Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 4

Sorry guys for the last part, it got too much. I posted and also sorry for being late!!.. Even if I’m late this time please excuse because I’m fractured. I hope you all will like the part. ??

Warning: Mature content.


Third person’s pov

Swara was still in Sanskar’s arms as she did last night. They completed several rounds of s*x and finally slept, intoxicated drunk!!.. As the sun rays entered the amazingly elegant furnished room of her apartment she woke up with a jerk.

“Urrghh! My head” she clutched her hairs with one hand and the edge of the bed with the other.

“Ah… Oh.. I drank too much” she got up, eyes closed “When did my table grew hairy? What’s this muscular?” she spoke as rubbed Sanskar’s abs.

“Oh! No” she screamed so loud that Sanskar woke up, tensed.

Swara’s pov

God this was bad!!.. My whole body ached and I wanted to cut off my head, this was by far the worst hang over I’ve ever had in my life. Worse than the hangover’s where I completely blacked out.

I kept my eyes closed trying to just find some sort of relief from the pain when I realized that there was something, or rather someone next to me.

My eyes shot to the figure and I yelled and pushed away from the body only to fall on the floor with a thud. My whole lower half hurt and I winced, the fall just made it way worse. And then I looked down and realized I was naked on the floor. I searched my memory for what the hell happened last night.

Everything was fuzzy at first. When I saw Sanskar looking at me everything came flooding back; from drinking at the bar to the kiss, him taking me against a wall the way he dominated me and the way it happened, him taking me from behind, the shower and then the slow coupling before falling asleep.

I put my head in my hands and groaned. This was bad, this was really bad. Worse than bad, it was horrible and I am so screwed, worse than last night. Because I can’t hid from my brother, and when he finds out he’s going to kill me.

“Good morning, my little good girl” I looked up to see him smirking.

“I thought that I was quite bad” I smirked when his eyes widened with shock; he thought I would blush and be all flustered, which I am. But god strike me down if show him that.

“That you were”

“This is bad. Why the hell did you let things get that far!” I yelled at him and he started laughing. I glared at him.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked

“Your reaction. Damn Swara, I won’t be able to keep my dirty thought of your tight body for months” I glared at him more and he just laughed harder.

“Let’s see if your laughing when Laksh finds out his sober best friend had a night with his completely drunk sister”

He immediately shut up. His eyes widened and his mouth opened and closed like a fish.

“Can’t laugh when you’re dead?” I felt satisfied with myself.

“Oh god, don’t tell him Swara. Please don’t tell him!” he was panicking now, and it was nice to see him squirm.

“Lie to my twin? Are you insane? I think I’ll call him now” I got up and moved to my phone, completely aware I was in the nude, but after last night, there isn’t anything he hasn’t seen.

“You wanted it just as much as I did” I took a breath to hide the blush.

“And how much did I drink last night?” I crossed my arms, making my large chest look even bigger, his eyes flickered down to my chest and I could see he was more than happy with the site before him.

“Please. For our not ending, immortal brotherhood, do not tell him.” he sounded desperate.

“We both know it’s not a matter of if he finds out, it’s when he finds out”

“Please! Swara” he begged

“Not so fun when you’re not the one in control of the situation, is it?” I smirked.

“But he’ll kill you too” he groaned.

“No, he’ll be pissed off. But sisters are a big no to best friends. Especially when you take advantage of them when their drunk”

“I was buzzed too when I came back in” he defended and I just shook my head.

“You had a drink, I had like ten! Try again”

“We are both consenting adults, nothing wrong with us having s*x” he mumbled.

“Tell Laksh that, I’ll give a speech at your funeral” I told him.

“I’ll do anything if you don’t tell him. My life is in your hands. If he finds out, I’ll lose him and what will happen to the company? No doubt, he’ll kill me up before letting me clear up everything”

“Should have thought before doing that. You know how drunk I was, Sanky”

“I know. I’m sorry. I know, just please don’t tell him”

“I’ll keep it to myself” I told him and he sighed with relief “For now” he tensed back up. He was looking like he was thinking something deep.

