The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-14)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz ff by Aashi

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“In my room, Mrs. Anika Singh Oberoi. Come, follow me” he said smugly, hiding his sadness at her ignorance. Anika trailed after him listlessly.Once inside the room, Shivaay instructed her to sit and wait till he comes back. He himself went to check on OmRu but found them sleeping beside the pool. Shaking them awake, he asked them to go to their room. When Om tried to ask about his whereabouts last night he was told that all talk can be done on the breakfast table. Om, though not convinced, went to his room to find Rudra already sleeping beside Saahil, his legs hanging out of the bed. He smiled and went to sleep on the couch.
Shivaay returned to his room to see a very quiet Anika standing near the window, staring at the poolside. “Anika….” his voice trailed. After a moment’s silence, the latter collapsed on to the floor, completely senselessly and soundlessly. “Anika” his voice pitched up with worry. He took her in his arms and carried her to the bed. She snuggled into the pillows as soon as Shivaay covered her with a blanket indicating she had passed into sleep from unconsciousness. He took a pillow and a blanket and moved to the couch. The day had been a hectic one, and he was drained- physically, mentally and emotionally. He kept looking at his beautiful newly wedded wife till his eyes drooped and he fell asleep. “I’m sorry Anika. Please forgive me” was the last thought and prayer before his eyes closed.
– – —————————————-

A complete silence prevailed over the table as the two brothers got up from the breakfast, without having a single morsel. “Om…Ru….” the voice trailed after them, a pitiful voice of their elder brother, which they chose to ignore. Shivaay turned to his family- daadi was crying, Pinky and Shakti looked at him with a shocked expression, Jhanvi stared at him with a disgusted expression and Tej had a blank look. Before he could say or do anything, they left the table, one by one. A dejected Shivaay left to his room. He knew that these six months were his only chance to mend all his past mistakes and he was determined not to let it go. But before all that, he needed to convince his brothers for they were his support, his life-lines. He went to Om’s room only to find it locked. Rudra’s room was open but when he peeped in, he was shocked to see his baby brother crying in Soumya’s lap. His heart wrenched at the sight he needed to talk to him. After a few moments thought, he decided to talk to both of them at night. He marched to his room but his eyes met an unexpected scene there. His mom was sitting on his bed, with Anika’s head on her lap, consoling her and caressing her hair. As he watched, Anika’s eyes drooped and she passed into sleep. Pinky Singh Oberoi who always doted upon her only son Shivaay, which was him, but never emotionally attached, spilled her love and care upon the unfortunate, ‘road-side’ girl, who was her ‘heera’ son’s wife. Her sorrowful eyes met Shivaay’s but she dropped them and kissed Anika’s forehead, before leaving the room. “Mom, mom….” Shivaay almost ran behind her. “Shivaay, whatever you did was very wrong. I’ve accepted your every action, your obsession of Name, blood, class & linage as well but I won’t support your action this time. You did wrong, you broke my trust Shivaay” retorted Pinky, in a very calm manner and a low voice and walked away. Shivaay stared at her retreating figure, then silently broke down.

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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