Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 5

Swara’s pov

It’s almost a week. A whole painful week; and it’s been pretty awkward since that day. Wednesday I came in with my head held high. No amount of makeup would cover the mark Sanskar left on me, so I decided to curl my hair and pin it to the other side and leave it in full view.

Laksh’s eyes were huge and he dragged me to his office to ask me who I was with. I just told him a guy and it was none of his business, which in reality it was, but I told him I was a big girl and leave me alone. That caused a small fight but I promised Sanskar, I wouldn’t tell him, for now at least and I honestly didn’t want him to know.

But Sanky’s eyes light up when he saw it like a kind saw his favorite chocolate. He turned his eyes to me and smiled at me. Not a smirk but a genuine smile. It turned into smirk when he noticed all the guys in the office looking at it. No one knows who gave it to me, but it makes guys back off.

It wasn’t huge or anything, it was a little one, but it was so dark, I think I’ll have it for a freaking year! He was sucking and biting on it all night and the next morning, making sure that it stayed there a long time.

The rest of the week at work, I always found ways not to be around him. When he asked for me I was always busy and then I worked late. Laksh didn’t notice anything different between us because we always found and we would go for months without talking, so he just shrugged and didn’t ask anything. He kept trying to talk to me but I always avoided him, he got more and more angry with it. I was not going to sleep with him again, but the mere thought of he pleasing me made me wet. I was glad I wasn’t just an intern out here, or I would have been fired by now. Truth is that Laksh and I each own forty five percent of the company and then Sanskar owns the other ten percent of it. So if Laksh found out, he wouldn’t move back but fire him out. It was better to keep quiet.

I still avoided him and Laksh noticed that something was up. We usually go forever without talking but not like this long without even being in the same room. Even Sanky couldn’t go longer than a week without making s*xual comments to me. I lied every time he asked what was going on, he kept asking me and I shrugged my shoulders and told him I had no idea.

He didn’t believe me but after a few days of asking me he dropped the idea. When Friday came, I couldn’t be happier than ever. I took off for two days and I didn’t need to see him for now. The past days had been so steamy, by Saturday I couldn’t stand it and I needed someone to sleep with. This wasn’t me, I was never like this to sleep around but I was desperate for my release not from anything but an actual human male.

I went to the bar and had a couple of drinks, it will help to go through this!!.. As soon as I moved to the dance floor, there was a guy looking at me and I grinded my body with his. Most of the guys who touched me was too horibble, so I always found a reason to ditch them off and move forward!!.. I danced with some boys until I found one who I was particularly pleased with. He grinded against me and touched me just right.

I was really turned on and the way he touched me, made me want more!!.. I was going to explode, I caught him up and dragged him to the bathroom. He didn’t protest as I dragged him to the stall and smashed my lips against his. He gripped my legs and I wrapped them around his waist. My body was pressed between his chest and the stall wall. His lips touched my neck and his hands moved down my body. His hands didn’t feel as good as it felt ten minutes ago.

I definitely wasn’t going to have s*x with him. I was never this s*x crazed. Damn Sanky!!.. Now s*x is only what I can think about. His hands went down to touch my p*s*y but I put them off and got down. I stood up and fixed myself before leaving him there. I cursed Sanky as I walked from the club and took a cab. I cursed him the whole way home. I laid down on my bed and tried to sleep. Sleep was faraway! The images of the night with him flashed my mind and kept troubling me!!..

I cursed him again, it was his fault, if he hadn’t have touched me like he did and taken my body like that, given me the best s*x I ever had in my life!!.. I wouldn’t be like this, s*xually frustrated. Almost every single thought revolved around s*x with Sanky. Even when I was focusing on work and it really pissed me off!!..

He was right that morning, no one could satisfy me. I put my pillow over my head and screamed in frustration. The damn mark was still on my neck, it was still pretty dark, but nothing compared to last week. I went to shower myself off!!..

The whole weekend I spent pissed at him, wanting to call him over and rip his clothes off, before tying him to the bed and having my way with him. Actually that’s a lie. I want to rip his clothes off as he does mine, and have him tie me to the bed and have his wicked way with me. I buried my face in the pillow again. God! everything is so screwed up right now!!..

The next day, I stepped out of the elevator and gave the boys their coffee and started working, avoiding him. I kept myself busy not letting Sanky interfere. At the end of the day, I was waiting for Sanky, to leave but he was still here.

“Sanky, what are you doing still here?” Laksh asked as he put on his jacket to leave.

“I need your darling sister for something but she is been busy” he said innocently.

“Swara, I’m leaving home and for God’s sake solve out whatever you two have in between and get home” he said and left. When I looked around the room I cursed myself for not leaving earlier, only we two left behind.

“My office, Swara” he spoke “Close the door” but I wasn’t going to listen.

“Close the damn door, Swara” he yelled. I don’t know why I obliged “Come here!” he ordered and I shook my head in a ‘no’. I’m not going to do that!!..

