The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-15) A

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz ff by Aashi


Om and Rudra sat quietly by the poolside. “Om, Rudra, I know you guys are angry with me but please…..” “Shivaay, nothing, absolutely nothing can defend your act.” “Bhaiyaa, O, before you start the blame game I want to ask something. WHY did Anika Didi marry you? I know you didn’t persuade her-then why my superwoman marry you?” Shivaay considered lying or telling the truth then decided to be honest. “I forced her” he said quietly “ But please hear me out before making opinions”. He told everything, from starting to ending. Both his brothers looked shocked. “So you decided to blackmail Anika in marrying her? Do you have any freaking IDEA you did to her? And wow Shivaay, you dragged her brother into all this?” Om thundered, livid with rage.

“Om, I’m pained too by whatever I did but the way you can’t let your mom- dad’s divorce happen, the same way I can’t let Anika suffer alone. I want to be there for her, for the rest of her life. Tumhi ne kaha tha- Ishq par hoga yakeen, Ishq ho jaane ke baad; aaj mei Ishqbaaz hun Om, par mujhe khud par yakeen nhi. You both are my pillars of support; I’m nothing without you both. Please be with me” Shivaay probably pleaded with them for the first time. “Bhaiya, this wasn’t what we were expecting. We need some time to think. You need to sleep; you look exhausted. We’ll talk in the morning, okay?” Rudra came up with the best reply and dragged Om towards the latter’s room. Shivaay, knowing it futile to try anymore, went to his room.

As soon as Rudra made Om sit down, he burst into tears. “Rudra, I failed. I failed as brother, as friend. I couldn’t save Anika neither I understood Shivaay’s condition. Rudra, I…”. “Shh…. Calm down O, calm down. We can’t change whatever happened but we need to be with both of them. We’ll make everything all right, okay? Take rest now.” Om nodded and lied down. The exhaustion of the day overpowered him and soon he fell asleep.

Once Om slept, Rudra made his way to the guest room. Sitting on the floor, he cried his heart out. A timid knock jerked him and he tried to suppress his sobs. Soumya’s round face peeped into the room, worry and concern written all over. She silently came towards him and sat next to him. Rudra tried to get some control but the second Soumya touched his arm, he broke down once again, without a bit of shame in front of his best friend and wife.
Hi friends, it’s me, Aashi, back with a new chapter. I know this one is quite long and boring but please bear with me. Do comment and like. I’d love to know your feedbacks.
Thank You Everyone.

By Aashi.
Update has been made in two parts.

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    It is nice one dear

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    Awesome Aashi….fabulous update…i read both episodes and am posting my opinion here….i could visualise the whole scenes…way to go girl…keep smiling and take care

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      Thanks di. I missed you. I’m glad you are liking the story. Do keep reading and commenting. Stay safe ?.

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    Dear Aashi
    ShiOmRu Conv About Anika? Shivay Try To Convince Om? Rudy Give Reply To Shivay? OmRu Scene? Om Upset For Shivay Behave And Rudy Try To Calm Om? RuMya Scene? It’s Very Touching Chapter?????????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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      I’m glad you liked the chapter UF. I’m trying to make Ru more responsible. Do keep reading and commenting ???

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    Hiiiiii dr! After a long time ?? bt it’s my fault actually.i couldn’t comment on ur previous epi☹️? i’m soooo sry dr.i was too busy.? Bt I didn’t missed any prt of ur ff.i read all of them n I loved all d prts?????? feeling sad 4 shivay.hope omru will forgive him soon n specially om will support his brother n babhi??? i’m excited 4 janvi’s new avatar.i want 2 see her like a bold business woman.n tej should beg 4 her forgiveness ???? loved d scene where Saumya consoled Rudy.?? Hope 2 see Gauri also consoling om like dis????????? missed them (rikara) n pinky consoling prinku was so heart touching moment ? eagerly waiting 4 next epi dr.byeeeee tc????

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      I missed you Dinu but don’t feel sorry for being busy and not commenting ☺. I’m glad you liked the chapter and you’ll see more of Rumya soon. I will update soon. Do keep reading and commenting ☺ ☺☺. Take care.

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    Awesome & emotional one di…..loved it….do update soon…..lots of love ?

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  9. Veera

    Oh! So SSO blackmailed anika that he’ll hurt sahil!! Now that’s mean but as it is SSO, we can only expect something like this. You showed the emotions of O’bros’ really well. I liked their convo a lot. I can imagine it completely. I like the way you stay close to the characters introduced to us rather than changing them.

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