Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 7



Swara’s pov

I was sitting in the room and was thinking of all the moments that happened between me and Sanskar from the day of Ragini’s birthday. I was drunk at that time when it all started. What happened after that I was in senses? Still was not able to push him back.

When he is near me I can’t resist him. I know this is wrong!!.. He is Laksh’s best friend. I cant lie to my brother after knowing that Sanky can’t love anyone. He tries on every second girl.

Today in the office Laksh came to know. He got hyper just knowing we kissed each other. I dont know what he will do when he get to know about actual us. I am afraid. I dont want to hurt my brother at any cost and also i am unable to resist Sanskar. I called kavita to my place and she will be here at any time.

Swara’s pov ends.

Kavita’s pov

Swara called me at 6 in the morning and I promised to reach there evening. I don’t know what is going in her mind but she sounded tensed. I went to her place and she opened the door and dragged me towards her room.

We settled down and without a break she told me about her and Sanskar and how she is afraid about Laksh.

I was shocked but not as much as I know sanksar has always tried on her and will hook with her one or the other day. But I am tensed about her. I don’t want my best friend to get hurt. But I always knew that Sanskar have somthing different for Swara.
Why not they give it a chance!!..

As far as it concerned with Laksh, Swara is mature enough to take her decisions. Laksh cant force her but I know she never wanted to hurt her brother. I asked her to give it a try and hide from laksh. If it works then take it further otherwise separate the paths.

I asked her that laksh will want her happiness only and after about 3 hours she agreed to think on it.

Kavita’s pov ends.

Swara’s pov

Kavita came to my place and made me understand that I should give Sanskar a chance as we have been knowing each other since we were 16 and she feels he is good for me. I thought keeping Laksh aside and somewhere I too want the same. I’m in my adulthood now. I know, I’m lying to him but for now I want only Sanskar!!..

I wore a short black dress. He likes that one. I still remember the last time I wore it and his comments.

“Come over. Need to show you something!! ?” I messaged him.

I dressed up totally. I could watch him through the balcony door. He looked quiet excited!!.. I smiled at how excited he looked.

As he walked down the doorway, my adrenaline rushed. I jumped on my bed like a extremely excited puppy, blushing like a red tomato. The door clomped and he stood there with wide eyes!!..

Sanskar’s pov

She messaged me and I don’t know why she sounded excited. I got super excited thinking I would meet her today. I knew she was alone. ?

As I reached her room and opened the door, I saw this beauty, hopping like a kangaroo on her king-sinzed bed. She stopped as she watched me out. She glanced and gloated on me.

“Why are you staring baby? Don’t you know staring is rude?” I spoke.

She pulled me into her and pecked my lips “All’s well the person belongs to you”


Her hands went down to my chest, then untucking my shirt and pulling it off. Her hands pressed on my chest and her lips joined with mine. She is giving shocks over shocks!!..

She left my lips and went down to my chest giving hickeys. I’m not going to leave her! Damn it! She is making me eager to hold her and make out with her until she pleads me to leave her.

I caught hold of her arms, and thrashed her onto the bed. She gasped at the sudden jolt. I tripped over her and unclipped the dress she was wearing, my favorite black wear!!.. I kissed her navel and traced my hands to her bre*sts. My other hand went down to her bottom, removing her panties and rubbing her cl*t. I continued to tweak and nibble her sensitive ni*ples and her skin scrapped there.

I can feel her juices flowing out and soaking my fingers. I moved down and licked my fingers.

“Sanky! I need you now” she urged.

Within no time, I entered her and she grabbed the duvet to control her pleasure. We moved together in sync as I caught her hands, folded them up and thrusted deeper. With each thrust she moaned, making me reach my peak. After so many trials we came together. Breathing heavily, we laid down on the bed.

“Do you think this is enough? ?” she asked as we both gained our breathes!!..

“No” with that I rolled over her and kissed her. This wasn’t enough and will never be enough! I want her with me, forever!!..


Some are saying I’m copying it from wattpad. First check the intro, I stated clearly that I’m writing from an abstract I loved!!.. Without checking anything don’t blame anyone. Even I informed her in wattpad and when she doesn’t have any problem, why do you have??.. Don’t say this is plagiarism. A wise person would 1st contact me and try to know the entire matter then just commenting here and there.

Thank You.

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  1. Awesome, you are such a gd gd writer, n one thing more stop bothering about jealous ppl ??

    1. Anisha

      Thank you ?????

  2. SRSL

    Ohoo….so hooot…sweating*…awesome dear upload soon.and give a warning before mature content… Cause there ate small kids like me also here….just kidding but do try to give warning…

    1. Anisha

      Thank you. But if I give warnings then TU doesn’t upload the FF…
      Therefore, I didn’t give. Will try again ✌

    1. Anisha

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  3. Rekha

    Fantastic…!! Loved it…!!

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  4. Another hot update.. As usual i loved this toooo.. For giving more shocks on swasan intense romantic track u r d bestest aniii.. Im damn waiting for my fav MSAI.. Keep updating dear?.. Dont just care abt haters

    1. Anisha

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  5. After long Bk…as usual dhamaka….lv it..

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  6. Sanswa

    I always enjoyed ur all chappies, this was also rocked..!!!!

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  7. Sooooo awasomeeee

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  8. Arshaanya

    Loved it

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  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    First of all,stop thinking about Jealous people….Don’t give much importance to them…They don’t deserve it…tum jo ho, vesey raho…..

    About chappy, it’s so romantic…loved it dear…keep writing like this… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling??

    1. Anisha

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  10. Wens next u made me wet omg semma hot machi

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