The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-13)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz ff by Aashi

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Chapter- 13

The family members were shocked to see a kid about ten years old, with a bent knee and a crutch in hand. Behind him, Khaana stood, almost embarrassed. “Saahil….” trailed Om’s voice, astonished “what are you doing here? Khaana ji, why is he here?” Om enquired, perplexed. To his enquiry, Khaana just bent his head. Daadi at once attended to the little guest at once and soon the others dispersed. Soumya and Daadi kept talking to Saahil, laughing at his antics while Rudra kept joining once awhile or just kept admiring them. Meanwhile, Om tried talking to Khaana but was surprised to find him missing. Om felt very restless when he found Anika’s canteen closed but was told it was done on a former notice.

Rudra successfully diverted everyone’s attention and brought everyone to dinner other than Shivaay, Tej and Shakti. He insisted Soumya to join in who kept on refusing but couldn’t deny when her ‘barre baal waale bhaiyaa’ requested her. Over the meal, they kept talking, all at once, laughing and enjoying. Daadi smiled at the bond of all her children and prayed so that her family always remain the same. After the dinner, Om called Soumya in his room and made sure Rudra was not around. Saahil made the task more easier when he insisted on playing video games with Rudra, and both went happily for the same.

After a few minutes discussion, they both came out and Soumya hugged Om gratefully. As time passed, Pinky kept on pacing in her room, looking at the clock,every now and then. She had a strong feeling that something was going to happen. She felt anxiety reach up to her head and she felt suffocated. She wasn’t sure why she felt such but she could not stop worrying. She called Shivaay numerous times but his phone was switched off. She had always been the head-strong lady not believing all these feelings so she felt strange about sharing this with someone. Another reason why she kept quiet was she had never been taken seriously. Yes, she always kept this facade of being cool and uncaring so she doesn’t let anyone’s words hurt her. She had opted to be uncaring and not alcoholic. Shakti asked her once but hearing her answer, laughed at her and left. To divert her mind, she began to pray, sincerely and earnestly.

Time ticked off but three people had no amount of sleep in their eyes- OmRu and Pinky. Saahil had slept long back in Om’s room and Soumya had retired in her room. The senior Oberois had long slept but these three kept awake_ waiting for Shivaay. At last, weariness of the day took over the brothers and they dozed off, sitting at the pool side. Pinky kept awake, praying for her son’s safety. She didn’t stir when the clock chimed three, but eventually fell asleep before the idol of Shiv- Parvati.

A lifeless seeming Anika dozed off in the passenger seat of Shivaay’s car as the car proceeded towards the Oberoi Mansion, clad in the heavy bridal wear, her face tear-strained. Shivaay felt guilty and sorry, fearful of losing her, fearful of touching her. As he felt her falling deeper into her sleep did he let his tears loose. “I’m sorry Anika, I’m sorry” he kept apologizing in his mind, his chest heaved by suppressed sobs and emotions. Just before the turn to his house, he wiped his face- he knew he needed to be strong to handle this. His family, including Anika and Saahil, media, his business partners and most of all – his brothers. He called Khanna and asked if the arrangements were done. Anika had woken up by then but she kept a straight face, not glancing at him even once. He drove up to the main door and got out to help his partner out but she got out herself, ignoring him. She walked ahead inside the house and he followed. “In my room, Mrs. Anika Singh Oberoi. Come, follow me” he said smugly, hiding his sadness at her ignorance. Anika trailed after him listlessly. Once inside the room, Shi

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