Absolute Darkness (Promo)


A science fact says if human stay in absolute datkness for 3 days, human ll b blind permanently.
Then what about 12 years of darkness? What can happen to that human? What if darkness isnt just about visual sight?
What about the darkness of soul? The darkness created by the devils… to destroy each angel and every hope??
Hw much can soul survive in the face of that darkness? Doest it even able to survive? Can it be recqued?? Or once its destroyed then its end of story

Scene 1
Little girl hugging a boy
G: promise me u ll stay here and not make any sound, all ll be ok, care bhai and behen ok. SIRVIVE u must survive Sanskar

Scene 2
Young man infront of mirror
* thank u for coming Swara. I had missed ur kiddy face.. i know ur disappointed.. but this is hw i survive.

Scene 3
Two young men speaking in office
Y1: Who is the client?
Y2: raj malotra
Y1: name of target?
Y2: not yet known

Scene 4:
Old man sithing in cabine with two young men and a woman.. and he is acompanied by two women
Old man: this is my 24 hours secertery… in every thing?. Her name is swany
Girl in challangeing tune : SWARA!!!?

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  1. DivzS

    Looking a bit different though…. Getting into my thoughts.. I think we’ll be immersed into the story…. Waiting for your next early update princess!!

    1. Rajkumari

      Thank u… i assure u its different … hope u enjoy it

  2. Raina_Riz

    It’s interesting

  3. interesting..

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