The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-12)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz ff by Aashi

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Anika sobbed as lightly as she could. Sahil had slept a long time back but her worries kept her up. Looking at the small form of her brother, huddled next to her, ever so peacefully, made her heart wrench. Her body shook with silent sobs as she tried to silence them. Slowly, as not to disturb her brother, she sneaked out and sat on the verandah outside. In the moment of her helplessness, she knew she had to be strong.
Anika sat leaning on the pillar, her eyes shedding tears & her strength declining. She closed her eyes, hoping her troubles will disappear on its own. All of a sudden, she heard a soft, comforting voice singing a lullaby. The soothing voice seemed to cast a magical spell on her and her the storm in her heart subsided. As if seeking strength through the lullaby, she inched closer to the origin of sound.
Gauri had a hectic day at office. Moving to a different city, managing house and the kids all alone was making her awfully tired. That evening, after her return, the children began to ask her to take them to the beach. All frustrated, she screamed at them and realized her mistake after they ran off. So after dinner, she sung them to sleep. When she began to get down, Abhi whispered in half asleep voice “Mumma, I love you.” Feeling emotionally and physically drained, she kissed their forehead and trudged out and sat down heavily on the steps outside to watch the stars- the only comfort of the day.
For quite some moments,she sat alone until she saw someone sitting out; just like her. It didn’t take her much time to understand it was Anika and she was crying. Gauri hesitated to go to her as she herself was troubled and she was not good at comforting people. Anika felt someone’s stare and wiping her tears, looked up. Instantly, she spotted Gauri sitting on her house’s steps looking confusedly towards her. She smiled wanly towards her and gestured her to come near her.
Gauri came and sat tentatively beside her. She glanced at the silent form next to her. “So, how was your day?” Anika asked. “Uhh….it was good” Gauri said, not understanding what else to answer. “It doesn’t seems so. You are looking worried. Now will you please tell me what’s wrong?” Anika asked turning towards Gauri. Gauri’s thoughts at once turned towards the children. “Nothing.. I’m not worried.” She tried convincing Anika but she had seen through her worry. “It’s okay if you can’t share your problem. I know it takes time to trust someone.” “No, it’s not like that”, fidgeting with her hands, she continued hesitatingly “ I shouted on Abhi-Mishu. It’s all my fault. I got all my frustrations out on them.”
“You know what? Sometimes shouting on others give us peace. I slapped Saahil on the last Raksha Bandhan and then we both were sorry. These fights, happiness, sadness, anger all gives pace to relations. They’ll forgive you, Gauri.” “They already did. They hugged me and said they understood. That’s what which makes me guiltier.” After some moments of silence, Gauri asked “ Now that I have shared my worry, will you not tell me what made you cry?” In answer, tears began to roll out of Anika’s beautiful eyes. Gauri had never noticed her eyes in particular, and it seemed so crazy at the moment to notice something like that but she found her eyes very alluring.
“ I’ll be leaving tomorrow.” “Ok, but why? When will you be back?” “In about three months” Anika replied with a steely expression. “Anika, are you alright?” Gauri asked, concerned.
“No, I’m not” taking in a deep breath, she added “ Gauri, I’m going to tell you something which might be shocking to you but I need to tell you this….. Last year I was working for one of the richest people in Mumbai and in India. I met them very unexpectedly. I had always craved for a family and they became mine”. Anika went on telling her about her first meeting with Billuji, and their ‘tashan’ and ‘tadi’. How they kept on meeting, suddenly and unexpectedly. She cried talking about the three days’ challenge, how he almost broke her, their water fights,and then, her sudden employment as his wedding planner. She took a breath and laughed telling about the surprised Billuji and his shocked brothers. She told about the insults he kept hurling on her now and then, she told about his helicopter crash, his care and concern, how they slowly kept moving closer, his accidental romance, their Pinky promise moment, her saving him from alleged murder, saving him at her respect at stake, her almost molestation and him saving her; she told about all the moments they had shared but also told how it all began to go down-hill with his fiancee’s lies and one of his childhood friend’s entry. She disclosed how she was followed, how his fiancee defamed her by her words, how his ‘friend’ defamed her alleging she had slept with him and how he himself insulted her for that. She told how she exposed his fiancee and her husband, how she learn his friend’s lie and how she left. Her eyes were red with continuous crying and her voice choked multiple times but she continued “ Billuji’s daadi wants me to organize his wedding once again and I couldn’t turn down the offer as I need the money and because I didn’t wanted to disappoint her. That’s why I’m leaving. I’ll try meeting you soon, okay.”
