Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 3

Swara’s pov

He was trying hard to be in control! But that went out once I tugged his hair and pulled him closer to me, kissing him. He held my neck and drew me onto him as if I would leave and move out, changing my mind. He quickly dominated and I let him take control.

My hands went up-to his shirt and I quickly unbuttoned them, the sound of the buttons, clinking on the mosaic floor. I traveled my hands on his muscular chest, his abs and then to undo his jeans. He caught my wrist and pinned me to the wall.

“Don’t” he told and my eyes widened “Goodnight Swara” he stepped back and walked back to the doorway. He didn’t look up for once and vanished in a go!

I was frustrated, I was turned on and I really needed him right now! I needed to invest a toy. I thought about that so many times but I think I’ll do that tomorrow. I sighed and sat on the bed.

Well if he isn’t there, I have no problem in doing it myself!!..

I lie down on my bed and let my hands travel down my body. I rubbed my hand around the inside of my thighs imagining it was Sanky’s hands on my body. Then finally I moved and rubbed myself through the lace and groaned. It’s been too long since I’ve done this. After a minute I slid my hand in my underwear and rubbed circles on my cl*t and arched my back, the thought of how his lips felt on mine, and how they would feel all over my body came to mine. I rubbed slowly then speed up, changing things up, and when I felt it coming, I slowed back down.

But it wasn’t what I wanted. I was panting and about to slide two fingers inside me when I opened my eyes. I jumped and moved to cover myself when I saw Sanky leaning in the door way watching me. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open slightly.

I stood up and smoothed my dress down “I thought you left” I bit my lip and tried to just pretend he didn’t see that. He took a step towards me.

“Seems like were having the same problem” His voice was low and husky, and I was getting more and more turned on the longer he was in the room, because honestly him watching me pleasure myself to thoughts of him turned me on more than I thought it could. I didn’t say anything and he lunged at me, before I could process what was going on; I was back against the wall with his lips working roughly against mine.

His hands were digging into my hips and he was slowly grinding his lower half against me making me moan. I thought I was turned on before, but not like I was now. I moved the already ripped up shirt and rubbed my hands on his chest.

His hands went to my thighs and lifted me up, my legs wrapped around his waist and I pushed his shirt off, desperate to move this along.

His lips were on my neck and when he bit down on the crook of my neck I let out a loud moan. I had a thing for a bit of pain. When he grinded against me I couldn’t take it anymore, he was so hard and I needed him.

I unwrapped my legs and he let me down. I pushed him back on my bed and undid his zipper before tugging them down. When I rubbed him through his boxers his member twitched and I wanted to have him. I pulled down his boxers and instantly took him all the way in my mouth.

“Swaraaa…” he cried out and he hips jerked up. His hands tightened in my hair and I moaned.

“You like that?” he asked and pulled harder on my hair, and the moan I couldn’t hold in confirmed that.

“Suck me baby” he said, but it was more like an order.

I pushed him all the way in and sucked like my life depended on it. I moved back and traced my tongue around the ridge before sucking just on his head “Swara!” he pulled me off and crashed his lips to mine.

I was straddling him now, and I grinded against him “Don’t tease me” he told me and I did it again. He yanked my hair back and looked in my eyes “I told you not to tease me” he pushed me off him and stood up.

He grabbed my wrist and walked over to the desk. “Get on your knees” the look in his eyes said not to argue, but I was me.

“And if I don’t want to?” I asked he grabbed my hair again and pulled my face towards him and whispered in my ear.

“I know what you want Swara, and I also know how to keep you on edge for hours without giving it to you. I’ll tie you to that bed and eat that tight p*s*y of yours, but never let you be fully satisfied before I bury myself in you and make myself feel good over and over, until you beg for me to let you come. Then only when you get on your knees like a good girl and suck me off will I give it to you. Now get on your knees and take me into that s*xy mouth of yours. I won’t tell again” he let me go and I got on my knees in front of him, looking up at him through my eye lashed.

“Show me what you want” he groaned and with his hands back in my hair he guided my mouth forward. I took him in my mouth and he pumped my head slowly at first, and then he got faster and faster.

He was thrusting his hips and pulling me down onto him at the same time, it was turning me on for him to be in control like this, it was what I was missing with the two guys I had slept with. I needed more. I dug my nails into his thighs and moaned to which he hissed out a breath through his teeth.

“You like sucking me don’t you?” he asked and I nodded and mumbled in agreement before sucking him harder. He was leaning against my desk panting, and when I grazed my teeth over him and sucked back slow and hard, I felt him start to stiffen. He pulled my hair back but I just pushed forward again. His hips bucked wildly as he came, his seed shooting down my throat and I took it all.

I pulled back and cocked my head to the side just staring at him. His chest was rising and falling rapidly and he was just staring at me shocked. I bit my lip and he groaned

“What are you still doing down there?” he asked

“You told me to get on my knees, just following orders” It was hard not to smirk when his eyes got bigger, if that was possible.

“Stand up” I did as he said

He pressed his lips to mine again and only then did I notice the liquor on his breath.

“I thought you said you didn’t drink? And you drove!” I snapped

“I drank here, calm down” he rolled his eyes and I glared at him.

Should I continue guys? Or leave it? Was it too much?

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