The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi(chapter-2)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi

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Om drove late, well after dinner time. As he walked in he saw a worried Shivaay, pacing across the hall. Behind him, in the hall, were his ‘family’ members. Something was amiss, he was sure. He ran up the steps.
“Bhaiyaa…..” shouted his little Prinku as soon as she caught sight of him & came to him running & embraced him.
“Where the hell were you, Om?!!! We were so worried…..” Shivaay couldn’t go any further. The mere thought of Om leaving them wretched his heart out. He meant much to him- not just a brother, but a friend, his best man. Without delaying, he reached out and hugged him. Rudra followed his pursuit & ran to hug his siblings, in tears.
Om instantly felt guilty. There around the whole afternoon he was thinking about drugs, suicide, & what not and here his siblings were waiting for him to return back. He looked around to see the worried face of his mom, chotimaa, chotepapa, &…..Mr. Oberoi. His eyes caught the sight of a girl standing in the corner of the room, the one with whom his brother had a hate-love relationship, Anika, her eyes red with unshed tears. He felt suddenly over-whelmed with all the love he was receiving.

“Apna naak poch le Rudra, it’s running”, he murmured, “please leave me guys, I need to breathe”. Realizing their position Priyanka & Shivaay left him. Rudra too followed their example but not before wiping his tears & nose on his shirt. Tej left the place once he saw them breaking the hug. Jhanvi & Pinky expressed their concern before leaving. Shakti was the only one of the elder who smiled at Om warmly, patted his back & told him to take care.

Once the elders dispersed, Om’s eye fell on Anika. She looked tearfully at him & came running to him as he opened his arms wide for her expecting a hug. Looking at his shocked face, Anika remarked, half-smiling half-crying “ Abey agar bhagna hi tha to bta dete naa…… dono saath hi bhaagte.” Om couldn’t help but laugh, holding the cheek she had slapped on, hearing her ‘concern’.
After Anika was dropped at her home by their trusted Khannaji, the siblings ate dined together. Nobody asked Om about his disappearance. Their dinner was garnished with the funny experiences of their childhood along with Rudra’s ‘logical’ remarks. Soon after they retired for the night after checking on Daadi.
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Hello again. It’s me Aashi back with the next part of the story .Thanks everyone for reading & commenting. I’m quite nervous as I have no definite idea about the story but I’ll try my best. I know it’s a filler chapter but I’ll try a better one in the next episode.
Thank you Everyone.
By Aashi.

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