“Tell me you didn’t like it” he came closer and did his magic again, his lips on my neck “Tell me you didn’t want it. Tell me you didn’t like when I kissed you. Tell me you didn’t love when I made you come over and over again. Tell me you didn’t like when I entered you, I’ll go tell Laksh now, right now!”

I didn’t know what to say as he brought me closer to him with each and every sentence. Because the thing was I couldn’t, everything he said was true!

“Tell me you didn’t like when I hold you like this and when I kiss you” with that he kissed my lips, soothingly not rough like yesterday night.

“Sanky! You need to leave” I went to push him away. He was making it horribly difficult to think.

“Tell me you don’t want to have me inside you, right now” with the mere thought it sent a shudder through my body, to have him right against the wall and make him mine.

He pulled my hair and pulled back, making me look into his eyes, those dark brown eyes which held lust. I was dripping for him right now, his c*ck touching my thigh. Everything he said was true, we both knew it.

“Tell me you want me, Swara” he pushed me back to the wall and I still said nothing. He pulled me on my hair “Tell me you want me. Tell me you want me inside you, right now. Like last night”

“Yes! Sanky, I want you. Right here, right now” and he picked me up and in no time he was buried deep inside me as I dug my hands into his already raw skin and yelled in pleasure at the sudden assault.

He thrust into me hard and fast, just like he said he would and in no time I found myself arching my back and yelling out in climax but he didn’t stop. He walked me to the bed and set me down.

With his hands firmly holding my hips, he thrust into me again and again. I moaned everything he hit me right there at my spot. I liked it and he knew my body was so well ready. I dug my nails into the sheets and I came around him again. He put my legs around his shoulder and was inside me for the third time. He was so dominate and so in control that it made me dizzy. The men I was with before were boring and it was now that I realized what I needed.

I needed my partner to be aggressive and dominating. Why oh why did I have to be like this with Sanky? He moved out and made me lay on my stomach. He thrusted deeper and harder this time not letting me breath.

He thrust harder and it was painful how hard he was going, but his body was so desperate for the release right now as mine was!!.. He reached down and pinched my cl*t. The mixture of pain and pleasure from my hair, cl*t and entrance was too much as I finally yelled out in pleasure as my walls tightened around him, my forth organsm.

He pulled himself out and layed beside me, pulling me onto him and kissing me hard.

“You want me, Swara your body needs me. Stop pushing yourself away and give it to me!” he cooed in my ear and it was like a bucket of ice water. I let him last night and I couldn’t believe I gave him that easy again. I got off him and went to grab my robe.

“You need to leave, Sanky” I said looking direct into his eyes.

“Give it to me, Swara” he said as he got off the bed “I know how to pleasure you” he took another step towards me “We both know it” he took another step towards me and I was frozen with fear, fear that my body would want him again!!..

“Out, Sanky” I pointed towards the door, but he didn’t listen and closed the distance.

“You have denied your body too long!” he whispered.

“I’ll find someone who would do it better!” he laughed.

“You are mine now, Ms. Swara Gadodia” he warned.

“No I’m not! And unless you want me to call Laksh, I suggest you let go off me and get out” I threatened and his eyes widened again and he once again looked scared.

“Fine” he hissed his teeth and gathered his clothes. It took three minutes for him to dress and leave. As he left, let out a sigh of relief. I needed to stay the hell away from him.

I went out and took a shower, a cold one. It seems like I need to take them a lot!!.. I need to find ways to avoid him!!.. My body heated up again at his thought and I quickly pushed it away.

Maybe a new man is what I need! To get Sanky off me!!..

Precap: Will Swara be able to forget Sanskar’s hangover? Or it will make her want more? ? Watch out in the next part!!.. ??

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