Hey guys, how are you all? I know, I have yet to update Surreal Perfection one shot last part, but I don’t know, if I am gonna post it, cause one—I have lost that document and I am not sure I will find it anytime soon and two, I have a writer’s block… so please don’t expect me to post that, anyways I am here with the new one and I will never ever do parts, I will be finishing it off in one jiffy itself, so I hope you enjoy…..
I am thinking of doing SS(Short story) or FF(long ff’s of course) *wink* on twinj so, I let you decide, if you all are okay with it, I will be posting it tomorrow I guess don’t know. And as always one shots will be my all time writing here, I hope I didn’t chip your head off with my unnecessary rant *nervous chuckle*
Anyways love you guys, I hope you enjoy it…. XD

Abstruse: Inexplicable, undefined, not understood properly or mystery…
‘Aye Romeo, wake up man!’ who the hell could disturb his beauty sleep, hmm let me guess, his one and only best friend Gurmeet. He just ignored his friend’s annoying voice to continue his oh-so dream, and man what a dream it was! Marvelous, the way his angel took to the other world was just great. You could say this was his scheduled dream, he would get the recurring dream; where it wouldn’t be more than 10 seconds. At first he would only get blank one, and later he would hear the angelic sweet voice, which would command him sweetly to follow it, and when he obliged, like lovesick puppy, he would end up standing at the edge of the cliff, and guess what, the voice would say him to fall off of the cliff, and he f**king happily would float through the thick white smoke emitted off of the water falls, and later would be submerged in the deep turquoise water, where his angel would be smiling at him and to his curiosity, the only thing he would remember was the Angel’s smile, a million dollar smile.

‘Where the hell were you?’ calls out his friend, when finally Kunj manages to raise his head with shit eating grin. ‘With Angel’ his friend shook his head in disbelief, he was so done with Kunj. ‘Okay, are you not joining us?’ despite knowing his best friend’s answer he hoped that at least today, he would make his time for his friends. And as usual, he got up alone, and walked off to college canteen.

‘Good morning Mount. Caramel, this is your college RJ, Preeti. Hey peeps, what’s up? Alright, I know you all are f**king awesome, uh oh, no cursing right, but I would do it anyways cause I care less, sorry Dean. *Clears throat* This week was a whole new experience to the newbies, and hey our college is one f**king dream that would definitely take you on one hella drive, and no offense to other colleges. Today, we have one of our freshman, Ms. Twinkle Taneja. When asked to share her first week’s experience, she was as eager as us to make this event more alluring than it already is, so moving on to our freshman, Hi Twinkle, how’s you?’ ‘I am Fine’ the moment the voice echoed through the halls of the Mt. Caramel, Kunj rushed off to the radio room but was stalled by the freshmen’s crowd gathered around the main hall, which was on the way to the RJ room. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t pull through, so he just stood there at the back, and continued listening to the voice. ‘So, how do you feel being here?’ the RJ continued. ‘It feels all new, all giddy, it’s like you just have tasted the crumbles of the freedom, it’s enticing to leave back your awkward school memories, where you had just entered your teens and even though dreamt of doing so many crazy things, but backed off at the last moment fearing of being caught *laughs*, so yeah, I am just experiencing the new shots that is thrown on my way, and at the moment I just feel like, without an iota of care, should enjoy it. And whole and whole I feel a real beginning’ ‘Wow, you have such a way with your words, maybe, next year you’ll be seating here, greeting your college pals, anyways, you said you couldn’t enjoy the moments you wanted to back at your school, so if allowed, I mean c’mon no one questions whether you done your daily assignment, so will you let loose and enjoy yourself?’ ‘Definitely yes, but I have my border line, like LOC *laughs* I like manipulating myself like, no one, not even my mother orders me in my personal matters, yeah she just opinionate but it’s all just suggestions, and yes they have made me that independent.

I want to control myself, so yeah if I feel like I want to announce my personal stuff in the middle of the class, I would, until and unless I have under control’ ‘Whoa, you are our spirit animal, everyone had made fun of the Professors at the back, but no one dared to disturb their class by ranting about personal stuff’ said amused RJ. ‘C’mon, you get your life only once, so enjoy it, it may sound cliché, but I always believed it and followed it till date, and trust me you’ll be laughing your ass off, when you reminisce the stupid and crazy moments that only you could pull through, and no one dared, and probably not even your grandchildren, and you’ll be so proud that, that you haven’t felt the same proudness not even at your business promotion’ ‘Oh God! Amen. Preach girl, you’re our new inspiration’ *giggles* ‘So……’
‘Hey Gurmeet’ Kunj called his friend. Gurmeet has never paid this attention, not even to his father. Cause his best friend was finally out of the coma, and he was f**king happy. ‘So nice of you to join’ he sassed. Kunj was breathing erratically since he had fled off his classroom like shooting star. ‘I… wan… wanted…..t-to a-ask yo-you…..’ ‘Whoa! Deep breath bro’ Gurmeet instructed. Once Kunj controlled his ragged breathing, he decided to come straight to the point, and he couldn’t f**king care that his next words would hurt his friend, who had genuinely thought he had finally made his time to spend. ‘Did you know the new freshman who was at the RJ room?’. Gurmeet frowned deeply. ‘Yes’ ‘What’s her name?’ Kunj asked eagerly. ‘Her name is Twinkle Taneja’ and just like that, Kunj disappeared.
‘Excuse me ma’am can you inform me about student?’ Kunj enquired the college counselor. ‘And why would I do that?’ ‘Mhmm, she is one of my cousin and she told me to pick up her portfolio from the office since she needed to edit some changes’. The Counselor eyed him suspiciously, the other students who were enquiring in the office, rushed her so she handed him the required portfolio. When Kunj was done reading the biography of the girl, he bashfully made his way home.
‘Tell me, where are you taking me?’ asked Kunj. After Kunj found about Twinkle, he stalked her (friendly way) and instantly upped his game as a genuine friend to her. They would always spend their after college hours with each other, speaking about random stuff, even though it made them bit difficult considering she was a year younger than him, they would always find their way to hang out. And the hang outs, the walks, snacks at golgappa stall at the side street, dropping one another, making small trips to nearby hill, sipping their coffees at the Café, the talks, holding hands, embracing one another in warm hug, kissing at rooftops when sun was set in the imaginary horizon projecting those orange-pink hue, were frequent these recent days. And it was finally Kunj’s birthday where Twinkle wanted to take him somewhere where she could surprise him. He was blind folded currently and led by his sweet girlfriend. ‘It’s surprise remember’ she giggled cutely, and he just died thousand death as he heard her. ‘Kunj will you do as I say?’ as soon as the question was asked he was nodding his head enthusiastically.