“Close the door or I’ll drag you from there and bring you near me” he yelled. I didn’t want to go but the least amount of contact was better. I walked near his desk and stared at him. He stood up slowly, in front of me. I backed up and he followed until my leg hit his desk.

“Who the hell you were with, Swara?” he asked me in his cold tone.

“What?” I didn’t know what he was asking about “When?”

“Wrong answer” he said and brought his face closer to mine “Whom did you bring to bathroom? Whom did you had s*x with?” he growled.

“You were there?” I was completely shocked. I whispered when his hands went up to my hair and pulled it. It was pleasure not pain.

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know” I moaned at his proximity.

“You don’t know? A random guy?” I nodded and his mouth wide open, and the next moment he laughed out aloud.

“You had s*x with some random guy? Have you gone crazy?” anger boiled up again.

“I didn’t have s*x with him” I said out quickly. I was worried I would let him dominate me and I would jump at me s*x stricken. The way he dominated me and made me feel, made my knees weak.

I stared at him and he tried to find out what it was. His mouth struck at the realisation and shock.

“He wasn’t good. His hands didn’t feel amazing as it is yours. The way you touch and kiss me is not what I got from him” I revealed and he smirked.

“He didn’t know how to handle your sweet body, did he?” he spoke out smirking. He started touching me, his hands all over my body “He didn’t touch you like I do, did he? Tell me what happened” he commanded.

“I needed him” I moaned as his lips brushed mine.

“No baby you needed me. Why do you think you needed him?”

“I needed a release or something” I spoke, truth. His hands went down to my soaking panties.

“And what went wrong?” he asked.

“He was terrible” I groaned.


“He didn’t touch me like this” I moaned as his hands went up and slipped my panties.


“It was like he never touched any women. When I kissed him, my mouth felt dry”

“You kissed him?” he growled in anger and I snorted.

“For like three minutes” I said and unbuttoned his shirt but he stopped me.

“Three minutes?” and he laughed and I nodded. He rewarded me by rubbing my cl*t in circles and his lips on my neck, nibbling my neck.

I pushed his shirt off his shoulder, revealing his toned body but suddenly he ripped off my panties and I yelled at him “Sanky” I cannot believe he did that.

“You were with another man” he growled.

“So what? I bet you’re been with a bunch of other women” I pushed him away from me.

“Don’t you dare, Swara. I haven’t been with another women since you and you shouldn’t have been with another man” he was pissed as so was I. Why did he need to interfere? Why was he behaving like a typical husband?

“You don’t control me!” I yelled at him and he froze.

“You are mine, Swara. You’re mine”

“No I’m not. I never was and I never will be” I pushed him and turned to leave.

With his anger constantly increasing, he caught my wrist and pulled it back, smashing his lips onto mine. He unbuttoned my shirt and squeezed my bre*st and kneaded them. He dominated quickly. He held me up along the wall and pull my bra off. He kneaded my moulds again and pulled my shorts. I was exposed!!..

He travelled his hands down and pulled me up as I wrapped my legs on his waist. He entered into me instantly, without any warning. His mouth devouring kisses to my extremely heated body. How much I had missed him these two weeks and the patience dropped off finally!!.. I loved the way he thrusted deeper and deeper. My walls tightened and I released with him.

“You’re mine, baby” he kissed my temple and I realized what I was doing. I dropped my legs and pushed him back, he was surprised and stumbled and I winced with the quick movement on my sensitive body. I fixed my bra and buttoned my shirt before pulling my shorts up and I rushed out of his cabin. I grabbed my stuff and was headed for the elevator when he caught me up.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Home, stay away from me” I told him.

“No! we have amazing s*x, completely mind blowing, more amazing than I’ve ever had. You let me in, you curl up to me, let me hold you and then pull away from me” he pulled his hair in frustration.

“It shouldn’t have happened, it was a mistake”

He laughed cynically “And what about the first time and when the whole night you were begging for me. What about the second time when you finally gave into what your body wanted, what it craved. Were those mistakes too?” his voice got louder and louder.

“Yes” I whispered and stepped stepped into the elevator. He flinched like I just slapped him and the pained look at his face, I knew would haunt me.

The entire night, I kept on thinking about what happened and the morning I woke up with a dream with Sanky inside me and stroking me hard. I couldn’t help but cry. So I did what any girl would do, I called my best friend.

“Roro, I need my best friend, right now. Will you come stay with me, tonight?” I asked as she answered not even giving her time to say ‘hello’

“Ryry, what is wrong?” she asked. Those were our nicknames.

“I’ll tell you come stay with me tonight, please” I begged, tears rolling down.

“Alright. I’ll be there after work. Love you”

“Love you too, you are really the best” and I meant that. So I just had to get through the day and then Kavita can make it all better, she’s too good at doing that. She’s great with advice and hopefully she would help me out of the mess I got myself into….

Precap: Kavita helping Swara.


Kavita is positive here, guys. No worries!!.. Now tell me how was the episode??

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