Absolute Darkness (ch1)

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————————————————— Dark room, marble floor, and someone speaking:

Nahi, nahi, let me go….. sw….sw…..
(in the dream) Run Sanskar run ( child girl and boy, running, holding hands wearing rag dirty cloths and age 10 and 12)
Sanskar: I cant any more
U must if they get us it ll b problem, keep run, challo Sanskar.
(both kids hide behind car, an officer come and look for them)
Sanskar: They ll catch us (boy said whispery)
Girl; no no! don’t worry shshh
( she look sneakily, she know it, they ll b caught, but she can’t let Sanskar get caught, only she know what ll happen to them, she can’t let it happen to him, officer look at there side)
Girl: listen Sanskar, promise u ll stay still, don’t move or make any voice, pakka (Sanskar node yes, they were merrily kids, don’t know lust and all, the girl hugged him) all ll be ok Sanskar, care laksh and ragini, survive Sanskar, u have to survive (she look to him and give him forehead kiss and run away from him to be seen by officer)
Officer: hai u (running after girl till he catches her) u little brat, u make me run all are ha, where is that boy ah?
Girl; I don’t know
Officer hit her: don’t know u say huh hh! Bolo bolo
Girl: sir I don’t know , we separated (but officer give her a slap and Sanskar watched all that with hand on his mouth, but can’t hold anymore)
Sanskar; hai u! let her g….. (he got caught by man wearing jeans and black sweater)
Girl: nahi! Sanskar! Run now run
Sanskar: let me, let me go, aaah
Officer: so u caught the boy, good, give him to me
Man: our area our rules, we don’t need the girl take her, but boy important to us.
Girl: nooooo pls nooo Sanskar

Officer knew man was right so simply he drag girl away to police car with other kids
Girl shouts: naahiiiiiii, sanskaaaaaar
Sanskar as boy and man shout at same time: SAWARAAAAAAAAAA
Sanskar aged 22 is awake breathing heavily from his dream stretching his arm to catch air, he look around and found himself on marble floor, he wept his face of sweat and stand up, he think ( 2 years of luxurious life and still can’t sleep on bed properly) he look to his bed finding a s*xy blonde woman sleeping there covered with bed sheet, he moved to shower room, freshen up and got out
Sanskar: hai u! wake up com on (he go to bed and shakes the woman) com on.
Woman stretching in bed and open her eye slowly watching Sanskar and smile: hai!!! What is time now?
Sanskar: whatever is it its late, so pick up urself and go
Girl look at him seductively: u want meee… go that fast?
Sanskar look her disgust: I’m no mode of ur shit, pick and leave
she pick herself in bed sheet and gone to wash room.
Sanskar went to mirror put his white shirt on, perfume, then brushing his hair, but feeling un happy: thank u for coming swara, I had missed ur childy face, I know tat each time ur disappointed in me, but I do that to forget u only, this is hw I survive swara. (he almost teared but girl came out of wash room wearing her cloth)
Sanskar gone to coach and sit, he out cigarette pocket of the drawer and some money
Sanskar: take! Give half to ur pimp and hide rest, dnt hide in ur cloth coz they ll know and punish u, my bar offer to save ur money, and it ll b safe and secret, now leave
Girl took money cursing this moment that crash her to bones, but she think Sanskar was kind so she sit in his lap: thanks darling, and for that favor, I can buy u a time for free.
Sanskar; first I’m not ur darling, second there is nothing called for free, and if u do what u say u ll be fool and ll get 3 sticks on ur back, so (take deep smoke and blow in her face) get off my lap and take ur damn price, I dnt need ur free.
Girl: but I hold u know, last night, girls say ur bearable, but I did it so u ll be my client.
Sanskar took another smock breath: ur so much ego, u foolish, coz last night I got 200% knock out by drunk, try hold me 120% drunk then speak miss b*t*h.
Girl feel afraid of that evil gaze and leave with no word. Sanskar ring the bell beside his bed and in second his male servant came
Sanskar: my pills r over buy new
Avenash: yes sir.
Sanskar: any news?
Avenash: lucky sir called and awaits u in bar
Sanskar: ok. Don’t forget to burn those sheets.
Avenash; ji sir.
Sanskar pick his gun along with the silencer and put in the back of his pant, wear his jacket and head to the bar.
In his jeep car he reached the bar named pramoda, head to lucky office and open door
Sanskar: hai luc…….. ( sanskar got shocked by the scene he saw)


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    Hey did u copied this ff from watt pad coz I read it yesterday and the writer was different or you the same writer with different name

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