Anika told the cover reason for her exit, feeling guilty. “You know, your kids are way too intelligent. If you tell them your stance, I’m sure they will understand and support you. Gauri, you are a wonderful person and I am glad to have you as a friend.” They embraced each other as their hearts connected. Both parted, slightly emotional, slightly embarrassed and smiled as the rosy color of the dawn spread across the sky.
Prinku swung her legs down the railing, disappointed and miserable, after waiting the whole night for ‘Mr. Moonlight’. She hadn’t known a night’s conversation could mean so much to her. Wrapping her stroller around her more tightly than before, she went away.
Rudra got up early in the morning as soon as the sunlight peeped through the curtains of his room. He began to tidy up his room remembering Soumya’s first day at his house. One after another moments came in his mind as he kept smiling and working. Keeping his clothes in place, rearranging his cupboard to make space for her clothes, rearranging his table to make space for her books, cleaning the mirror, placing everything with great care at right place. At last, dusted the room and went to have a shower. At other days, he would have asked the servants to clean his room but he wanted to do the work himself, specially for Soumya. He was the first one to the breakfast but he didn’t have anything and went to pick Soumya up, after informing daadi.
Soumya had packed two bags and was in dilemma of carrying one of them. In one of it, she had put just a change of clothes ,a few basic things, some important gadgets and some toiletries; and the other bag carried quite a few change of clothes, her make-up kit, toiletries, her laptop and a good deal of money. Her mind and heart was at conflict as to stay at the Oberoi Mansion for some days or visit them for a day and come back. Both was pretty hard for her; the worst of it being confronted by Rudra. All the good and bad memories she had shared with him, came rushing back to her, tearing her up. She grabbed a tissue from the table and dabbed her eyes.
Rudra had been waiting for Soumya to come since eight in the morning and kept sitting outside,in his car. When it ticked ten o’clock by his watch, he came out, asked permission from the matron telling he was there to pick Soumya up, climbed the stairs to her room. With a sharp knock, he entered the room. Soumya got up, gulping back her tears, as soon as she saw the person before her. “Good morning, Soumya. How are you?” He greeted her cheerfully, like the old times. As soon as he saw the luggage, he said “ Arre, bas itna sa samaan. Oh nhi! mere khyaal se wo dusra wala bag hai, right?” Seeing her speechless, he added “ Daadi ne handsome Rudy ko tumhe pick karne bheja hai. Now, follow me” he said, carrying her bag outside. Soumya just followed him, perplexed. They went down the stairs, to his car. He put the luggage in the car’s boot, opened the passenger seat’s door with much courtesy, helped Soumya in, then began to drive the car towards their destination while Soumya tried to register the happenings in her brain.
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Hello everyone. This is me, Aashi, back with a new chapter. I’m so sorry to make you all wait this whole time but I had personal commitments and my health hadn’t been keeping at its best. Another reason is my laptop decided to ditch me &I found it very difficult to type on the phone. Sorry once again. I hope you all like this chapter and please comment me your feedbacks. Thanks once again for all the comments you all gave me. Special thanks to all of my silent readers. A huge load of love to all my readers and commentators. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this chapter.
Thank You, Everyone.
By, Aashi.

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