Abstract Attraction ~ Episode 1


Swara’s pov

“Get up! Swara. It’s late. Have to receive Sanky as well and then office” Laksh scuffed as he saw me busy dreaming, sleepily.

“Get yourself up Swara before it’s too late” he warned again. I sighed and turned my face other side.

“Swaraaa…” he warned and I flipped open my left eye and turned around again.

“Swara damn! Get up” he shaked me and gripped my wrist taking me up.

“Idiot” I murmured and slipped onto the bed again “Oh my cozy little bed” and I started kissing it.

“I’m gonna miss you baby” I winked and looked onto the bed.

“Hell this isn’t time for fun. Get your a*s out from there” Laksh shot “Lazy lamb”

“You monkey” I threw on him a pillow and hit back onto the bed again.

“So you aren’t coming?” I still slept not showing any response.

“Okay! Ronie, Pree!” he called out. God! These little devils! Urrghh! I hate this man.

“Shona” they called me. These two called me by my name which pissed me off.

“Don’t call me that” and they didn’t mind and started wiggling around me.

“Stop it!” I yelled “Stop these blo*dy sounds” I yelled again. But these two were same as their father. I glared at Lucky.

“Rags! Where the hell are you? Catch these monkeys off me and your monkey as well. Get them off. I swear, I’ll break their bones” I yelled.

“Coming Shona! Lucky!!” she yelled from the kitchen “Why the hell are you troubling her? Come out with the kids. Aren’t you going? Leave her and head out of the house right now or else…”

“Yeah! Coming baby” Lucky shot a glare at me and I stick my tongue out.

“Don’t mess with me” I gave the trio a look and slipped onto my bed again.

Minutes later, Kavita called me.

“What Kavi? Every morning is it important to..??..” I snapped.

“Yes! It’s. There’s something important! Want to meet you” God damn! She had always thinks to tell me up “What’s today?”

“Something really important. Please!”

“Okay! Where?”


“What? No ways! Office. I can’t bear your silly talks in office” I warned.

“And I can’t bear your silly talks about how much you want to screw up with someone”

“Kavi, that’s something else”

“Mine is also something else. Will you listen or not?”

“Okay! Fine! Then pick me up” I played with my words. She had to pick me up after all my car had some mechanical damage last night.

“Sharp 10. Is that okay?”


“I don’t care! Be late you’ll miss even the last train. I think even Rags has gone out with her vehicle to drop the kids in the play school?”

“Okay…” I sound defeated and she giggled. I hanged down the phone, took a warm shower and got up, ready. With red heels on, a black tight trouser, red tank top and black coat.

“Shona” Kavita called anger raising up.

“Okay! A little make up and hair” I mumbled as I sat down beside her.

“For whom are you so much dressed?” I wriggled my eyebrows ” Don’t tell me Rohan and you’re together again” I rolled my eyes.



“Sahil proposed me yesterday night” my eyes shot up and she blushed “He was genuine”

“What about Abhi? You were with him aren’t you?” I looked and started reminsing how Abhi proposed her. I was damn confused.

“No we broke up. Two days before”

“What?” I was shocked. I had two relationships since school but never did it end up so quick.

“He wasn’t doing good” she spoke shrugging.

“What do you mean he wasn’t good? I have been knowing him for years. He’s good” I relented.

“He isn’t” she spoke disappointed “He isn’t good on bed and that works more”

My eyes wide, I forgot to blink.

“Are you sure? That this matters the most?” I looked at her and then the road.

“Yes! He wasn’t freaking good for me at bed and he’s always busy in his work”

We got down the car as we reached. All the while, thinking about what Kavita said. I don’t know she’s correct or not but….

“Hello! Mam… Someone’s looking s*xy” someone commented and I knew who he was!!..

“You blo*dy Sanky. So sooner to office? Didn’t want to take rest after your long trip?”

“No baby” he winked.

“Stop calling me that!” I snapped “Idiot”

“I missed you s*xy” he caught my waist.

“Lucky!” I yelled looking out.

“Lucky! Nothing we were just fighting” he fumbled and turned up-to look at the closed elevator.

“Sanky, clean this shitty face of yours” I laughed “It’s worth watching. Let me take a snap. In this elevator, only you and me boy” I whispered it to his ear and his face remained in the same shock striken person. We had been friends since we were thirteen. The best part being Lucky and Sanky really good friends, a brotherhood grew as well.

Lucky being too angry at little things and over protective towards me while Sanky messing with every girl he found. Sanky and me never went good, fighting battles most of the times but no matter what flirting was his passion and he didn’t leave me yet.

“Will she you later, baby” he stressed the later part a longer to irritate me. He smirked and left while I got back to my work.


Now tell me how’s the part?

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    Anishaaa !!! Swara kissed her bed !!! huhhhh i thought it was Sanskar….
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    Chappy was three much good yar.. thnk u..

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