Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 6

Swara’s pov

After I called Kavita I felt a little better. Though nothing would change and I would keep myself away from Sanky, but I couldn’t wait to get out of the office.

He was making me nervous though and I wasn’t the only one noticing the new change in behavior from both of us, which I figured out when my twin called me to his cabin.

“Shut the door, Shona” he said as soon as I walked in and when I turned around he was leaning against the desk with his arms crossed. I would have laughed at how serious he looked but I knew what this was about and he wasn’t going to let it go. I had to come up with a lie and fast!!..

“So, how are you doing?” he asked innocently but I wasn’t having that. I crossed my arms and gave him a look saying I was not buying what he was trying to sell.

“And you had to disrupt my work to ask instead of asking at home?” I raised a brow and he frowned.

“Can’t I just talk to my twin?”

“Sure you can little brother, but what do you really want?” I asked. He hated when I called him little brother. He wishes he was born first.

“What’s up with you and Chase now?” he asked

“Nothing” I went on the defensive.

“Really, he keeps staring at you like a lost puppy whose owner just drop kicked him out of the house”

“Really, I haven’t noticed” I said, and I hadn’t I knew he was looking at me a lot, but I highly doubt he looked like a lost puppy.

“Cut the shit. What’s going on?” he asked and this is where a lie would be great to have, but I can’t think of one, and since I hated lying to my brother, I decided to just tell the truth, but down play it a bit.

“He kissed me a couple times, and I told him it was a mistake” Okay, down play it a lot. What I wasn’t going to say oh hey brother, we’re fighting because we had s*x, once when I was trashed, and then once in the office after you left.

Just s*x or not to him, I bet Sanky doesn’t want to die and even though were not getting along right now, I still care a lot about him. We’ve known each other too long for me not to care.

“He did what?” he stood up straighter and stared right at me.

“He kissed me”

“And what did you do?” he asked.

“Kissed him back” I rolled my eyes.

“What the hell, Swara!” he yelled and walked straight past me, and I knew where he was going. I hurried behind him because I didn’t want Sanky to say something different.

I really am glad I went with a lie, I don’t even want to know what he would have done if I told him the truth.

He stopped suddenly and I ran into him. He looked right into my eyes when he asked “Is that where you got the hickey?”

Shit! See, most people would be like yeah, so what and not be afraid of their brother beating up his best friend. But, Lucky isn’t known for thinking, and he’s very protective.

In high school, he punched the first guy who kissed me because I wasn’t his girlfriend. He yells at people who look at me in anything but a friendly manner, and I believe Sanky got preventative punches through high school to stay away from me.

He’s like an overbearing husband, big brother, twin brother, and father all in one and then doubled. The boy has issues. I love him, but he’s just too much sometimes.

“I asked a question” I was snapped back to reality.


“Is that” he poked my neck “From Chase?”

“Yes!” I told him, I was fed up of lying further. He was my only blood family I had left. I had the monsters but they weren’t like parents or aunts or uncles or grandparents.

He turned and swung open the door of Sanky’s cabin, with me right behind him.

“Hey man, what’s up?” he smiled and I slipped inbetween them. It was a stupid thing, what he knew was just a kiss and some marks but he was being unreasonable.

“What the hell did you do with my sister? How many times did I tell you to stay away from her?” and the blood all drained from Sanky’s face. But before he would do anything and mention s*x, I interfered.

“It was just a kiss, Lucky” and the blood was now back.

“It wasn’t just a kiss” I glared at him “Obviously it wasn’t just a kiss because it left marks on your body”

“A mark only, calm down! Why are you overreacting?” I spoke.

“I’m not overreacting. I have been telling him since we were fourteen to keep his hands off you” he spoke, anger boiling inside him.

“And that’s not your decision” I turned to face him.

“Yes it is!” he yelled back. Suddenly, Sanky walked past us and closed the door. At least someone bothered to close the door, didn’t want everyone to gossip about it.

“Swara is an adult and she is capable of managing herself and taking her own decisions” Sanky spoke.

“Lucky leave” I glared at Sanky “Leave now before you do or say something which would ruin a friendship you have got for 18 years” he glanced angrily to Sanky and left.

“Thank You” he told me and I shrugged.

