Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 2

Swara’s pov

I finally settled on a tight red dress, it went about mid-thigh, so it was the longest clubbing dress I owned. It was black and it had a low neckline. It was tight in all the right places. I touched up my make up and put on a pair of heels. Today is Ragini’s birthday and we had organized a party.

“Are you ready?” Laksh called me up.

“Yeah! Just a little touch up” I brushed my hairs.

“Swara, I brought Ragini with me”

“Hmm..ok and where are the little monsters? Did you get a babysitter?”

“Yes! And be there at seven”


“And cover up, I don’t need you half naked” Laksh warned me.

“Lucky, I’m twenty three, I think I can dress myself” I rolled my eyes.

Laksh and I are really close. After our parents died when we were nineteen, he was all I had. Well and Ragini and the twins, but we had no other biological family. I disconnected the call and walked off.

The drive to the club was short, so I got there at about seven ten.

“Damn you look so s*xy in that dress. But I bet you would look better naked” Sanskar whispered and he pressed himself as I entered the club. I ignored and moved towards Lucky.

“What the hell are you wearing?”was the first thing he asked and I rolled my eyes, I should really count how many times I do that in a day.

“A dress, Sanky finds it s*xy” I said and he turned and glared behind me.

“Hey dude, not my fault your sister’s hot!”

“Sanky” Lucky warned and I just left to get a drink. Finally, I did the toughest task of shifting Lucky’s attention from me to Sanky before he lectured me about my clothing. I ordered a shot, had it and stepped onto the dance floor. I saw the amount of male population, staring at me and I shrugged and walked off. I started moving my body with music, shaking my hips and everyone stared at me. I was really pissed off as some of the boys got really touchy.

“Hey why are you getting so close? Can’t you see my girlfriend isn’t comfortable?” Kavita spoke and pressed herself onto me.

“Hey babe” and she kissed me. The boys looked at us in shock and moved back.

“Hi-fi” we cheered and laughed aloud. We always had been two peas in a pod.

“I need another drink” I yelled and she nodded. After a while we both were extremely drunk. The number of shots I took in, freezed me.

“Hey Swara” Sahil wished me and kissed Kavita. They started dancing and when someone started dancing holding me, Kavita’s eyes popped out. I looked around and found Sanky. I didn’t care who was beside me, I was too drunk to think that!!..

Kavita left after a while with Sahil and Lucky messaged me that he left with Ragini already. I came out and looked around to catch a cab.

“Hey! Swara, shall I drop you?” Sanky asked.

“Drinking and driving is a bad idea”

“I didn’t drink, thank you very much” he sounded offended. I shrugged.

“Let’s go” I walked out to the parking lot, and I was doing well until I hit something and stumbled.

“Damn! Uneven sidewalk” I mumbled and he laughed.

“Trust me, the ground is perfectly even. It’s you Swara who’s drunk” I was little too drunk to be arguing. He helped me in the car and slid to the driver’s seat.

“Swara?” he snapped as we reached home.

“Thank you” I unbuckled my seat belt and went to stand up when I stumbled again.

“Let me help you” he picked me up in bridal style and walked me into our home which Lucky and I shared. It was big and our rooms were completely separate.

“Is Lucky home?” I asked.

“No, they went to a hotel” he smirked.

“ I don’t want to know” he laughed and put me down, grabbed my bag and unlocked the door. He scooped me back up and carried me to my bedroom and set me on the bed.

“Safe and sound” he poked my nose that made me giggle. I looked down at him and he just looked s*xy as hell. As he turned to my dresser to check my sleeping clothes, I just checked him out. He was damn handsome, s*xy and his abs!!..

I closed my eyes not to think about that again and not to drink when Sanky’s near, especially when I hadn’t had s*x for almost a year. He handed me my stuffs and asked me to get dressed.

“Sweet dreams, Swara” kissing my forehead, turning around and walking towards the door.

“Sanky” I stopped him and stood up, he paused and turned around.

“Thank you” I engulfed him in a bear hug. We were really close but just argued a little.

“Anytime” he pulled back, his eyes bore into mine. I bit my lip, a nervous habit and his eyes went up to my lips, they darkened. My heart pricked up at that look, it was far from innocent.

“Uh, good night Sanky” I said and pulled away when his lips pressed into mine, firmly. I knew this was horrible but couldn’t help and kiss him back, tightening my arms around him. I was the one initiating. I bit down on his lip and he groaned, giving me the opening to slide my tongue into his mouth. I knew it was a bad idea to press my body against him, kiss him harder, tug his hairs because I knew already that I didn’t want to stop and that I wouldn’t be satisfied with just a kiss.

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