Accept your fate – Chapter 11



Chapter 11~~~
When things fall in place. ??

Swara woke up with a jerk and was breathing heavily. She let out a sign as she realized all of it was a dream.

She woke up and saw Ragini sleeping on the couch itself. She arranged a bed sheet for her and went to prepare coffee.

Though she was physically present in the kitchen she was in her dream itself. She was thinking about Sanskar and yes! How could she forget the kids in her dream. Two girls were calling her and Sanskar mom and dad.

Did that indicate about her mom’s happiness in this relation? She felt happy after many days.

She felt herself at ease and she also felt her pain release out of the body. She was so very exited. She wanted to go back to Sanskar now. She wanted to tell him her heart out.

She did not love him but she was sure of his love and she had also got her mom’s permission in this. She was sure it was her mom in her dream who wanted her to know Sanskar was perfect for her.

But where would she go in search of Sanskar. Neither did she know where he lived nor did she know his number.

She should have collected it long back. She mentally scolded herself for all this.

She then reminded herself of the renovation going on at the academy. She rushed there without even informing ragini.

When she reached the venue she could spot men working on the renovation. A person was guiding them. She went near him and asked him about Sanskar.

But luck was not in her favourite that day. The man said that Sanskar had left hours ago and did not return. She knew they had left together.

She sat near one of the steps not knowing what to do next. Cold breeze blew on her face. She was lost in thinking what she would do know.

Should she let go of the guy who loved her to such an extent that he would give his life for her and move on or should she go in search of him.

As she sat lost in thoughts a person called her by touching her shoulder.

When she turned around she could see a handsome guy standing in front of her. He was similar to Sanskar and was also dressed up in the same way.

The man: Swara??

Swara: Yes…..who are you????

The man: I’m Laksh Maheshwari…….Sanskars brother.
He was scratching his head shyly. Swara was a!used at his behaviour and at the same time delighted as she could find out about Sanskar.

Swara: Sanskar…..where is he?? Please tell me.

Laksh: Well…..Bhai is out on vacation actually his work came up suddenly……so he told me to tell this to you. And ya you can call him. He asked me to give you his private number. And moreover……..the academy work will be completed in a day. You can resume work too.

Swara: But just some hours ago he was with me…..

Laksh: Yaya! I know but his work came up suddenly. You can Call him and ask anything else you want. I am leaving bye.

Laksh left with that. Swara immediate?y called up that number but no one picked. She felt disappointed and thought maybe he was busy in work. She decided to try later.

She went home. Ragini opened the door with a pissed off look.

Swara: Don’t be annoyed I went in search of Sanskar. It was important.

Ragini: Don’t you even realise how panicked I was?? I was so damn scared swara. Couldn’t you even leave a note.

Swara: I’m sorry baba. Next time I will take care.

Ragini: Whatever. Did you meet Sanskar??

Swara: No be is out of station. But I got his number. I will Call him up later.

Ragini: That’s good. I’m sleepy now goodnight.

Swara: Hahaha ragu….pregnancy has made you crazy. Just now you slept for 3 hours and more sleep now?

Ragini: Go swara. By baby wants to sleep so don’t ask questions. Of you want you also sleep.

As Ragini was just about to sleep there was a ring on the door. Ragini muttered curses under her breath.

Swara went and opened the door. It was Laksh.

Swara: Laksh you here?? Did you want anything? Or I mean did Sanskar return?

Laksh: (slight!y blushing and shyly)…….Ragini….

Swara: Ragini??? OK ragu……..Laksh has come to see you.
She shouted.
But wait how do you know Ragini??

Ragini comes out running. Swara sees her running.

Swara: You idiot!! Don’t you know you shouldn’t run??

Ragini: SORRY….laksh you here.
Her eyes lit up seeing laksh.

Ragini: Laksh….you here…..nice to see you. Swara meet him he is laksh…..

Swara: I know him Ragini but how do you know him???
Swara asked suspiciously.

Laksh: Shall we go inside and talk??

Swara: Sure…..please come in.
She was embarrassed.

As soon as they entered Laksh spoke up and explained about Sanskar and him being friends with Ragini. The academy incident and everything. Swara sighed after listening to everything.

Swara:Hmmm….So Sanskar did all this for me??
She was teary eyed. She just wanted to meet him and hug him so badly. Never did she imagine that he loved her so much. She too now had a place for him in her heart.

Laksh and Ragini were happy for her. Laksh also told about him and Ragini becoming good friends in this time.

All was well now…….but things don’t remain stable and happy for long!!
(Especially in a fanfictions???)

Episode dedicated to #Joan_Varghese _Jose and Misti_Roy.

Hello guys!! So I have decided to end it. May be next episode is last but epilogue will be damn cute and good. Don’t miss reading it.

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