The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-14-a)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi

Chapter-14 (a)

Gauri had an amazing day at work. Her boss had taken two days off and all the meetings had been postponed to the next week. Gauri did all the paperwork, checked all the presentations, cross- checked and verified each and every minute details and had set schedule, appointments and statistics of every upcoming projects of the month. She had almost expected him to call up once half-a-day at least to check on work but was surprised when he didn’t do so. Without his shoutings, her day had gone easier and smoother and she had managed an early escape; around two hours early. She gladly decided to buy some ice cream for the children and herself so stopped at the parlour. She remembered the last time she had visited the place, the day she met Om. A smile automatically floated across her face remembering his reactions to the children’s antics. She parked the car nearby and skipped out; only to dash into someone. “Hey, you okay?” She started at the familiar face “Om??!” Her voice laced by undisguised surprise “What are you doing here?”
It took him some moments to register the words. The familiar face brought back several memories at once. “Hello, Ms. Sharma. How have you been? How are the kids doing?” Her smirking face made him realize that she had asked something. “I’m sorry, but what were you asking?” She repeated the question again but finding him a bit distracted she asked if he would like to join her at her place, pleasantly admitting the children will love to see him again. Om gave it a thought and decided to do so as he needed to clear his head and be distracted from the choas, back at home. His gentlemanly behavior urged him to accompany her to the ice cream parlor but they drove in complete yet comfortable silence towards her home. Priyanka brust into Pinky’s room and embraced her choti maa, crying. She was at once engulfed into the warm hug, while the other cried as well. Daadi’s tears streamed down her shut eyes, as she rocked herself, sitting on the old armchair.
Hello everyone. It’s me Aashi again. Last time my phone decided to play prank with me and didn’t upload the whole chapter but I will try to rectify it. Do keep reading and commenting. And yes, I got two dislikes so I’d love to know what was wrong in the chapter so please do point out the mistakes and criticize as much as you can. Love you all. And since my phone is not updating the whole chapter at once, I’m doing so in parts instead.
Thanks again, Everyone.
By, Aashi.

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