Accept your fate – Chapter 10


Chapter 10~~~
The proposal??

Swara and Sanskar both left the academy. Swara had so many questions to ask him. She was exited as well confused at the same time as to why this person did all this to her.

And that kiss…….it felt so magical. It was her first kiss. Even if it was intentional or accidental, kiss was a kiss.

She had felt and cherished that moment but an unknown fear had stopped her. She looked towards Sanskar who was driving. She touched her lips. She licked her lips.

Spoiling that moment where she was cherishing her kiss her phone rang. She lifted it up only to hear the yelling voice of Ragini.

‘What the hell Swara??? Where are you??’ Ragini’s voice echoed.

‘Ragini why are you shouting. I am busy now….’
Swara said almost in a whisper.

‘You asked me to come here and you are suddenly busy now is it?’ Ragini yelled this time.

‘Oh shit!! I forgot in excitement. I will explain you everything clearly but please wait my pyaari sister.’
Swara was still whispering.

‘Okay be here in an hour.’ She hung up.

Swara mentally cursed herself for forgetting this issue. She turned towards Sanskar who was busy driving as well as using his phone.

‘Sanskar sir, please could you speed up.’ She spoke in a diplomatic way.

Sanskar didn’t talk anything but just increased the speed. Swara just kept staring.

Swara’s point of view.
He is just so perfect. He is cute,handsome and hot. But why is he a DON is what puzzled me. He is a perfect man. While I was ogling at him he turned and said with a naughty smile ‘Done staring Madame??’

I bent down shyly blushing crimson red. He knew his surroundings. Damn!!!!

We reached Baker’s inn. As we went inside I saw the whole restaurant empty and it was decorated with red and white ribbons,balloons, hearts.

They looked so beautiful and my lips immediately curved into a smile. I saw him and he just went and sat on the only table which was present there,surprisingly.

Had he reserved this place for us?? But why would he?

‘You said you had some questions’. His husky voice interrupted my thoughts. I put a break to them and concentrated on the topic.

‘Please tell me what has happened. Moreover why are YOU doing this?’ I asked.

‘Swara, I think you may know about our first meet. I know it was awkward for you and it was very annoying too. You would be angry on me but I accept it’s my mistake. I’m sorry. More over it was my foolishness which led to that act. Ummm……you know it’s everyone’s problem………hormones…… But you are very special to me Swara. When I saw you for the very first time I don’t know what but my heart which bled started to beat for the first time. Maybe it was for you. I have never felt like this for anyone. And don’t think I have fallen for you due to your beauty but it’s because of your inner goodness too. I know each and every activity of yours. I had always kept you in front of my eyes. And I freed you from that witch Gadwal too. This academy,each and everything is for you. It’s a gift of love from my side. It’s shah jahans gift to his mumtaz. But wait……will you be my Mumtaz??? Will you accept my love just as you had accepted your fate? I promise you I shall be your shadow. Every evil thing should face me first. I will keep you happy and give you utmost love……… Please will you love me back?? Can you accept me with all my flaws??’

Swara’s pov.
Ohhhh my gawwddddd!!!!

I was shocked. Typically super shocked. Well who would propose like this?? Did I deserve so much love??

Somewhere I remembered my mom. Her love. He said he will be with me always. Do I feel for him??

Moreover he is a DON. What shall I do? Should I accept him?

I forgot everything and ran out. I just could not take in so much of live. Did I deserve all this? If so why?

MOM…..what am I supposed to do. She suddenly remembered a conversation with her mom when she was still young.

Swara: mamma…. Where is papa?? Why does he not come to see me like Rhea’s dad??

Mom: Swara….beta…….your papa does not like us so he does not come to see us.

Swara: Mumma but why?!

Mom: Beta that’s all God’s wish. Leave it. But you won’t be like me. You will get a husband who loves you the most. And you will have small kids and make your own happy family. You will be the happiest person on earth.

Swara: Mumma kids……wowwww we will be happy……even you will be there with us na……..

MOM……I wish you were here now and would help me taking a decision now.

I went home not caring about the what he would think of me.

As I reached the flat I saw Ragini at the door.
I went and hugged her tightly. She was surprised.

‘What happened Swara??’ She asked me soothingly.

I narrated the entire incident to her. I also told her about the proposal. She made me lie down and said ‘Swara rest for a while. You will feel better. Then think about your session and I am so happy for you my dear.. You dream is finally true.’

She kissed my forehead and went to sit on the couch.


A sunny morning……………A girl is shouting

‘Girls come here fast…’s so late now. We need to leave.’

‘Please leave us na Swara ma!! We just love this park’
Yes the girl is Swara.

‘Hmm okay but only 10 more minutes….’

‘Swara come na…… Let’s thm do their work we will continue ours!!’ A male voice said.

‘Sanskar!!! Your so shameless and disgusting’
Yes the guy is Sanskar.

They have acute eyelock and both start leaning in…….
‘Mumma!!! Dadda!!! 10 minutes up!!’ 2 voices echoed!!

And then………next episode guys!!!

Sorry guys but I will reveal what happened between them in next episode only. Sorry for the short update too.Don’t want to spoil the moment. Bye!

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