer to him so that she could hear him.

‘Swara…..I love you swara….I am sorry if I hurt you. Please don’t leave me.’

Swara was teary eyed. She thought……how can man who just knew her recently be so deep in live with her? How can a guy whom you barely know develop feeling for you?

She just caressed his hair and went. She was standing in the balcony. Different thoughts were moving in her mind. Life was so fast with her.

Just days before she was weeping about her fate which had caused her to bear Mrs Gadwal. She was tensed for her academy. But now her fate had turned tables. She had found her soulmate or the person whom she loved the most. She had her academy back and she was also free from Mrs Gadwal. She just prayed all this lasted forever.

She walked over to the bed. She saw Sanskar sleeping like a baby. She guessed maybe he had a fight with his rival. She just sighed and started crying slowly.

Tears made their way to her eyeds. She was happy that she had got him but she was already sad seeing his present state.

Sanskar woke up listening to her tiny sobs. He saw that he was in her apartment.

As soon as he woke up he was engulfed in a bear hug by Swara. She hugged him and sobbed all her pain away.

He was shocked at first but then reciprocated and hugged her back.

”I….am…am so….sor….ry Sanskar” Swara managed to say in between her sobs.

“I hurt …you…so…much” She said.

“It’s alright swara. There is no need to be sad or cry over that. Okay…..look at me now. Look at me.”
Sanskar said.

Swara looked up into his eyes which were now peaceful and clam. She was surprised at first. She held him tightly as if he would run ways even if left for a second.

She just leaned against his chest…….

“Sanskar….I don’t know what to say. You….. Are have done so much. Not even my mom did this to me. You freed me from my troubles. Helped me during tough times…..stayed like a barrier to my troubles even when you didn’t know me properly…….I can’t just tell you how I feel. I am not a person who had experienced so much of love…..all of it together was too much for me. But now may be…..maybe I just realised what you are to me. I can clearly see your love for me. Maybe I too fell for you. Even I LOVE you Sanskar…..”

She lifted her head and saw his face. It was shining like a bulb?

It indicated how happy he was. She too was happy for him. In this life which she had assumed to be be hell was on the verge of being heaven. She was very happy.

They looked into each other’s eyes and the setting sun was a perfect background for the. Before they knew they were leaning in and they smashed their lips on each other.

It was a sweet passionate kiss. After a while they broke apart. Swara looked down due to shyness.

Sanskar lifted her head up and said ” You are going to be my life partner. Sanskar Maheshwari’s wife! And you should never feel shy.”

He was smirking. This made her blush more. She softly lifted her chin up and kissed her forehead. They were hugging each other and cuddling until it felt like ages.

Finally Sanskar broke the silence.

Sanskar: “Will you marry me Swara??”

Swara: What kind of a question is this?? Off course I will.
She giggled and cuddled him more.

Sanskar: Swara my profession is like that. You know it very well by now I suppose? Will you able to accept me as your life partner with all my flaws?? Will you stay by my side when I come back home wounded like this?

Swara: Sanskar I accept you as you are. But all I want is your safety. I do want you to leave this work but it’s your wish…..and I accept you with all your strengths and weaknesses.

Sanskar smiled at her confession.

On the other hand Raglak were also happy. They too wanted to be together. They were happy with each other.

And so Swara just ACCEPTED HER FATE and went ahead in life. And the story ended happily ever after.

Two weeks later.

Priest: Will you Swara Gododia accept Sanskar Maheshwari as your well wedded husband?

Swara: I do. ?

Priest: Will you Sanskar Maheshwari accept Swara Gododia as your well wedded wife?

Sanskar: I do.

Priest: So by God’s grace I now announce you as husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.

Swara was deep red by now. Sanskar opened the translucent veil on her face and kissed her with all love.

The crowd cheered. It was a huge wedding. Swara always wanted a church wedding and Sanskar didn’t object.

She was wearing a long white gown with a bunch of rossets in her hand. He was wearing a jet black coat and tie with a white shirt. He was too handsome to describe.

Hand in hand they walked upto the car and swara threw her bouquet. And guess who! Ragini caught it.

She had a small baby bump by now. She was supported by laksh. Both looked at each at each other in amazement and laughed.

Laksh: Happy honeymoon Bhai and bhabi!!!!

Ragini: Same from me swara!!!

The couple blushed hard and left.

They went to Paris for their honeymoon. Sanskar left all his work and took a break for his beloved wife.

They landed in Paris by evening. They checked in their suite and once they entered it,it was decorated with rose petals and ribbons.

Swara blushed seeing this.

Sanskar: I ll fresh up and come swara! (He winked)

Swara: Okay Sanskar.

Sanskar: Wanna join?!

Swara ran towards the balcony.
After a while Sanskar came out. He scanned the room. Swara was leaning towards the window. Sanskar came from being and hugged her. Swara sensing her husband’s presence smiled.

He started placing soft kisses on her nape. He slowly tickled her. She giggled and ran away.

He went towards her and caught her in his strong Arms. They both slipped and fell on the bed. She was under him.

He got moony eyed. He slowly unzipped her dress and started placing wet kisses on her body. It sent shivers down her spine.

She being unable to beat his stare covered herself in the bedsheet. He switched off the lights and went inside it too.

So the two souls became one that night. They were happy and content in life.


Guys finally completed accept your fate. One moral from my side.

Life may put you through the toughest of all situations. You have to struggle to come out of it. But sometimes you may fail an when you do so, just accept what’s in your fate and move on.

So guys please comment and give me good likes at least on my last chappy. And don’t forget epilogue is waiting. I have already typed it. Just little editing left.

So it’s #Katie signing off!!! Bye fellas.

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