The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-20a)

The Abyss- Ishqbaaz Fanfic by Aashi

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Chapter- 20(a)

Outside on the old bridge, two best friends talked, freeing their souls, talking and laughing together to their hearts’ content. Priyanka caught his palm into hers and laughed hard, listening to his encounter with strange people at work. It was their usual routine to lean into each other, treasuring their little moments of escape. She rubbed his palm, pressing them a little. She always thought, since she had held his hand, that he had beautiful hands. After a bit, she shivered in the cold air of night and Moonlight silently hugged her. It was comfortable to sit with him even if neither spoke, never awkward. “Wanna see something?” Miss Railing said suddenly, her eyes gleaming and dancing, with sudden excitement. “Okay, stay there and don’t laugh” she commanded before he could and turned on a musical piece from her phone. She walked backwards by a few steps and waited for the music to pick up a tempo. Then, slowly and deliberately, she rose on her toes then on her thumb, back to her toes, jumped high spreading legs, landed gracefully, again threw her right leg and spread her hands, twirling round and round. She did a few fast steps, some jumps, more twirls and danced around. It was about just some short three minutes but her only audience was dazzled. “Ballet” she gasped, trying to catch her breath, as she slipped beside him. He put an arm around her, embracing her to his chest. “Wow! It was….. something….. amazing….. wonderful. Where did you learn it? He asked, a voice full of wonder, his eyes round. “I’ve been learning it since was ten. Chhoti maa took me to the classes, telling we were going to pravachans. Lately, since the time I’ve come to know you, I have been doing it much, much better. So…. I wanted you to see me on the stage”. Wrapped from her shawl, she brought out an invitation “will you join me on my big day?” Her eyes pleaded innocently, looked straight into his and he knew he had no escape; not that he wanted one. “Let me think…… So sorry yaar, but I guess I would not be able to make it” he made an exaggerated face of dismay. “You ARE coming darling, and I’m telling y, you can’t escape.” She replied, half turning to his face, with a huge bit of attitude but in a playful tone. Soon they split into peals of laughter “Okay, okay, I will come. Happy now?” “Very” Priyanka smiled as she snuggled into him.
Hello everyone, it’s me Aashi, back again with a new chapter. The first part has been posted earlier. Hope you like and comment on this chapter. Wishing you all a very happy new year and a beautiful day.
Thank You, Everyone.
By Aashi.

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