“It’s whatever”

“Baby look at me”

“Don’t call me that!” I looked up to meet his eyes “You saw how pissed he was about a kiss? Think what he’ll do if he gets to know everything”

“Stop pushing me away! Swara”

“Sanky, just stop!” I said as I sensed him coming to me, making me nervous.

He pulled my hair and pressed his lips on mine. I knew this was wrong especially, after seeing Lucky’s reaction. I knew but I couldn’t stop myself to pull him closer and kiss him back.

“Sanky, stop!” I was out of breath, the request fell on deaf ears as he picked me up and placed me on the desk “Sanky! We can’t do this again”

I knew my body wouldn’t cooperate with my brain, I needed him to stop. His lips found my neck and I moaned lightly. I couldn’t think of anything else except his hands travelling down my leg and his lips down my neck.

God this is a bad idea! It is a bad idea to reach down and pull his shirt from his pants and run my hands up his abs. He groaned and pressed his core closer to mine. He was more than hard against me and started grinding me, all the sensations flowing through my body.

His hands made quick work on unbuttoning my blouse and he pushed my skirt up higher. My fingers worked down the button of his shirt.

His fingers unclipped the clip between my br*asts and his mouth trailed kisses on my shoulder. I moaned as his tongue darted out and flicked over each nip*le.

“Sanky! We need to stop!” I told him and he sucked one nip*le and another simultaneously. His teeth slightly scrapped against them and he nibbled on the sensitive skin.

“Sanky this is a bad idea” I told him when he moved his hands and pulled my panties down my ankle.

He kissed my lips again and trailed kissed back down to my ear.

“You know, nothing is going to change, I’ll leave after…” I hated to say that.

“Then let me have you first” he said, grabbed my hips and thrust into me hard once.

“Sanky!” I moaned in surprise. He pulled back again and thrusted. I leaned back on the desk, my hands holding me up as he rolled his hips then pushed me back again but slowly this time.

If anyone came in it would be bad. My skirt was pushed up to my hips, my bra and shirt undone and falling off my shoulders. My br*asts on display for him while his shirt unbuttoned and pants down to his ankles. My legs were tightly wrapped around his waist and his hands on my hips, keeping up the pace.

“Faster” I demanded and he complied. he took a breath and with this his eyes locked on mine. He pulled back and thrust into me over and over again, never giving me time to adjust. It took everything in me not to scream in pleasure.

Every thrust hit just the right spot and I was sweating trying to hold it all in. “Sanky! Slow down” I panted. Sweat was in a light coat over our bodies and my chest was rising and falling. He smirked and thrusted harder.

“Sanky” I hissed out as he thrust again and again. I couldn’t look away. One hand moved from the smooth skin from his back to the light stubble on his face.

The look in his eyes reminds me of why I haven’t told Lucky yet. The complete vulnerability he is showing me, putting trust in me. We fight so much, I hate him some days and I was pissed about how he thinks he can just control me and I love him for being there for me my whole life.

The amount of guys Sanky has beaten up for me. I know I’m pretty but I never relied to. He was right there beside Lucky beating them up and keeping them straight.

I would trust him would my whole life, I would trust him with my brothers and niece’s lives. I would trust him with anything, which is why that night it wasn’t hard to trust him with my body as well.

This is the reason he needs to stop. I can’t lose him and neither can Lucky.

“Sankyy” I hissed out in pleasure as I shoot my organsm. It took a couple of minutes for my body to calm down.

“I have to go” I went to sit up. But he pulled me back again “Come-on, Sanky. We have to get up before Lucky comes barging in again” God what if he would have come during that time? That would have been really bad.

“Right, I should have locked the door” he mumbled.

“No doors were locked?” I was astonished.

“No” he spoke casually. I smacked his chest and dressed up.

“And how bad do I look?” I asked.

“You look beautiful” he said looking straight into my eyes.

“Is Lucky going to think anything?”

“No you’re fine. A little bit flushed but that looks good on you” he said pulling my arms and kissing me again. I pulled back and left to complete my work.

Guys I know I’m late. But sorry I couldn’t help. I’ll be late because of my upcoming exams and you guys have to wait. I thought of showing SwaKav conversation but I couldn’t. I needed to show what Swara feels for Sanky. Sanskar & Laksh both are equally possessive you must have noticed!!.. Did you like Laksh’s possessiveness? There will be a huge drama when Laksh will come to know about SwaSan…

Till then…. Stay tuned ?

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