He was that whipped, he would do anything that he was asked for. ‘On count of three…. Three… two…’ she removed his blindfold. He gasped, he saw the same cliff as of his dream, the same scenery, the same angelic voice guiding him, all in all it was exact copy of his dream, and he just grinned widely at his Angel. He did know what was next, and would be doing as desired as his dream. He wasn’t scared for his dear life, all he cared and adored was his angel ‘One…Jump baby’ she commanded sweetly smiling at him, giving him those puppy dog eyes. And he just like that jumped off the edge, not even altering his smile. And just like his dream, he floated through those white wisps of smoke which emitted off of the water falls, and within seconds was doomed deep in those turquoise water. He saw his angel with that million dollar smile, holding her hand to guide him. He took it gently. She gestured with her other free hand making some moments, which was giving him message that they are free, and are marking their new journey, he nodded at her.
‘Was he unhappy with his life recently?’ asked the city DCP. His mother shook her head, wailing. She wasn’t able to control her sobs, anyone around her could tear up just looking at the devastated mother who was desperately calling out for his son’s come back, but her questions were not answered. ‘Sir, we only managed to find his clothes, we couldn’t spot the body, not even few feet under sir, Sorry we are only capable of this much’ the boy who had swam in the water along with his co-workers frowned deeply. Kunj’s father took his wife, out of the perimeter, not able to bare any news
Gurmeet who had shed his tears, was standing afar. He was the loner in the place when all left for their home. He was about to return too, when the flicker of light poked his eyes at first he blinked it off, and then gasped when his lenses got adjusted to the beam of yellow flicker. He saw two silhouettes sitting side by side, gazing over the sun set.
Whoop, there it is. Finally. Okay, this was written in one sitting so if any mistakes I am deeply sorry. And this is random, don’t ask me why they are dead and all sometimes the life we have isn’t enough to be loved, so since I believe in weird stuff like that, this piece is of my weird mind. Alright, leave your feedback, gladly welcome all the criticism. Thanks? will return soon. ???

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  1. Sohi

    Beautiful beautiful os
    Just loved the story line
    And ur way of writing

    Keep writing dear

    1. Dope65

      Thank u so much, and I appreciate for u being my first reader whose comment I don’t miss ever..

  2. Presha

    Awesome just loved it…
    Do come with a ff

    1. Dope65

      Thank u and will sure think of it…

  3. SidMin23

    Enjoy ?

  4. Nishfd

    Beautifully written. …
    I just can’t take my eyes off while reading. …
    Thts bcoz u hve written it so magically. …
    I would love if u start a new ff….
    If possible. ….

    1. Dope65

      Thank you , am glad u enjoyed it, will think of coming up with FF but it would be short considering I am lazy ass, so yeah thank u again…

  5. Dope65

    As I said before this piece was done in single sitting and since I can’t take it down and edit it again, I will apologize for few grammatical errors I had made in last few para, sorry again, thank u….

  6. Fatimaa.

    Heyyy dope….
    You always leave me thinking how can someone write soo well…
    This was soo pure….deep nd magical…
    I just loved it…..
    Seems like it was meant to b magical…
    Although the end marked their death but dat dint made my heart sad….infact brought a smile on my lips…..
    It was amazing…
    Do write more….
    I ll b waiting(i know m sounding demanding…hihihi but dats bcoz u write so well dat m hooked up to ur writings)
    Lots of love??????????????????????????

    1. Dope65

      Thank you so much, I don’t care how my weird writing goes, but what I care is, the message which I wanted to convey has understood by my readers, that’s all makes my day, and that would be the sole purpose of my writing anyways thank u once again…. Will surely think of writing some other OS, and ff too….. Love u and I am glad that u all are enjoying it as much as I did while writing this.

  7. Twinj

    U are an amazing writer…
    It really touched my heart…
    I am just speechless no words to describe how beautiful the os really was….it was indeed a very gud piece of writing…
    keep writing…wanna read more of ur writings….

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Fantastic fabulous

  9. Ramya

    U r an awesome writer
    Ur writing skills r amazing
    Just lovely
    I njoyed it alot

  10. Amazing and different story luvd it…. And do post more os like this… U r fab writer…. Luv u….

  11. Baby

    amazing and magical as always….♥
    duh though a bit confused…. 🙂

  12. Baby

    amazing and magical as always….♥
    duh though a bit confused…. 🙂
    post soon loved it..

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